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  1. Cryte

    Obvious things it took you ages to notice

    7 years of playing, lvl 16 miner ... and just this past month I noticed that the claim markers match the color of the claim deeds... I am a failure :)
  2. Cryte

    Tell me a story

    Great stories to be had here -
  3. Cryte

    Epic EU Moment Contest Winners

    Yeah there was a cap, 500 words or something from what I remember. Then again, I drink a lot.. :)
  4. Cryte

    Are you interested in a meeting in Amsterdam?

    Had to pick no, as much as I'd love to.. I'm not getting over to Europe any time soon :(
  5. Cryte

    Selling: Viceroy Armor (all materials needed)
  6. Cryte

    Discovery: Otorugi Brain

    Truthfully I haven't been on that mob long.. just came to Ark recently, been bouncing back and forth between Otorugi and Kadra.
  7. Cryte

    Discovery: Otorugi Brain

    Well, my friends can't say I'm brainless any longer..
  8. Cryte

    Question: Decent Atrax young spawn?

    Untaxed: If you travel due east from the lake which is south of Twin Peaks, just over the first ridge there is a solid area of young to provider spawns. West and South of Camp Caravan there are low spawns (young to old mostly), mixed with Corns. Taxed: AOL 32 (Z's Little Farm has a TP there)...
  9. Cryte

    How do you say the name of this MOB?

    Corn-on-the-cobs. Easy enough for my kids to pronounce "Daddy are you hunting corncobs again?" Sure it's not properly pronounced, but it makes me grin :)
  10. Cryte

    For people who take part in fashion events !!

    Now I wasn't at the event, but my mentor was one of the judges, and I got to hear some of the comments they made about how long the comp took, and how hard it was to judge all the entrants. This person went to Ark, and sat there for 3-4 hours to be a judge, on their own volition. As far as I...
  11. Cryte


    I was online this weekend when he was spamming this. I didn't see it personally, but my disciple was on TeamSpeak with me and mentioned it. He sent me a screenshot, and then asked if it was legit. *sigh* I pointed out the weird URL, misspellings in multiple locations (including "support")...
  12. Cryte

    Agis's Ped Management TT Hunting System

    Ok, thanks for explaining. I'm actually on track now with you. I was very confused at the OP with your inclusion of the peaks and things, but this recent post is more simplified and I can follow it. So, in essence this is just a more refined risk management system that takes into account...
  13. Cryte

    Agis's Ped Management TT Hunting System

    Am I the only one who feels this way while trying to make sense of this? In all seriousness, this seems interesting, but I might have to re-read it a few more times to figure out precisely what you're getting at.
  14. Cryte

    The best email scam ever!! :D

    My apologies, I sent this to you and apparently misspelled a little bit. What I meant to type was "I'm a dirty attention-whoring scam artist" In all seriousness, even if this was a 100% legit person, I'd be scared their bad grammar was sexually transmitted.
  15. Cryte

    Do you like the current attitude on the forums?

    I think the attitude displayed in these forums is a natural byproduct of the state of the game lately, and the natural polarization of the community in their views of MA. From what I can tell, the game is broken. This isn't meant to be a debatable topic, it's fact. Sand King, Hussk...
  16. Cryte

    What would you want/expect from an Entropia Universe YouTube commentary?

    The audio was quiet, my headphones had broken recently and I had to resort to using the integrated mic array on my laptop. It was my fault not for testing/tweaking before, but live and learn. Not sure that the colors were off, I probably recorded in half, and I normally lock it at 30fps. As...
  17. Cryte

    What would you want/expect from an Entropia Universe YouTube commentary?

    Meh the video is somewhat embarrassing as I was (and still am) a noob. I'm sure I got some of the info on it wrong, but here you go - The Shinkiba hunt was just a generalization. MM, WoF and other events would be more fun, but obviously not all of us...
  18. Cryte

    What would you want/expect from an Entropia Universe YouTube commentary?

    I've been doing Minecraft commentary for a year now (along with other games) and I did try to do some EU one night. The feedback was very mixed, but not really positive. Honestly, the game is pretty but boring as hell if you're not in the driver's seat. It'd be like watching someone play...
  19. Cryte

    Recording MM / Entropia in general with FRAPS.

    Yeah Fraps is a beast when it comes to output size. For now, just quick and easy, render it in Windows Movie Maker (you probably already have it if you have a newer Windows install, otherwise you can get it for free to download). It'll reduce the file size, linking multiple recordings...
  20. Cryte

    Missing Loot from Hof. MA Logs show nothing.

    I'm inclined to agree with you, I know the long term repercussions could hurt the community as a whole. It's one of the reasons I wanted some opinions and the option of giving a week deadline. My bigger fear, beyond the community/game having long term trust issues that dry things up, is rather...
  21. Cryte

    Missing Loot from Hof. MA Logs show nothing.

    Obviously MA is aware of this thread, as the OP has linked to it in his support case. I'm considering giving them a week to respond with an official statement, apology, and explanation before sharing this thread with some of the major gaming publications (Kotaku, Joystiq, GameRant, IGN...
  22. Cryte

    Missing Loot from Hof. MA Logs show nothing.

    LOL that about sums it up, A+ :)
  23. Cryte

    Missing Loot from Hof. MA Logs show nothing.

    Gratz to the OP for getting it resolved. This entire incidence shakes up my belief in MA. I'm always the one to snap at people for hyping up the "rigged game" comments, or whatever, but this is so far out of line I might have to retract some of my comments. First, the fact this can happen is...
  24. Cryte

    Hunting Event for players under 150 HP

    Just awesome! We need more events for us lowbies. There used to be a Shink-Argo event on Saturday mornings that I enjoyed a few times, but it hasn't ran for a few months, this can fill the gap and give us non-ubers some fun competition :) Unfortunately I can't make it, as it's my company...