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  1. black caesar

    The Intuition Log

    On this day, the 20th of April 2016, I just got off the chipping optimizer with the perfect inspiration for another insane-length hunting log to focus my time in EU on. Today I ticked over to level 50 Pyro Hit. I'm going to track until Intuition unlocks at level 80 Pyro Hit. SETUP: Corrosive V...
  2. black caesar

    Selling: Ozpyn LR S1X3 and Dominax Boiga Adjusted

    Currently not using the following weapons so willing to part with them for reasonable offers. 1 - Ozpyn LR S1X3 - SOLD 2 - Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted, tier 1.1 remaining TIRs - 2)108, 3)173, 4)110, 5)83, 6)153, 7)138, 8)129, 9)90, 10) 97 the cream of the crop in new whips with...
  3. black caesar

    Selling: Mod EK-2350 fap, tier 1.5

    for sale. remaining tir's - 118, 112, 71, 67, 109, 101, 84, 68, 58 i have owned a lot of different faps over my career in EU and this is one of my favorites. Fast, good hps and very eco. best affordable fap to jump your game up to the next level. Looking for something in the ballpark of...
  4. black caesar

    Selling: ul frontier t4

    selling ul ewe-lc100 frontier, tier 4.0 remaining tir's- 65, 67, 78, 59, 51, 48 message me in game if interested
  5. black caesar

    Buying: UL Montgomery Anabolic

    hit me up in game. looking for UL Anabolic. pure peds deal.
  6. black caesar

    Selling: Imp FF, ARS, Archon, armors, (L) stuff

    time for another restructuring of gear and at the moment this stuff is not being used so possibly up for sale. 1) Fireforge SOLD 2) Ancient Red Scorpion SOLD 3) Archon's Sword - moved to AUCTION HOUSE 4) Full Jarhead (M) tt+1k IMO the best mid-level protection in game for the price tag...
  7. black caesar

    Black Streams

    Always been a big fan of watching people play when I am bored at work and trying to help to minimize the time that there are no players streaming EU. Gone live now, doing low level setup runs on kerbs young to prowler to test what methods work the best toward being break even or profiting...
  8. black caesar

    Selling: CDF200, Howler Proto, Fap 69 SGA

    Couple items not being used for a while. 1 - CDF XTLC 200 **SOLD** 2 - Enkidd Howler Prototype **SOLD** 3 - Omegaton Fast Aid FAP-69, SGA edition, tier 4.3 (remaining - 70, 62, 78, 87, 92, 83)
  9. black caesar

    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace mk III

    Still looking to unload the following item: Castorian Mace mk III tier 3.7 remaining tiers: 70-148-72-83-147-68-79 SIB starts at level 33 one-handed clubber. standard setup of mk III with trauma iv = 56.43 dps, 2.932 eco. slow enhancer consumption a big plus if you prefer to use them. club...
  10. black caesar

    Selling: Castorian Mace mk III, Lion (M) parts

    looking to unload some gear that is going unused. 1) Castorian Mace mk III tier 3.7 remaining tiers: 70-148-72-83-147-68-79 SIB starts at level 33 one-handed clubber. standard setup of mk III with trauma iv = 56.43 dps, 2.932 eco. slow enhancer consumption a big plus if you prefer to use...
  11. black caesar

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk V Mentor Edition tier 3.9

    Switched to melee for the time being so this is sitting unused for the most part. http:// Remaining tiers are very good with the exception of #9: 109-104-151-128-57-101 I know there has been a lot of...
  12. black caesar

    Selling: Ranked Scorpion T5.4

    SOLD thank you to everyone who expressed interest
  13. black caesar

    Selling: Vincent DPS LR37 TEN Edition tier 5.5

    item has been sold
  14. black caesar

    Selling: T7 Igni, Adj Fap, Armor sets

    Taking offers on the following, contemplating switching gear around a bit. 2. Adj Musca, full (M) - all pieces 0.x - great looks and great beginner level protection. very similar to adj pixie but much better looking in my opinion. TT+120 3. Vampire, full set (M) - all pieces 1.x except feet...
  15. black caesar

    Project Killstrike

    I recently switched from laser sniper to laser pistoleer to catch my damage levels up to my hit levels. In an effort to keep myself entertained while I slowly grind my way to killstrike I've decided to log progress to keep myself motivated. Early on in my next run I'll be ticking over to ranged...
  16. black caesar

    Selling: Kallous 7

    -gun has been sold-
  17. black caesar

    Selling: Omegaton A106s

    Get in touch with me in game if you are looking for Omegaton A106s. ALL SOLD
  18. black caesar

    Selling: Gazunga TEN, Liakon (M), Adj Mayhem Hedoc

    All gear sold and new gear purchased. SALES THREAD CLOSED.
  19. black caesar

    Selling: full set (7) 6A Mentor Edition plates

    moving some more unused stuff to free up peds. full set of 6A Mentor Edition plates. very rare and provides 3 additional points of firearms protection. markup on entropedia is around 600 per plate...
  20. black caesar

    Selling: Ranked HK1750, tier 4.7

    Upgraded so selling this beautiful rifle. Have had a lot of fun with it the past few weeks. When i swapped for this it was the highest tier ranked hk1750 in game and I believe it still is. Looking at the remaining tiers it will most likely continue to be as well. Price agreed on at time of...
  21. black caesar

    Selling: Full Gremlin tier 1, male

    SOLD Gremlin
  22. black caesar

    Selling: PA Mall Shop

    Port Atlantis Mall Shop Floor 2, #3 S smaller size shop. max. # of guests - 50 Indoor item points - 40 Display item points - 5 Taking offers via PM. Will keep this first post updated with any offers being considered. Peds, Items or CLD (1450ped value) will be considered. I can add peds if...
  23. black caesar

    Selling: UL Enigma L4, UL Anabolic, UL MF chips

    taking offers on the following items to raise upgrade peds :) 1) Emik Enigma L4, tier 2.4 and rising as I use it 75.1 effective dps @ 2.953 dpp with a dante on it. remaining: 113, 124, 65, 88, 68, 146, 58, 146 50K...
  24. black caesar

    Uber: Enigma L4

    been a real long time since i've been able to post here. best loot of my seven year long eu career, ul emik enigma l4. i was out grinding evisc for the iron challenge and hoping to loot a spirit mk I to upgrade from an ul frontier when it popped up. i was disappointed that it was the enigma...
  25. black caesar

    Selling: Ancient Red Scorpion, Omegaton A101

    No longer have a use for these, replaced for more dps and dpp. 1) Ancient Red Scorpion, tier 0.5 - SOLD 2) Omegaton A101 - SOLD PM or post in thread with any questions.