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  1. Redwolf

    output amplifier component

    hi, I would be most grateful if someone could tell me what mob drop " output amplifier components " Thanks in advance
  2. Redwolf


    Hi all , As I am going to the Gamescom in August I was wondering if anyone else from EU was going too , if so we could meet up there and have a laugh or including some beer .
  3. Redwolf

    Stuck on Cyrene Help Please

    I TPed to an island ( bottom left hand of map ) on arrival i was mobed by thousands of weired looking cyborgs and bot like mobs and got killed. The game crashes and after a while i relog arrive and before i can do anything i get killed everytime. I have been trying since last night. I would...
  4. Redwolf

    Desprate to install EU on my new kit

    I am trying to install the game on my new kit , everytime i start the installer an error report comes up " technology install not completed - an error detected aborting setup " ? my kit = Gigabyte P55M-UD2 motherboard , Asus ENGTS450 , Intel i5-760 processor , 4x2 Gigs of corsair xms3 Ram , and...
  5. Redwolf


    i only realised that this thread existed 2 weeks ago. and also never took screenies anyway here are my recent Globals.
  6. Redwolf

    Uber: My First Tower

    There i was looking for alice and narc and wam bam thank you maam i get these trumpet sounds and i got stars and swirleys hehe :yay: Thanks to all who donated to this pool and ofcourse MA for directing it to me;) (Click to expand)
  7. Redwolf

    Limited BP

    Yesterday while tailoring, I received Short Tied Lina Curtain (L) level IV with 61 attempts to go , and wondering how rare it is wether to sell or keep untill my skills are good enough. I would appriciate any help in this matter also appologies if this is not in the right thread:confused: