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  1. Sam_Panda

    This is not a suitable place to spawn your vehicle!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is it that some people can spawn their boats in trees, but I can't seem to spawn my VTOL on flat ground in less than three attempts! And spawning my copter is even harder!! Any chance we can address this, MA? Sam :scratch2:
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    <a href="">Link text</a>
  3. Sam_Panda

    Calypso Rescue Team - Live Chat!

    The Calypso Rescue Team has been helping new players find their way home for over five years. Come visit us at There you will find links to a live rescue chat as well a a rescue forum where you can post a request if no one is in the chat room. CRT members man the...
  4. Sam_Panda

    Suggestion For Fort War Team Balancing

    This was originally posted on, but I feel this is a solution that could work and I'd like to see some discussion around it: Here's a suggestion for team balancing: All participants are placed in a general pool. Team captains are...
  5. Sam_Panda

    Fort Map

    Has anyone created a comprehensive 3-D map of the forts that includes locations of the main control room, generator, jammer, etc...? Sam :)
  6. Sam_Panda

    Fort Wars - Air Combat Strategy

    I'm a flier, and I'm too much of a PVP newbie to be of much use on the ground. Just so much cannon fodder, really ;) My question is this: During the fort battles how can fliers such as myself make the best contribution to the team? Is it shuttling teammates between the forts, taking out...
  7. Sam_Panda

    Fortress Event Spectators

    Wouldn't it be great if the fortress events had a spectator seating area that could be enabled or disabled by the organizer? Perhaps even charge for tickets? I'd pay a PED or two to see some of these landgrab events. Sam :)
  8. Sam_Panda

    Buying: Cheap Helicopter for Rescues

    I'm looking to buy a helicopter for the purpose of rescuing avatars stranded at awkward revives. Can't pay a lot, but maybe someone has one without much TT value left on it. PM me if you can help out. Thanks, Sam Panda :) Calypso Rescue Team
  9. Sam_Panda

    Offering Free Air Cover for Miners and Hunters in PVP Areas

    White Hat Defense Services “We keep you alive or die trying!” Do you like to mine or hunt in PVP areas? Tired of looking over your shoulder and having your hard earned loot stolen? Call White Hat Defense Services! We offer free armed air cover for hunters and miners who want...
  10. Sam_Panda

    Backgammon on Calypso?

    Is there any interest out there to play backgammon in-game? I believe it could be done using materials at hand with no need to ask FP to create anything. Dice can be rolled in virtually any chat room on the web and the board and pieces should not be too difficult. So.. is anyone interested...
  11. Sam_Panda

    A New Day for PVP - Part Deux

    so now I am told, by regular oil rig dwellers ("Rig-Rats", no loot), that if they are in the process of killing a mob, at the rig, within 50 paces of the well itself, it is "bad form" to kill them, and is actually against the EULA. I don't believe it's against the EULA, but is it bad form...
  12. Sam_Panda

    What "Time" Is It?

    There are things I prefer to do on Calypso in sunlight. What is the best way to calculate the Entropia Universe Time for sunrise and sunset at any given location on the planet? Thoughts please, Sam :)
  13. Sam_Panda

    A New Day for PVP - You can keep the oil!

    Recently I and others, few in number as yet, but growing, have been having a lot of fun flying around the Oil Rig, blowing up vehicles, and killing avatars. Avatars against whom, admittedly, we would not stand a chance in the ring. Many of these avatars have taken this in stride, and are...
  14. Sam_Panda

    FYI: Message to Hanne :)

    Dear Hanne, Air-to-air dogfighting on Calypso has really piqued the interest of shooter aficionados from other games. They have heard both that it now exists on Calypso and that one does not have to skill for a year to be competitive. They come here ready to play, but are disappointed when...
  15. Sam_Panda

    Guest List Notification

    I recently hurt someone's feelings when that was not my intention. I like to keep my vehicle guest lists cleaned up and didn't realize people were receiving notification they had been removed. Apparently they thought I was angry with them. I set it right, but I can understand why they may...
  16. Sam_Panda

    Ah.. The Good Old Days!

    I just couldn't resist. This post is for all those old-timers (and not-so-old-timers) who act and talk as if everything used to be so great "back in the day" when loots were "huge" and UL items fell from the sky! :laugh: Any part of this post from 2005 sound familiar...
  17. Sam_Panda

    Panda's Harem

    Ahem.. Introducing Panda's Harem Dancers! The most beautiful women in Entropia! Available for parties, lodge meetings and bar mitzvahs (pole dancing extra) (click to enlarge) I can't tell you their names because they are as shy as they are lovely (and they would kill me), but you know'em...
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    I'm not permitted to say why.
  19. Sam_Panda

    Help: Need More Baby Spiders

    Just finished running all over LA-07 and found a few spiders. Ultimately I will need to kill 10k of the hairy little beasts to complete the Iron Challenge :eyecrazy: Have the current owners of LA-07 (M2S?) considered vastly increasing the spawn? Does anyone know of another spot to find baby...
  20. Sam_Panda

    Buying: Jaguar Armor Parts (M,L)

    PM me here or in-game.