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  1. Unearth

    Buying: First Gen Electric Attack Chip IV

    As said, i'm looking for one of those. If you got one, send me PM with price tag :) Have Fun ^^
  2. Unearth

    Selling: Inventory auction - SB TT+0

    Auction ends: Sunday 15.1.2012 at 8AM MA Time :) Hi! ;) Here I give you a list of my inventory. The auction will last for 3 days after the sb is met. SB is TT + 0, no BO or anything. Higher bidder wins. Here's the inventory list. I'm interested in a bulk sell ofc :D In short: 2 Pixie Armor...
  3. Unearth

    Selling: Atom's selling thread

    There you go, my whole inventory (or what's left of it). If you want something, send me a msg :) Peace 1 Adjusted Pixie Arm Guards (F) 1 4.20 PED CARRIED 2 Adjusted Pixie Foot Guards (F) 1 3.79 PED CARRIED 3 Adjusted Pixie Gloves (F) 1 3.80 PED CARRIED 4 Adjusted Pixie Harness (F)...
  4. Unearth

    Pe + ce3?

    Hey, I'm just interested if anyone knows if PE is going to migrate to CryENGINE3? Just out of curiosity ^^ Peace :)
  5. Unearth

    Info: Which mob to hunt?

    Hey, I would like to make a little list of mobs that are worth to hunt with P5a + A104. For you, that got many numbers in your head about decay/regan/mobs hp and so on... Tell me what options a really common set up got. Thank you M Rufen Power!! He made this list and it's exactly what I was...
  6. Unearth

    FYI: Smiley, Text edit, Insert photo, Hyperlink ....

    Hi, I would really love to have a "normal" or better mostly used features that are on most other forums. Can you please explain me why when we make a new reply or whatever we cannot have a normal smiley selection, the option: Increase font, Bold, color bla bla bla .... Or adding hyperlinks or a...
  7. Unearth

    Looking for someone from USA

    Hello ! :) How to begin: I'm a Zippo lighters fan and many years ago, I did buy in sweden one Zippo (my first one). After that one, I bought quiet some of them in my country, but it's just not the same. I think that the quality is just different from parts of the world the zippo goes to. Now, I...
  8. Unearth

    Info: Loot Window

    Just an info I got across yesterday. While playing a bit with shortcuts I saw that you can close the loot window with the TAB button. I didn't know about it, so I thought someone else is in my position, so I just wanted to share ^^ No more : space, click close, space :D Peace. |<-- -->|
  9. Unearth

    Looking for someone from sweden

    Hello ! :) How to begin: I'm a Zippo lighters fan and many years ago, I did buy in sweden one Zippo (my first one). After that one, I bought quiet some of them in my country, but it's just not the same. I think that the quality is just different from parts of the world the zippo goes to. Now, I...
  10. Unearth

    Selling: Energy Storage

    I got no idea what it's for and maybe it's got some MU if someone interested in it. I cannot auction it.
  11. Unearth

    Ghost F w/o foot

    How much would you be prepared to pay for it? I just got no idea ^^ Peace.
  12. Unearth

    Selling: Ghost (F) set w/o foot

    Yup! Another ghost (F) set w/o foot guards :) I'm open to every suggestion, but I'll give some prices after price check. PS: Set is all T0.x ( I think some parts 0,9). SB = TT + 50 BO = TT + 60 "Auction" ends 1day after the SB is met ^^ Peace
  13. Unearth

    Bear (F)

    So, what is a Bear (F) set estimated this days? (I don't trust entropedia too much ^^) Thanks
  14. Unearth

    Buying: Bear (F) set

    If the price is right, I may be interested in this nice set ^^ Let me know. Peace.
  15. Unearth

    Info: A-3 Justifier MK.III

    Hi guys :) I'm interested in what's the highest tiered Mk.III around atm ^^ Yesterday I did get my to T3, but there was no applause for me :) Any idea about it? Peace.
  16. Unearth

    Help: A question for the more expirenced hunters

    Hey guys, I'm writing here to ask for some help. :) Time ago, I decided that I won't use (L) weapons anymore (well, for some events maybe, but not in everyday hunt), so I ended up with an A3-Justifier MKIII and I'm really really happy with it. But, Sometimes I feel I miss some dps. So, I...
  17. Unearth

    Buying: Maddox IV or FreanD Delta

    nevermind ^^ I found it on auction. Peace.
  18. Unearth

    Selling: Selling Karma Killer T2,6 on Arkaida

    Hey, selling this nice handgun with nice eco. You can see the stats HERE: ASking price: TT + 320 PED. TT is 30 PED atm. Peace I'm on Arkaida.
  19. Unearth

    Auction between planets

    I really have no idea where to post this, but got a little question. Let's say: I put an Item on Calypso auction and I go to some other planet, then the item gets sold, I get my golden coins when I'm on the other planet or I must come back to update my ped card? Thanks in advance.
  20. Unearth

    Selling: FreanD Delta BLP Pistol, SGA Edition

    Hello, selling this nice gun. FreanD Delta BLP Pistol, SGA Edition The gun is T1,9 and has a TT of 4,32PED. SB = 725 PED BO = 825 PED The auction will last 3 days after the SB is met. That's about it, happy bidding :) Peace
  21. Unearth

    Uber: 2744 Bristlehog Young

    Hello guys :) This is a little something I got during a test of the JIIIS AutoScreen and Personal Tracker and my new A-3 Justifire MK.III ^^ That's why the name of the team is testis. Well.. this is FAR the biggest loot I ever got. The highest so far was arround 350 PED. So yea, a big step on...
  22. Unearth

    Something like Longtooth

    Hey guys, anyone got any idea if MA is planning to do this year an event like the Longtooths were last year? I didn't see any informations abuot any event that would come, but I think last year was arround this time, wasn't it? Well... let's see if someone is better informed then I'm ^^
  23. Unearth

    Selling: Shogun (F) set

    Selling this nice beginner set. The set is full TT. Asking price= 200 PED Peace :) Thank you, the set is SOLD! /wave
  24. Unearth

    Buying: Low/medium sib weapons

    Hello, I'm looking for something like H400, P4a, P5a UL or a rifle in this range of dps and eco. Send me a PM of what you have. Peace. The tread can be put on hold. I bought me an A-3 Justifier MK.III, let's see how will work out. Thank you for the few offers I got ^^ Peace.
  25. Unearth

    Playing for 500 PED/Mounth

    Hi guys... I did decide to come back and play again, but I must put me some limits, If I don't do that I'll get up broken in RL again and I don't want to do it So: I'm wondering what lvl of hunting would you do with 500 PED/mounth. Is it like: P3A, A103 and Argonauts (just an example). I'm...