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  1. Ed Ward

    Secret Event on Rocktropia

    Hey, wanted to make you aware of this event, check it out! ->
  2. Ed Ward

    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    Hi all, I have those 2 items available for sale: - Quad unL 'Groundbreaker': retired from items list from sale - Marber Tango unL tier 1.2: 20k peds (mu on tier 1 tango is 22k) Just a few words to tell this is not a price check thread. Prices are final and subject to change if the market...
  3. Ed Ward

    Buying: Mothership

    Hey, we, in society are putting peds together to buy a mothership. Is there anyone who would like to sell his MS? We're looking for kinda same price as auction, not a few k peds more than going price. You can PM me or post here, tyvm
  4. Ed Ward

    Be aware of thieves

    Hey, I'd like to warn you that {removed} recently left my society with aroung 2k peds of gears from another of my members. I recommand to not let her in any society. It is a good lesson for the one who lost items (storm on busy mode, never answering us, ofc) but if you have some infos on her...
  5. Ed Ward

    Selling: Marber Tango

    Selling Marber Tango freshly looted 20k peds. You can meet me on RT in cod or send me a pm. :sniper: EDIT: I would consider UnL M Eon tigh, arms or foot as partial payment (I doubt some would be ready to let me all 3 parts at once) EDIT 2: looted from a pop dragon young or mature
  6. Ed Ward

    Forum rules and hard work for mods

    Hello, I just had an idea... Lots of threads are suggesting improvments, corrections etc about how EU and especially it's new functionnalities works. Also you can see there and there, not so constructive posts. This thread/suggestion goes directly to 711 (at least I wish it did): I'd like to...
  7. Ed Ward

    Original/funny way to say things

    Ok, am not gonna bring links, bring facts of any kind, start a witch hunt or whatever, some begins to know me... I believe there has been no estate bug and MA has intentionnaly programmed the actual bugs. I won't develop more, some posts down may give example to accreditate thesis or anti...
  8. Ed Ward

    Buying: Eon parts unL (M)

    Hello. I'm looking for Eon unL parts, but I can't afford a full set at once. I already have shin, harness, gloves and helmet. Anyone wishing to make me an offer for an other part?
  9. Ed Ward

    Selling: Hell coins BP (L) 100 clicks

    PM me for an offer
  10. Ed Ward

    Selling: Shop in Tangerine

    Selling shop in Tangerine south of TP 'The Hounslow Exchange' Rocktropia, of course It has 250 items points, 2 floors with inside stairs, the ground and stairs are with wooden texture, very nice. SB: 12k BO: 15k I would accept a trade with Eon part(s) M or a good UL pistol as total or partial...
  11. Ed Ward

    Pop dragons loot

    Yo, few days ago has come to my stats that i looted more peds on pop dragons that all other loot i had in my whole entropia life :)
  12. Ed Ward

    Selling: Healing chip V UL

    hey, I'd like to sell my healing chip V UL, I'd like 1200 peds for it. Send me a PM for your offer. I'll give it to the best offer. If i get someone at 1200 peds, it will be sold 24 hours after if noone bids more. You can propose a price but lower than 1200, I may keep it, not too sure yet.
  13. Ed Ward

    joke achievement

    Hey! I posted in the thread that seen a well known fellow get banned after long time of sad stories to run around forum rules. I understand MA has better to do than rewrite rules to fit those trying to go through... This achievement has to be seen as a joke, i don't want to continue sad...
  14. Ed Ward

    Rocktropia Community

    Hey there, readers! Just few words to say rocktropians likes the community here, that's true, that's pretty cool. Some are guarding a tp asking fee to get out, hehe, we got our kinda story lines beeing written already, not listing here hehhe. Would add that i'll fight for this community to stay...
  15. Ed Ward

    Resurection chip on Rocktropia

    Hello, I'm looking to use a resurection chip, and i'm mostly on rocktropia. I go to Calypso when my gun is broken. Would there be someone that would agree to let me use his? Unfortunately, I don't have serious colateral, but many knows me. (1st on pop dragons tracker) only colateral i could...
  16. Ed Ward

    Pop hide and claw

    Having discovered Pop hide and Pop claw, just wanted to inform that they are not accepted in enmatter refiner (for DNA) nor in goot tailoring refiner (for texture) If anyone got an idea of the possible use (or future use), just feel free to drop a post :)
  17. Ed Ward

    Pop Dragon top looter

    Hey! Not sure i'll stay long at that position, but since today, I'm number 1 in the more peds looted on Pop Dragons! :) Ed Ward
  18. Ed Ward

    Longtooth joke

    Hey! just changed planet again to do longtooth a bit... yesterday, 200 peds ammo on them, loot bad (around 30% return?) figured it was just an unlucky run, 200 peds ammo today, same return, haha So, what's up, what's that joke? And you guys continuing paying incredible prices on overpriced...
  19. Ed Ward

    Shortage of hl14 and hl15

    tyvm guys for buying all hl15 and selling 20% higher that i used to pay for. I won't buy your guns anymore and then won't hof on your lands, there are other games to play until i find guns suppliers... Anyone got an hl15 at a good price? PM me, tanx!
  20. Ed Ward

    Car improvement suggestion(s)

    Hey! Would be cool if you can implement a horn on cars, maybe more than one lol Also, am receiving tickets because someone got the same number as me at rear of vehicule :)
  21. Ed Ward

    Rocktropia in today's update

    Hey all! just a few words to say that now I know why, when I saw ND in the street, he said we seen nothing yet :)) Also 2-3 words fort those complaining about no loot... from my memory, the mob I hunt on Rocktropia NEVER gave me no loot message hehehe For those I saw in a post asking why send...
  22. Ed Ward

    Tracker bugged

    Hi! Once again, between yesterday and now, tracker lost around 8k of my hunting stats. 2nd time it happens since last 6 months. I wonder if stats on tracker still have a sense...
  23. Ed Ward

    The end of the beginning of the end

    Could also be renamed 'The far future of Calypso' :painter: Preface ===== The text which follows was translated after long researches in order to discover the multi-levels of comprehension's meanings. It was written, or will be written in a universal language containing geometrical simple...
  24. Ed Ward

    Flying vegetation

    Hi! I'm wondering if anybody could post coords where we can see flying vegetations (looked like balloons before VU10) which used to be 2-5 jumps north of Oshiri Hearts in the past. I'd like to find them in VU10, but haven't found it yet. Thanks in advance!
  25. Ed Ward

    Positive Attitude

    Hey everyone, I just thought to a very very cool thing through all those current bugs! I bet you won't forget your password anymore, woohoo!!! :laugh: Post a reply to this thread if like me you enjoy this unsuspected feature of VU10 ;o)