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  1. dr3w

    Selling: Mining top-gear

    Level 7 Finder Amplifier UL - no comments (current bid: 62,5k, SKULL69) Let's see - is it Real Cash Economy or is it Rapid Click Explosives! Genesis Star Excavator Modified T3.9 - the fastest. Most UN-ECO as non-tiered, but with each tier and loaded with enhancers it becames not only faster...
  2. dr3w

    KING OF SPEED: Modified Genesis Star Excavator T3

    The only and the fastest, for rent. If you will go with high amps for upcoming mining event - this is for you. 150% more efficiency than Improved Maybe you need other my gear - like UL7 amp, Omegaton Detectonator MD-50 or TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush finders, or maybe even Chikara Refiner...
  3. dr3w

    Find the Equus

    click for some spaceshipness
  4. dr3w

    Withdrawal Reason Field

    You know, when you do some shady internet-banking - you can fill some "reason" field, why you did such beautiful money wire. So, it would be nice for MA to see some words next to withdrawals, I think.
  5. dr3w

    Info: Unlimited Pornogrind

    Hi. The purpose of this - to show mining returns and, err, "fun" at serious scale. Use as kind of personal "FAQ", also as personal psychotherapy and graphomania. All numbers is simple TT, with included combined decay from all tools. I don't track MU of resources, since I wanna keep myself at...
  6. dr3w

    FYI: Better than AUD ROI:

  7. dr3w

    Gold cards system FOOBAR'ed again?

    subj, just did two attempts with internal errors msgs. I just drink one beer, is it me or global?
  8. dr3w

    New mining missions agent found!

    Yes! Coordinates at picture: Since some people seriously jumped in the ocean - I need to say sorry. Was bored. It's from the same mission broker(s) which you all know, and I did unlocked it upon finishing Zinc III mission (0 of 1000 pts) Im not sure - is it only Zinc mission triggers that...
  9. dr3w


    For PEDs. So, it's absolute legit. My PEDs are luckier than most of the other players, it's obviously seen on tracker. When I spend them - I hitting globals and hofs more than most of people. (in mining, of course) Though, my PEDs are good for any other professions, such as hunting and...
  10. dr3w

    ATH: MGSE Tier 3.2

  11. dr3w

    Question: Guess the name of mothership?

    It's Rocktropia Space Station. Those, who was flying often here - know the name of that MS (parked at the right) for sure. Tell me that name, please?
  12. dr3w

    Question: How the f?

    No complaining, I am fine with this. But as ex-programmer, I am interested in piece of code, which did this shit. Or it's some new modern dot-fucking-net-sharp un-rounding? PS: there is exactly 2300 PED in stack. PS2: DO NOT FIX IT, PLEASE!
  13. dr3w

    BEWARE OF KB2859537 Update

    Details here: Microsoft KB2859537 Update Causes BSOD on Windows 7 Well, who already ran into that problem will not read it from affected PC anyway. I was lucky due to my laziness (installing win updates manually, after maybe week of release), friend of mine called yesterday and asked for help...
  14. dr3w

    ATH: Tier 2.3 MGSE ath showoff

    I don't know what is more funny - straight jump to 2.3 or return in the end.
  15. dr3w

    Info: RT's TEN event results

    ROCKTROPIA TEN EVENT – Final Results 1st Jabez JAG Groove D-Class Mining Amp(L) 5 727 PED 2nd Boardian Chilix Corunian Firewall Foot Guards Mk-I 4 040 PED 3rd Jean Stone Leblanc Pop Dragon Mature...
  16. dr3w

    Elite: Dangerous

    Since my previous post was removed, I will just post link to Frontier Development company itself: There is "Elite: Dangerous". Damn, what a boring crap, I really don't know what to say now, since anything is "RULES VIOLATION".
  17. dr3w

    VU 12.10 bugs

    Seems doesn't exists. At least, I don't see any major fuckups so far. Very impressed. Good job, MA, and thanks!
  18. dr3w

    FYI: How to mine properly.

  19. dr3w

    Achievement: Most Useless Unlock

    I think it is. 1.5yr of raping claims, all pure natural. Unfortunately, this have no sense today. I hope, just today. Thx all!
  20. dr3w

    CryENGINE 3 Crysis 3 Tech Trailer [HD]

  21. dr3w

    FYI: Piracy is good.

  22. dr3w

    Just saw "entropia mining guide" banner at EntropiaLife.

    Mining guide? $27? Really? Congratulations, PigBenis, 1st place in Hall of Shame.
  23. dr3w

    Proper mining

  24. dr3w

    FYI: Re-balancing news

    Hello, my sneaky, greedy bastards! Yesterday I had some fun at RT. Yes, this is about mining, and not planet-specific - and since it's most popular forum in EU - it should be here. So, firstly I did found one "Punk Rock" at niks area, but then - common mixture of niks-lyst, so it's ok. Then I...
  25. dr3w

    Loot stream >> loot.log

    Disable loot window - very nice feature. Loot stream >> loot.log - would be nice-nice-nice. Thanks! UPD: PLEASE, you will make life easier to support by getting rid of cases similar to this one!