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    Hello, I am interest in this ring ares ring modified. If you got one to sell, you can PM me. Thank
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    Buying: Breer H31a (L)

    Hello, I am in search of a crafter or shop that got Breer H31a (L) in stock. Thank.
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    Buying: closed

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    Info: I wanted to come back but my account is gone after 3 months.

    I relog after 8 years and my account is still there but i got some CLD.
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    Buying: closed

    Hello, I am ready to buy an Restoration Chip, Adjusted if the price is not too expensive. PM me your price.
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    Buying: WTB tuning nano adj

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    Price Check Fire Forge ARR 8000M

    I would like to know the price of this gun. thank
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    Selling: Sold

    Hello, I think you overprice the fap. Entropia wiki rate your fap at TT+1500 ped Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, Adjusted tt + 4K at auction and not seem to be sold. At TT+9-11K i will prefer to go to a mk 2600 mod :) Still Good luck for your sell.
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    Selling: Adjusted EP-41, Howler S4, GLR-33

    i am interest in your 10 turning nano adj :) And free bump
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    Buying: WTB tuning nano adj

    Hello guys I am looking for the tuning nano adj. Please contact me if you got theses. Thank.
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    Buying: MADDOX 4 low tier

    Bump i am looking for the tuning nano adj too. Thank
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    Buying: MADDOX 4 low tier

    Hello guys, I am interessé in a maddox 4 , feel free to give me your price on the post or PM.
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    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem

    bid bid don't be hast. I bid 1.1K so you don't have to wait anymore :)
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    Buying: Cld

    I want to buy some CLD at a correct price. PM me for offer, I can trade for item or ped Thank
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    Selling: Lykke Chest and Fire Forge ARR 8000 M

    Hi i am interesting to sell: Lykke Chest (rare storage that can contain 80 items and 1027 KG) FF ARR 8000 M Trade for ped or CLD. No SB and SO. immediat sell if price is good. Thank
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    Buying: Fireforge 4400M or better.

    I got a FF8000M if you are interest.
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    Selling: Ricker 3 Unl

    little bump
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    Selling: Ricker 3 Unl

    :D hello i sell my gun for TT+2K If you got an rifle over ISIS LR 41 i can trade it + Ped :D
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    Your Cost for Mayhem

    Cat 2, lose around 2K ped for 19 hours of hunting. ( may be more with the decay ) Have to gave up cause of family activity during the event...
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    i would say tt+1,4-1,5 for a full set. TT+0,6-0,7 for your set without the thigh cause if my memorie is good it s the thigh who is the most expensive on the set ( tt+600-700)
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    S: OA 101 Ligth BP QR 100

    same bp but QR 60 +100 ped :D consider it like a bump .:D
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    Allo Uber - 6352 peds

    i was on the same area hunting some allo too :( anyways Gratz for this ubers :D
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    So do shops really pay

    i had bought 2 booth, after few months, i sold one to my socmate ( got very little profit cause it was socmate) and he sold it to mandu ( he got more profit than me lol ). after a withdraw, the game was too hard, so i decide to sell my second booth ( my prefer cause of his really good location...
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    Sell Booth Very Good Location

    Got a bid at 4K ped in pm . End when the price range is over the price i buy it :scratch2: