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  1. jambon

    Selling: Weakened Power Crystal And Lesser Power Crystal [SOLD]

    Looking to sell.... 6 X Weakened Power Crystal (425 each or 400 each if you take all) 2400 peds for all SOLD 4 X Lesser Power Crystal (110 each or 103 each if you take all) 412 peds for all SOLD Best deal... take everything for 2,770 peds! (interesting trades considered...)
  2. jambon

    Buying: Halloween Ring 2015

    Looking to pick up a Halloween Ring 2015, PM offers. Thanks
  3. jambon

    Deeds Purchased via Exchange Don't Show In Items Page Of Account

    Just checking out the items page of my account on the entropia website and there is zero mention in regards to my deed ownership for things bought on the exchange. (Unless I'm missing it). Considering literally every other object/asset associated with your avatar is logged here it seems a bit...
  4. jambon

    Info: Why I'm Hopeful About Entropia Going Forward (my state of the universe post)...

    The end of the year is fast approaching and it's times like this when I like to reconsider the state of Entropia and assess my involvement in it. I used to do this while curling up the the old State Of The Universe Addresses but sadly, they don't like to do those anymore which is a real shame...
  5. jambon

    Question: What Is The Ideal Kill Speed?

    In terms of trying to hunt within one's level and bankroll management (via risk of ruin) and trying to catch loot waves, what is an ideal amount of time to spend per mob kill? I think the general consensus is that it can take a minimum 500 - 1000 loot events before the returns start balancing...
  6. jambon

    Suggestion: More TPs on Treasure Island

    It's so sparse considering the sheer size and array of mobs. At the very least having a TP in the top left and bottom right of the island would be nice. Less time moving around in a vehicle or jumping with a TP = more time shooting and pumping peds into the system.
  7. jambon

    Excuse me, but I was not provided with....

    Excuse me, but I was not provided with a revival terminal in my instance. I guess dying is off the menu lol Seriously though, I'm not imagining that there is supposed to be a revival terminal in Annihilation instances, right?
  8. jambon

    Halloween Mayhem 2021 Suggestion

    Really liking the new format. So far the only complaint I have is in regards to having to pick a path Bronze, Silver, Gold. I picked bronze and plowed through faster than I expected. Now I've got the reward but I'm still gathering points that mean nothing. It's disappointing to be 2 days in and...
  9. jambon

    Entropia and the NFT craze...

    Everyone in the crypto space losing their minds over NFT's - basically crypto currency tokens that are unique and can be attached to ownership of unique digital assets like trading cards, virtual real estate, in game items...etc. They're all touting it as the latest greatest thing that's new and...
  10. jambon

    Leaked footage of what the MA dev team has been working on...

    When asked "what are you working on?" this was their response...
  11. jambon

    Question: When will missions be improved?

    When can we expect an overhaul of the missions offered? IE: Better rewards (less fragments and skill tokens and more usable items like ELM weapons - just pay the 1 ped TT value to get the reward, Witches Broom, unique pets, clothes, upgrade crystals, tier expanders that automatically unlock 1...
  12. jambon

    Question: What affects hit rate?

    I used to be a fairly decent miner back in the day. But then they changed things and I found that it was virtually impossible for me to break even, not because I wasn't going for high markup stuff but because I was getting a 10% hit rate (or worse) even planet side no matter what gear I would...
  13. jambon

    Selling: Lesser Power Crystals

    I've got 13 Lesser Power Crystals for sale. Will sell any quantity Looking for 250% each.
  14. jambon

    Do you actually read mission text?

    Just wondering how many people actually take the time to read all the mission text that comes up from mission brokers....
  15. jambon

    Summon The Gladiator Cyrene Mission

    Just wondering if anyone that's done this mission could shed some light on how this can be done. I'm in the area but the spawn is quite small - more time is spent waiting rather than shooting. I'm wondering if it's possible to run around the area outside the mission triggering zone to bring the...
  16. jambon

    Suggestion: How about a little incentive to keep playing this game?

    Loss, loss, loss, loss, loss.... up 50 peds.... loss, loss, loss, loss, loss... lose 15,000 peds in a couple weeks hunting. Try and double-down on something larger or a different profession thinking maybe get lucky to balance out - nope just increases the loss. Get 15% hit rate mining with a...
  17. jambon

    Question: What are Calamusoid Cyst used for?

    I've looted a few of these, they have a reasonable markup on the auction and there's even some people in trade channel buying them.... However, what are they even used for? I see no information about what these are supposed to be used for or why they are commanding the markup they are. There is...
  18. jambon

    How Many Mobs Is Fair To Expect A Stable Return?

    (Let's assume you've got a gun with 65% efficiency and a looter skill of about 40-45 as a basis for the poll question.) There's lots of talk lately about return %'s with 91% - 98% average seems to be the going target depending on efficiency and looter level. Even MA has chimed in a while ago...
  19. jambon

    Weapon Economy Enhancers Don't Adjust Efficency Rating?

    I just noticed that when you add a Weapon Economy Enhancer to a weapon the efficiency rating doesn't change. It doesn't even highlight orange. Is this a bug? I mean the enhancers are supposed to reduce the costs by 1% per tier. And if efficiency is defined as "The cost-effectiveness of a...
  20. jambon

    Suggestion: Gender Reassignment

    Either we should get rid of the whole M/F restrictions on armor or we should allow avatars to get sex changes. When I started my account those many years ago I was never made aware how sex would affect the markup for the same types of armor. It's sexual discrimination! :laugh:
  21. jambon

    Suggestion: 3rd Golden Age?

    Entropia came out in 2003 as Project Entropia - essentially a beta of the game that was envisioned. Many consider that time to have been the "Golden Age" of the game. At the start, everything was new and opportunity was massively abundant. Gear was cheap (TTing UL shadow parts was not uncommon...
  22. jambon

    Achievement: 300% Skill Boost

    Ok, it may seem like a little thing but for the first time ever I got a skill gain boost that has maxed out the 300% limit! A sign of good things for the new year perhaps?
  23. jambon

    Buying: Angel Set (Male) + Emik Enigma L4

    Putting the feelers out for a couple things I'm looking for buy with straight peds. Angel Set (Male) - Prefer low tier. Looking to pay around 11-12k depending on tier. Emik Enigma L4 - Prefer low tier. Looking to pay around 8.5k - 11.5k depending on tier. I'm open to any offers though, so...
  24. jambon

    Buying: Angel Set (Male) + Emik Enigma L4

    Putting the feelers out for a couple things I'm looking for buy. Angel Set (Male) - I don't care about tiers, lower is better really since I'm looking to pay around 10k. Emik Enigma L4 - Again, don't care about tiers. Prefer a 0 tier since I'm looking to pay around 8k. I'm not 100% sure...