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  1. TonySamTaler

    Selling: Vain Arm Guards male ul

    Hi, I´m selling my Vain Arm Guards male unlimited Tier 0.6 tt+7500 ped You can trade in Calypso Land Deeds (1000 ped per Deed) for it (I will pay out ped difference) and my price is negotiable. King Regards, :) Tony
  2. TonySamTaler

    Selling: Boar Harness male ul and Face Sculpting Toolkit

    Hi, I´m selling the following items: Boar Harness male unlimited Tier 0.5 tt+800 ped Face Sculpting Toolkit tt+60 ped You can trade in Calypso Land Deeds (1000 ped per Deed) for each Item (I will pay out ped differences) and all my prices are negotiable. King Regards,:) Tony
  3. TonySamTaler

    Buying: Calypso Land Deeds, 1k per Deed

    EDIT: Don´t need more Deeds. Hi, I want to buy up to 8 Deeds. 1000 ped per deed. I know that MA still selling but I had no luck with PM to Kim or auction champing for many days. (The problem was that I never watched the Global Auction:ahh::ahh::ahh:) King Regards,:D Tony
  4. TonySamTaler

    Selling: Two SE800, Vigi Harn M, Ninja Jacket M and some other clothes

    Hi, I´m selling the following items: Rancher Hat (M,C) make an offer Ninja Hood Jacket Stripes (M,C) tt+400 ped Rexely Mesh Tanktop (M,C) no colors tt+90 ped Rexely Mesh Tanktop (M,C) with colors tt+90 ped Rexely Mesh Tanktop (F,C) tt+175 ped Terrus Laser Sight SE800 tt+200 ped Terrus Laser...
  5. TonySamTaler

    Internal Error in containers

    Hi, since the last VUs I got often an internal error when I moved my items in my containers. For example I drag hide over wool in the same container and the symbol comes that you can stack it here :confused: (not only by the hide and wool, by all stackable over other stackable items). If I drop...
  6. TonySamTaler

    You can find some female parts in male armor section

    Hi guys, today I saw this in the auction. Regards,:) Tony
  7. TonySamTaler

    Stop the auto shooting after the mob is killed

    Hi,:) the ingame auto shooting should stop by itself after the mob is killed. Like the Excavators after the claim is down. Regards,:) Tony
  8. TonySamTaler

    Auto loot function

    Hi, I whould be really happy if we get an auto loot function. If you kill a mob you should get instand the loot/non loot and don´t have to run to it and loot manually. For example I often kill mobs before they are by my avatar and I don´t want to walk some sec each time to get some nova or...
  9. TonySamTaler

    One official site with all official infos

    Hi guys,:) I want one official site where you can see all official infos from Entropia. All official videos, events, infos, updates etc. At the moment the official infos are on different pages somewhere in web. Some on this planet site, some on others. Some in this forum, some in that. Some...
  10. TonySamTaler

    A second time to Calypso Gateway

    Hi mates, what do you think about a second chance to visit Calypso Gateway like last year? The first time older player chould travel to it but it was really too buggy for the most.:mad: One week was too short if you ask me because some people was on holidays, buisness travels etc. and had no...
  11. TonySamTaler

    Got 4 archievements after log in

    Hi, last Friday night I loged out at TI castle auction and loged in after around 45 min. All right, but I got after the log in at once 4 archievements and I don´t know why.:scratch2: I´m not sure if this was my old archievements again or new ones. Regards,:wtg: Tony
  12. TonySamTaler

    Question: Skillgain: tool auto use vs. by hand clicking

    Hi forum, I´m wondering if you get the same, lesser or more skillgains when you using the ingame auto use instead of by hand clicking?:scratch2: Regards,:yay: Tony
  13. TonySamTaler

    Renting my CB26 UL and ML-35, if you want whit Dante

    Renting my CB26 UL and ML-35, if you want with Dante My service is paused at the moment. Hi Guys,:yay: how the title says I want to rent my Isis CB26 UL and Meckel & Loch ML-35. If you want with Fi/Ra/Co Dante amp (I have 2, for each gun one). There are no extra fees for the amps. CB26...
  14. TonySamTaler

    A weapon range cycle on radar

    Hi guys,:wtg: what do you think about there is a cycle on radar where you can see the max. range of your equipped weapon? P5a there, Mk.II here. If there are some hills you see the lesser range because the cycle is not perfect too. Fine should be too if your scope say you the distance to the...
  15. TonySamTaler

    My damaged mob was lost?

    Hi guys,:wtg: on my last hunt I got a connection lost while I damaged my Scipulor Provider. Afer relogging I was killed and visited the Molisk Revival. I jumped whit my Chip, saw my low HP Provider and an Aplha (on radar was only 2 pots too), killed first the Alpha and my Provider was lost -...
  16. TonySamTaler

    Auto logout changed after last VU?

    Hi all,:) If I´m right informed the auto logout in Entropia is 1h whitout doing something ingame. Today I had a "short" phone call and forgot that the game was still open. After around 2h I was back to my pc and saw that Entropia was still running. I pressed a key and the logout countdown...
  17. TonySamTaler

    Give the profession public title extra skill gain?

    Hi forum, different people told my that the choiced profesion public title give a little bit extra skill gain in this profession. For example if you choised Evader as title you got some more skill gain in defense skills like Evade. I don´t know if it´s true whit the extra skills. Sounds like...
  18. TonySamTaler

    Was any Missions closed up to today?

    Hi mates, I was some time ago many months not in Forum or Ingame because RL loved me. So I´m not really up to date in this case.:ahh: I know that the Gateway Missions was a short time available for older players and than only for the newest. Some Harbinger Missions will close too as I know...
  19. TonySamTaler

    AJAX Error

    Hi, I want to report an error which I have from time to time on entropedia::scratch2: Perhaps my computer is the problem but not sure.:ahh: Regards, Tony
  20. TonySamTaler

    Was YouTube hacked again?

    Hi mates, last night I entered YouTube to watch some Entropia videos but I got only this message: Click to enlarge Some time later I tryed it again: Click to enlarge Was YouTube hacked again like in the past or was the problem my computer? Like a virus or something which wasn´t found from...
  21. TonySamTaler

    Found a flying pyramid

    Hi, I found this flying pyramid at mining today. Ok, perhaps isn´t a flying building because it looks like more a grafic bug.:) But what makes a pyramid there in the middel of nowhere?:scratch2: It´s near a little TP but there is no town or so. Like the tower in desert in the VUs before VU 10...
  22. TonySamTaler

    Cars in ROCKtropia – and a special visit by Lemmy!

    The new era of vehicles in ROCKtropia was ushered in by none other than ROCK n ROLL Legend Lemmy Kilmister. A lucky few were greeted by Lemmy as he flew through a wormhole, jumped into his ride and tore down the broken highways of his castle lands. Hosting the event was Marius and Tenacity...
  23. TonySamTaler

    The Armor Adviser works wrong?

    Hi, correct me please if I do something wrong::ahh: Proteron Damage is: 25% Stab, 25% Impact, 50% Acid I want to know if an Eon or a Chronicle Set give me more protection: Eon: 28 x 0.25 + 22 x 0.25 + 5 x 0.50 = 15 Chronicle: 70 x 0.25 + 13 x 0.25 + 4 x 0.50 = 22.75 15 < 22.75 =>...
  24. TonySamTaler

    Question: Why can I use a Chip XIV in an Implant X?

    Hi mates, why can I use my Synchronization Chip XIV whitout problems in my NeoPsion 10 Mindforce Implant from TT? :scratch2:For what are than the other Implants up to Level 50?:scratch2: Regards,:yay: Tony
  25. TonySamTaler

    My persnoal statistics don´t like my social group

    Hi mates, some days ago I joined a social group. But my personal statistics don´t know it. What made I wrong?:scratch2: Regards, Tony:)