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  1. StrongMinded

    Auction listing error .....Your account balance is not sufficient to place this bid.

    I had the same issue yesterday, i withdrew all peds from ped card and then pulled them back to the ped card and after that it worked.
  2. StrongMinded

    Halloween Mayhem 2014

    Lvl 3: 9 Hours, 9 pumpkins, no L items, no essence, 2 candyboxes.. 3 measly globals.. 471 points.
  3. StrongMinded

    Halloween Mayhem 2014

    Can´t get into instance, can´t tp away, can´t use tp to go elsewhere... I was there for an hour trying.. Several people got in but got thrown out again... I suggest wait. =)
  4. StrongMinded

    Halloween Mayhem 2014

    Got tired of waiting and logged off.. Great way to earn money MA!
  5. StrongMinded

    WoF 2014: Team Sweden

    NATION OF CHOICE: Sweden FULL AVATAR NAME:Slim StrongMinded Joe CHOICE OF CAPTAIN (if known): Unknown
  6. StrongMinded

    Entropia Universe 14.4 Release Notes

    There is no Necromancer skill in EU. :laugh:
  7. StrongMinded

    error downloading Entropia

    Try starting the installation as admin if you didn´t do that already.
  8. StrongMinded

    No more booze

    You sure you didn´t watch trainspotting lately and dreamt about it?? :cool:
  9. StrongMinded

    Would you (start to) play/deposit in EU as it is NOW?

    I have been here for quite some time but atm i´m taking short breaks. I keep comping back and if i hadn´t started i would have missed out on all the long time friends i have all over the world from EU. I would start again just to explore but i would start a bit slower then i did 9 - 10 years...
  10. StrongMinded

    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread

    !Register Slim StrongMinded Joe
  11. StrongMinded

    Is there any Role Play, how good is it?

    I´ve heard of loads of tranny´s ingame but it might just be a rumour... :laugh:
  12. StrongMinded

    Ebn: Robots defeated - migration upon us - ancient civilization on calypso?

    I´d rather do a emo mom then eomons...:rolleyes:
  13. StrongMinded

    Afroman's Hunting Log @Entropia Universe 2013

    March? :scratch2::wise::)
  14. StrongMinded

    Info: A list of Mentors for our new Player Base to Choose From:

    I think you could use this also as part of the list but i´m not sure how up to date it is..
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    Dubstep Bird!
  16. StrongMinded

    New Avatar Pics!

    Before and After
  17. print screen 2013-01-24 17-14-0

    print screen 2013-01-24 17-14-0

  18. print screen 2013-01-21 19-23-59

    print screen 2013-01-21 19-23-59

  19. StrongMinded

    where to find dunkel plastix

    I actually made a support case regarding this 2006... :laugh: 2006-03-08 To the MA Balancing Manager. I have a question about resources for crafting and the balance they are in atm. The reason i ask this question is that some of the ores,hides, enmatters needed are very rare and not easy to...
  20. StrongMinded

    New Avatar Pics!

    Dude! Drop the safe!! :lolup:
  21. StrongMinded

    New Avatar Pics!

    Hobbits are visiting the town! ;):rolleyes:
  22. StrongMinded

    Designing a Planet, Part 1 – Interview with Kim H.R. Welter

    Pfffft... No we aren´t! :mad::D
  23. StrongMinded

    FYI: Petition: Improve Auction to reduce mistakes in sales

    I think the lock item function has been implemented in pretty much every MMO i have ever tried... That´s all that is needed imo. A lock function with a personally set pincode so you don´t unlock them by mistake.
  24. StrongMinded

    Angry Asian

    Lower the volume if you are at work... =)