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  1. Jay212

    FYI: Dangerous terminal?

    :laugh: Well, at least there's no need to worry about getting stuck on a ship going to a planet you didn't intend to visit. So much for the ransom industry :silly2:
  2. Jay212


    It's been a very long time since I was there to see, but there used to be a largish spawn of young to (rare) old snarks mixed with plumas about a lesser jump north of Camp Echidna. And some mid-ranged ones mixed with faucervix far NW of Fort Medusa. Can't guarantee they are still there, though.
  3. Jay212

    Entropia Universe 12.0.1 Release Notes

    Seriously? Ah, well. The name made me think of playing space marines. Maybe those big space critters will eventually cough up something new.
  4. Jay212

    Entropia Universe 12.0.1 Release Notes

    Any sight of the Jarhead Armor yet? Sounds like it might come from the new space mobs, hope it's good enough to justify the price it will likely have :silly2:
  5. Jay212

    NDA sucks

    I tend to think that MA doesn't see people who own land areas or otherwise have lots of money tied up in their service as "investors" but still as "customers" unless maybe there is some sort of contract or whatever in place, and even then those are more than likely about duties and...
  6. Jay212

    Discovery: First Discovery TerraMaster 4

    Congrats Spike :)
  7. Jay212

    Missing LA's?

    To me, not showing the land areas has to be one of the worst blows to my enjoyment of the service ever. I've spent a lot of my time visiting each and every one to get them displayed on my map, despite how many times they and some of the TPs have gone missing, so that if I wanted to hunt...
  8. Jay212

    Question: Just curious - question about armoured opponents

    There's at least armor penetration crits. Got one the last time I was killed in a pvp zone, despite not wearing any armor at the time - I checked afterward to make sure. Not sure what the logic is there :scratch2:
  9. Jay212

    "Calypso" armor on Rocktropia

    Seems like a fast workaround to get armor other than settler and some new plates on another planet. Surely, by now, NDS has some interesting designs for armor, it couldn't have been too difficult for the responsible party(ies) to copy the stats and have the graphics be different, or add a bit to...
  10. Jay212

    Explain me this please :)

    8 merps in a row with no loot, no matter when you click them, isn't really that uncommon :laugh:
  11. Jay212

    TP-Chip bug

    I should start paying more attention. The only bug I've seen is if I try to teleport too close to an actual teleporter and get it highlighted by accident, which sends me a few 100m away.
  12. Jay212

    Ouroboros Is Recruiting!

    Another bump, still looking for new members :beerchug:
  13. Jay212

    biggest yet4 me

    Awesome loot Pete, congrats! :)
  14. Jay212

    Abandoned graveyard

    It's a revive terminal that looks like an avatar, not ND standing there all day healing people.
  15. Jay212

    Im on acid

    Nice global Stoomp! :)
  16. Jay212

    Will We Be Able to Take Down the Silos?

    Until the bots start depositing, I feel pretty safe :)
  17. Jay212

    Diminished shots feature?

    Noticed it on steelbirds, but no others yet. It seemed to be when it got right over my head that it started, like there's some kind of blind spot. Moving around seemed to fix it.
  18. Jay212

    Harbinger: This creature is in a condition where it can not be damaged or sweated.

    Be happy you got a global period. And stop measuring the success of a hunt by the bells and whistles instead of the numbers. Will add drone coordinators were doing this too. 5-6 hits while still In A Condition.... think my credit card is going to get In A Condition until this is fixed.
  19. Jay212

    Thread Against falling damage

    Personally I hate it. I realize it's not going away, but I hate it none the less.
  20. Jay212

    Should i go to rocktropia?

    I say go for it. If you've never been before there's the fun of new teleporters to run and new sights to see - though whether that's worth 80 ped or not is subjective. There's even an oil rig now. Just remember to bring as much of the L gear you use as possible to avoid the transport fee. And if...
  21. Jay212

    Little Daikiba

    Congrats La! Nice daiki :D
  22. Jay212

    TO taker of chair in Twin Peaks

    In a perfect world people would respect other's property. This is a computer game however with all the douchebaggery virtual anonymity allows. That said I don't believe that the culprit is is necessarily who the OP thinks it is. It's been a long time since I tried, but that option for moving to...
  23. Jay212

    Happy Birthday Casay!

    Happy birthday! :)
  24. Jay212

    Happy Birthday Lykke

    Happy birthday Lykke! Hope it's a great day :)
  25. Jay212

    RObot Loot at last

    A very nice loot, congrats Martin :)