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    Uber: My first tower :)

    544 peds of Belkar was my best find in more than 2 years of mining. I was starting to think that I was never going to find anything big. And then I did :yay: Click to enlarge Thanks for all of the grats ingame, by PM and from the Wof team England members. Special thanks to all of my...
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    Dr. Almon Duchev Log part 1 and 7

    I would like to sell these 2 logs by sunday Part 1 Start bid TT+30 Buyout TT + 60 Part 7 Start bid TT+30 Buyout TT +120 PM me or leave a bid here :) Log Part 1 has been sold at buyout and I have recieved an offer of +60 peds for Log Part 7 I have also got another Log Part 1 now. This one...
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    Dr. Almon Duchev Log Part 1

    PM me or make an offer here.
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    Selling: Salamander Armor Foot Guards (M)

    TT is 19.77 Market price is +3k :rolleyes: (that seems expensive) Start price +500 I will take a buyout of 2.4k (which also seems a little expensive I admit) Otherwise auction ends Friday 21:00 MA time.
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    Buying A106 amp (I hope)

    I realise that I have picked the worst time ever to try and buy an A106 but I could really do with one. If anybody has one for sale PM me or leave a message in this thread and let me know how much you want for it. Meanwhile i will try to forget how much i could have bought one for last month...
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    Port Atlantis Swamp Camp

    I got a new entry on my map today just North of Port Atlantis called "Port Atlantis Swamp Camp" 5560 9150 How long has that been there? I have run up and down there a lot and never saw it before