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  1. patrickx72

    Selling: Assasin R150 Tier 8.4!

    I like to sell my Weappon! :lolup::lolup::lolup: It is now Tier 8.4! Pleas contact me when you ar intrestet. And yes, it is a great weappon!!!! :yay::yay::yay: I will acept a SB +6.2k B=+7.5k! Peds only!!! TT ist atm arround 700ped
  2. patrickx72

    A big Thank to Mr Infinity Infinity!!!!

    Hello togehter i was asking for Mr Infinity Infinity because of my big mistake with the auction system. And yes, i have give hem 100 AUD`s for togehter 57ped`s! But: He have contactet me over the Forum and i got me the hole Money back!!!!!!!! So, i will say here 1000 thanks to hem to be so...
  3. patrickx72

    Looking for Mr Infinity Infinity

    Hello togehter i hope somebodey cane help me to find Mr Inifnity Infinity. It its realy importend for me. He its also from time to time here online, but not really often.. I have send him a message here on this board as a PM. I dont cane finde him over the Player Register ingame (i think he...
  4. patrickx72

    Selling: Merry Mayhem (M) Parts, Foots, Shin, Thigh,Gloves

    I like to sell follow M unl parts: :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Merry Mayhem 13 Foot Guards (Tier 1.1) Merry Mayhem 12 Shin Guards (Tier 1.0) Merry Mayhem 11 Thigh Guards (Tier 3.7) Merry Mayhem 14 Gloves (Tier 1.1) offers pls PM me, i would also acept AUD`s and.. im only intrestet to...
  5. patrickx72

    Selling: nothing...

    wrong side.. grrrrrr
  6. patrickx72

    Selling: Sasha

    I like to sell the Legendary Sasha i looking for Peds! :lolup: All Buffs and Tricks are unlocked! Was very hard to get it to lv 20! :wtg: Serios offers: PM me
  7. patrickx72

    Buying: Merry Mayhem (M) (Harness, Arm Guards, Helmet)

    hello Please send me a PM :yay: many regards Patrick
  8. patrickx72

    Buying: Jarhead Unl (M) full Set

    Jarhead Unl (M) full Set, please contact me when you have a offer for me Kindly regards Patrickx72
  9. patrickx72

    Selling: Crafting Skills!

    Crafting Skills! *edit* I sell 8 Crafting Skill Chip`s. I want selling all in a Bundle: Blueprint Comprehension Skill Implant (L) 10.51 PED Engineering Skill Implant (L) 12.96 PED Engineering Skill Implant (L) 10.61 PED Engineering Skill Implant (L) 12.49 PED Manufacture Metal Equipment Skill...
  10. patrickx72

    Selling: Selling OA 103 (L) BP, Qr 0.35

    Hi, I selling my oa 103 (L) bp, qr 0.35.. offers please with PM to Me Greetz Patrickx72
  11. patrickx72

    Buying: wrong pleace, sorry

    wrong place, sorry oops! Soory wrong category! Please delte heme! thx :)
  12. patrickx72

    Discovery: VTOL New Weapon :)

    i have found a nice gear :)
  13. patrickx72

    Buying: Jaguar set M

    huhu I search a complette Jaguar (M) no L! Pleas contact me with PM
  14. patrickx72

    Selling: vrx 3 K orseeker no L bp

    VRX 3000 orseeker(L) no L bp I want sellinge my VRX 3000 Orseeker (L) BP (no L)... QR 0.01 SB 12k BO 22k Offers here, other as PM to my... End of selling its Saturday the 13.03. 14.00h MA Time Click to enlarge
  15. patrickx72

    Uber: very nice BP :)

    Very, very nice Loot :yay: :yay: :yay: Click to enlarge
  16. patrickx72

    vrx3k Orseeker no Limitet BP!

    I have Lootet this BP.. Waht its atm a fair price for heme? Click to enlarge
  17. patrickx72

    umbra Nails (M).

    huhu all.. I have a quastion for the Umbranoid Nail`s (M).. How mutch Umbranoids Nails pieces giving in the Game? only two? one its selling befor monts, and i have one.. giving more in the EU?? thx for infomations! Greetz Patx p.s.: Sorry for my bad english...
  18. patrickx72

    Selling: log 1-7, 11, 13, 14

    selling the Log`s: l1-7 11, 13, 14 offers pleas with PM on me :) greetz patx
  19. patrickx72

    Buying: Log`s 8, 9, 10 ,12

    i need this log`s PM please to me withe offer for heme greetz patx
  20. patrickx72

    yes! the 300er series!

    Jap i have fond the first item from 300er serie! :) The BP Found, 34 clicks! :) Click to enlarge The Item: Click to enlarge and the Stats: Click to enlarge
  21. patrickx72

    Uber: Omegaton Suntorm No L BP

    i think this it`s a Uber :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  22. patrickx72

    Selling: OA 108L no L bp!

    I have intersting for selling this bp.. an i search a good selling offer! please offer withe PM to my :) greetz Patrickx72
  23. patrickx72

    Uber: Wau :)

    What for a nice thing!!!!!! :yay::yay::yay: Click to enlarge
  24. patrickx72

    Buying: OA 103 no L bp..

    I need this BP... qr 0 welcome.. more it`s ok ;) Offers Pleas withe PM to me Greetz Patrickx72
  25. patrickx72

    unlimited EnmaterAmp107 bp..

    What you think.. what it`s a good price for this bp? Click to enlarge