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  1. Cryte

    Discovery: Otorugi Brain

    Well, my friends can't say I'm brainless any longer..
  2. Cryte

    975 Caldorite

    Rolled up the last of my PED for a hunting/mining expedition, just West of Camp Caravan. Towards the end I got lucky, hit my biggest mining claim to date. :wtg::yay::wtg: I didn't gray anything out, I don't mind sharing info. Also, when I was a noob I remember having questions for all the...
  3. Cryte

    The weird things we believe or do in EU (but might be too ashamed to admit)

    The weird things we believe or do in EU (but might be too ashamed to admit) I know I can't be the only person who has little superstitions, or quirky things I do for luck. I realize that what I do has no direct effect on the game, and in most cases I draw conclusions based on coincidence, but...
  4. Cryte

    They must pay attention to our chat..

    I just thought this was amusing, as I logged on and was talking to my mentor and thought I'd give Notus a try. The past few nights haven't been kind with loot, and well.. as you can see from the chat, the timing was almost instantaneous :laugh:
  5. Cryte

    The 5% (how it applies to EU)

    I keep seeing threads and posts with a lot of hate about how the dev's at MA cater to the ubers in the game. As I am not uber, nor do I plan on ever attaining uber status (noob4life!), I hadn't really given it too much thought. I assumed it was just random whinings you see in any game forums...
  6. Cryte

    Musings and Perspectives of a Noob

    First, hello to the forums. I've been lurking for a while, but haven't posted much yet. After reading a lot of posts, I'd thought I'd put something out there with my perspectives, maybe share some of the things I've learned thus far to help other new players with the learning curve and...
  7. Cryte

    Trumpets & Gold Swirls

    Can you received the trumpet/gold swirl effect for anything other than globals? I'm a complete noob, was messing around hunting yesterday and heard/saw the effects. I don't remember getting any worthwhile loot, and even checked the window to see if my name popped up for something. As far as I...