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    Selling: Firewall Armor set...Matrix visual

    Hello be in the matrice with this cool armor (30 elec / 15 stab) TT= 247.5 Selling at 150% 138% Have the same in blue
  2. J

    Price Check Appartment OMEGATON Beta 11A

    Not sure but i thinks its a medium one thanks for your help i need the fair price, not to high not low
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    Price Check P1a P2a Galaxy8V..... all QR100

    Hello Im want to sell some my favorite bp's , maybe you can help me to find a fair price for those bp's..thanks a lot : 'ALL ARE QR100' Bree P1a Breer P2a Jester D1 Simple conductor 1 Simple conductor 2 Simple conductor 3 Solar 8V Electro positive modulator Galaxy 8V Extractor Re-101...
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    Buying: Empty Skill 100 peds to 300 TT

    Pm me in game
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    Selling: Sell all i have after 15 years of crafting and hunting

    Hello Playing during more 15 years (last 5 years not too much) its time for me to stop here my road. All my item here : Some interested thing of the list : Update : 16/03/22...
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    Skill extract

    Hello Its time to me to sell my skills Where can i find information how its work pleaz i m very noob for that for exemple the TT need for X number skill ? An empty skill is 1200% around, so if i can sell a skill at 10k% = 10-1 = 9K% of the TT profit ? thanks
  7. J

    Selling: AP-36 Impact 195%

    Nice for the summer event PM me in game
  8. J

    Selling: Ap-42 plate (cold or electric or cut or stab or burn)

    Hi Selling different Ap-42 plates Uber plate with 42 protection (cold or electric or cut or stab or burn) Contact me ingame
  9. J

    Selling: Full SOLIR

    Hello I have 3 set for sell of this nice armor (SOLIR) You can hunt many of mobs with the right plates you can see information here : Solir PM me In game pleaz Price : 135%
  10. J

    Can t see my destroyed quad i my inventory

    My quad was destroy by a pirat i can see only the health-bar of my quad in my inventory, can t select it, can't spawn it (i have the same problem with one Hell Key in a box...cant select or grabb it but i see his health-bar maybe somebody have an stuck in space thanks Ps : i...
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    Selling: 4e Plates - Cold protection

    Hi I sell some sets of 4ePlates (195%) you can see on auction the protection they have 26 protection cold 2 protections penetration 7 protection cut the must to have for Spiders -_- Contact me IG
  12. J

    Selling: 16 CLD calypso

    Hi Pm me here i ask 1750 for each 1720 if you take all
  13. J

    Selling: 4e Plates for maheym

    Hi i sell 4e(L) plates at 200% PM me here
  14. J

    Buying: GEC COIL springs 1M - Hardened allow

    Hi I need 300 units around 150% I nedd Hardend allow too 130% PM me here or IG thanks
  15. J

    Buying: Emine FS bp's

    Hello if you have this tool BP (lvl4) i m interested to buy all of them contact me here or IG thanks
  16. J

    Selling: High composants service for crafters

    Hello I seach a craftor who need high compo to craft (Level 7 tp lvl 14 bp's) (Plugs, galaxy....) Contact me in game
  17. J

    Selling: Armor BP's (im sure i have the bp you need)

    Hello Ask me here or ingame which bp y ou need to complete your collection Zombie, ghost, samurai, spectre, lich, trooper, dragon.... see you
  18. J

    Selling: Solir Armor Full set

    Hello Im selling a set of this armor Male 119% for the full set you can see information here : Solir
  19. J

    Selling: Ghost Foot Male / Femele UNL

    Hello I have some foot (UNL) for sale f : tt+260 m : tt+260 Pm me here or Ingame Thanks
  20. J

    Buying: BP 4e plates (L) -i sure you have one in your storage

    Hello I seach all bp you can have 4e bp (L) Pm me or contact me ingame
  21. J

    Buying: Aurli fangs

    Hello I need 200 aurli fangs for my craft market price is 105%..... i buy them at 110% seach on your storage or ask to your socmate and contact me here have a nice day
  22. J

    Question: Success on 4e plate

    hello during the event i choise to make 4e plates for hunter on my computer 4 days ago i made a set of 7 plates (1 success for 2.5 attempt) so its a normal return ---> i have the skill for the bp its not the pb 2 days ago and this morning i made a run to make more plates, but with virtual...
  23. J

    Buying: Aurli fangs and Adapter module

    Hello PM me ingame to trade
  24. J

    Selling: Full SOLIR Male

    I ve two set far sale Full TT Full set of SOLIR Male---160%---- PM me here or Ingame
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    Selling: 180 peds TT Vixen Gear

    Hello 180 peds total for sale , 1800% Minimum amount to buy is : 500 units PM me In game pleaz