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  1. Waka

    Selling: Tier 7.99 King Kong TG-U60

    Maybe a screenshot of the tier 8 reqs too
  2. Waka

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1 - Tier 0.0 Freshly Looted

    That was quick and congrats.
  3. Waka

    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip 10 (sold)

    Sent you a message in game.
  4. Waka

    Selling: Auction: Chikara InvestaFoe ES500

    I have one of these too and it is just slightly longer range than most non taggers so is great for doing first shot and switching. That is main thing over the 400 and it decent speed and low decay.
  5. Waka

    Suggestion: New buff icons resize options

    Have to collect them all. I probably have the majority of them. I don't think I had restoration chip or pet buffs active in that shot either so could be a few more.
  6. Waka

    Suggestion: New buff icons resize options

    Look at mine lol. These are mostly from equip just running a skill and loot pill. Normal Zoomed in:
  7. buffszoomed.jpg


  8. buffs.bmp


  9. Waka

    The Strength of the US Dollar

    Kind of nice for us US players currently.
  10. Waka

    Buying: Omegaton M61A5, Adjusted

    The combustive attack nanochip 7 I am pretty sure they were referring to.
  11. Waka

    Selling: WTS [Thorifoid Battle Club] T0 +200, [Aakas Fire Dagger] T4 +700, [Fire Forge DAR 9300] T1 +1k

    As title says got some weapon spares I don't need. WTS [Thorifoid Battle Club] T0 +200, [Aakas Fire Dagger] T4 +700, [Fire Forge DAR 9300] T1 +1k
  12. Waka

    Selling: Rabbiger Pet

  13. Waka

    doing The Order of the Elder Gods

    Good luck. May the chapters fly at you.
  14. Waka

    Selling: Sold and Sabotaged

    Still have?
  15. Waka

    Selling: Rabbiger Pet

    I need this. I will try to message you in game tonight.
  16. Waka

    Why do clothes replace armour?

    The old engine worked better with clothes. I remember more armor allowed glasses and I don't remember it removing shoes either
  17. Waka

    Buying: Ascension (M) Set

    I just got a set and it is surprising good with just normal 5B & 6A plate sets. Bump and good luck finding a set.
  18. Waka

    Selling: SOLD - S.I. Flamethrower

  19. Waka

    Selling: SOLD - S.I. Flamethrower

    Bid +4
  20. Waka

    Price Check Ancient Pets

    I think I might be interested in the snable. Really no use, but just missing that 1 ancient pet. I assume it is the not strong version?
  21. Waka

    Buying: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.2 TEN Edition

  22. Waka

    Buying: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.2 TEN Edition

    Get it seems reasonable on price compared to what they have e sold for previously. At T9 with dmg enhancers the gun and dante decay out at roughly the same rate, and without enhancers about 2 Dantes per gun repair.
  23. Waka

    Selling: [SOLD] T9.73 Calytrek Spirit Mk II, TEN Edition

    How much has the tier increased in the 2 years? I have had mine about the same time also T9 and only gone up .1 in those 2 years. Ready for that T10.
  24. Waka

    Buying: Calytrek CR Spirit MK.2 TEN Edition

    I know of at least 1 T10 maybe 2. I have a T9 and I think there is 1 more. The other person that just got one I think found a T5. I would guess <10.