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  1. Fifth

    Buying: Shadow F UL parts

    (All except Thighs)
  2. Fifth

    Ideas for avatar design

    I'll open it up with 2B from NieR: Automata Hopefully it won't be removed by mods. The overlap in [potential] playerbases is virtually non-existent--a Japanese hack-and-slash style single-player action game isn't exactly the cup of tea for an average Entropia player (I haven't played that game...
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    Some Food for thought for the Investors... or Why MA's Latest Blunder May Not Be a Plunder at All.

    I don't think I have ever said one positive word about any MA's side-project. Well, there's the first time for everything! :cool: "Trigger warning": Requires the basic understanding of the major trends in the modern tech. Also, there's a typo in the thread title. Too bad I can't fix it now. Sry...
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    The Karakum experiment

    Check it out, something you don't encounter every day. :cool:
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    Once Upon Time When Games Had Lag...

    How would you describe lag to someone who never experienced it? You will have to explain this to your children one day, y'know... In their world all networks are always instantaneous and have always been that way. Doesn't matter if you live in Australia, US or a base on Mars, there's no lag. Is...
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    Yes. AfterWorld. Not Project Entropia. If this says nothing to you, move on. Nothing to see here. Good, now that's out of the way. Let's get to the business. One can't really speak about AfterWorld without mentioning Irken Invaders, one of it's most powerful societies. There were others...
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    Problem with a NI mission

    I was about to finish the Snow Drake mission on Next Island when it got disabled. Support said it's temporary (and that all my progress is saved) but they didn't know when it will be available again. I'm on a different planet now and would appreciate if anyone on NI could gimme a shout if the...
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    Crafting 2.0

    Loot 2.0 has brought us new BP's, hybrid between the Explo BP's that use only nanocubes and the old classical BP's that used only loot and ores. Looks like MA's trying to keep the MU of the final product low to make sure it's competitive? Haven't seen any new end product BP's yet that use...
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    Linkage NOT worth clicking!

    It seems MA's ComPet team was 100% certain Hitlery will win the elections. So they decided to jump on the bandwagon and involve themselves in real politics of another country. They released 3 videos (all 3 before elections). I can almost see them batting each other on the back for such a great...
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    Question: Vigi SGA adjusted?

    Has somebody done that? Does the upgrading process preserve the higher protection or turns it into a standard adj vigi? Solved: Neither. It can't be upgraded.
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    Selling: Electric Attack Nanochip X (T0, UL)

    Selling this beauty SB: 1.5k BO: 2.1k On 25th of July it goes to Auction if not sold here by then. Dropped from Oculus - quite fitting for a 100% electric beast. :)
  12. Fifth

    Bioengineered Swimming Stingray Robot

    HOW TO BUILD A LIVING BOT To understand just how muscles from a rat can power a robot stingray, let's dissect this bad boy layer by layer. The stingray bot is composed of four sequential layers of material. The top layer is a 3D body of a silicone material—"the same thing as the outer coating...
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    Question: Can you please stop screwing around with things that are NOT broken?

    The new sound is worse than the old one. To make it even worse, it's not related to anything realistic inside the game world. Scoring a critical hit with your weapon can be associated real world sounds like ricochet or bullet hitting viscous matter. But no, we got something totally unrelated to...
  14. Fifth

    The Shape of Things To Come

    A talksow feat. Sam Harris. They start out slow speaking about martial arts, which is followed by a lengthy (and not very interesting) discussion about Iraq and Islamism. The last part is about AI, starting @ 2:14:00 --->
  15. Fifth

    Way Forward?

    With the last VU we got another graphics update, which brought us visual improvements majority of players most likely can't see (simply because they play on low settings and can't care less about em anyway) and even for those who could see the difference was neglible. What everyone could...
  16. Fifth

    HoF design flaw

    The design of the HoF board is a little sloppy. Currently after 24h a HoF times out leaving a "vacancy" (the table will have 99 entries instead of 100). This effectively means at this moment the treshold value = 0 ped. Any global will fill the void (and thus also qualify as HoF) - which leads...
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    Board of advisors! (A forum amusement)

    Looks like our brand new prez struggles hard to undersand the basics of economy and public relations. SUPPOSE YOU COULD APPOINT SOMEONE AS AN ADVISOR! Post a quote from that person below, that would prove she/he would qualify. (Let's not worry about consent, it's nothing more than a forum...
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    The Katana Log

    March 2016 Gear used: Ranged: Camo Stalker ELM (L) + Dante Main: Nano Katana T6 + imp VI* Armor: Jaguar + 6A (Harbr), 6B (Evisc) or 5D (mutMadana) [last run: Salamander+6A] FAP: mod EK-2350 * Accuracy enhancers for Katana are counted as decay incl MU, everything else is just TT in/out. The...
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    Petition: Bring back the real tamed animals!

    TL;DR: Screw these ridiculous tiny pets! Seriously, a Daikiba of the size of the football? U must be frakin kiddin me! This is ridiculous. There's animals out in the wild. Some are bigger, some smaller. You're a tamer you go out there and u tame em. Tamed animal is a tamed animal. It doesn't...
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    Imagine American football on rollerskates, mix in some bikes for higher speed and more danger. What's the result? Rollerball. Now take out the arena ring, replace it with open landscape, take out the bikes, but keep the speed. (How, idk, maybe replace the rollerscates with surf boards.. or...
  21. Fifth

    HoF: Fat birdie!

    25k, no itemz Was certain my loot is so stable that I'll never see anything bigger than few k... but here I am! :yay:
  22. Fifth

    And I Have A Plan.

    I'm fed up with the professional haters of this game, the forum ghosts. If u can't make the game work, fine. If u just don't like it, I have no problem with that. I don't mean a random venting thread now and then either. We all go through our up's and downs... But ppl who don't contribute...
  23. Fifth

    Aurli Runs Jan 2016

    Mostly Iron Aurli + few runs on Ark and Rock: Main gun: Camo Stalker ELM (L) + Dante Finisher: Maddox IV FAP: Mod2350 Armor: Grem+5A Markup in/out not included, but enhancer decay counted in with MU (325%). Turnover calculations based on amp decay. Evader lvl 53
  24. Fifth

    So tell us, what kind of animal is your Soc?

    Got this idea on the Ark event, where those high dmg Oratan Axes keep killing off ppl. What ppl do about them is quite different: - some try to avoid em (eventually u get killed anyway) - some ignore the deaths, keep coming back and continue shooting other mobs - some charge right at the Axes...
  25. Fifth

    Quick Merry Mayhem Snapshot

    Not really a log, so more like a snapshot of the recent situation (from my POV). As u can see, it's not only MM, mixed in few runs to CP. Gear used. Main gun: Camo Stalker ELM (L) + Dante Finisher: Maddox IV (unamped, unmaxed @Hit lvl 81) FAP: Mod2350 Armor: mostly naked with mod2350 healer...