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  1. Jager von Amber

    HoF: Good Start to 2009

    So far, so good for the new year. Missed the actual screenie (as AutoScreen needed restart), here's the HOFboard shot (was #94 when it happened: Click to enlarge Had a 98ped Atrox global on same hunt. Also, got these on a later hunt: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Not...
  2. Jager von Amber

    How old are you?

    This poll was done a couple of years ago and, since turning 40 on Saturday, I'm curious how much the age of players has changed since then.
  3. Jager von Amber

    Jurai Blood - Saturday 5/3 team globals

    Had a team hunt yesterday (5/3) with member of Jurai Blood, JB Academy, and JB Cadets. We seemed to do pretty well: Started with some Big Hoggs Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Then moved on to Chomps Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge...
  4. Jager von Amber

    Achievement: 4 Unlocks

    Unlocked these a week or so ago, thought I had the screenshots, but didn't and kept forgetting to get them. Until now. So here they are: Medicine CGA & Extraction...
  5. Jager von Amber

    Selling: Full(ish) Phantom (M) (no footies)

    As I may not be able to regularly deposit like I had planned until (most likely) the fall, and with the lean summer hunting season coming up, I have decided to economize for next few months. Thus I am offering my beloved Phantom for sale. :cry: As title states, 6 of 7 pieces (no footies-...
  6. Jager von Amber

    Jurai Blood - last weekend globals and HOF

    Jurai Blood and its companion societies went on a beacon run this last Sunday. Here are some of the highlights. Here's how we started (on the way to beacon): Click to enlarge No globals during beacon, but decent loot overall. Then a few of us decided to go hunt some big Hoggs: Click to...
  7. Jager von Amber

    Jurai Blood is now Recruiting!!

    Got over 90k total skills and NOT in a Top 50 most skilled society?? WHY? :vampire: One of the oldest societies in EU (formed in early 2004), Jurai Blood is part of the Top 50 most skilled societies and moving up. Many present day ubers in BAHQ, Shaolin, etc. got their start in Jurai Blood...
  8. Jager von Amber

    3 Argo globals

    I haven't posted globals in awhile, but today on a quick hunt (120ped) I got these three: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge (1st 2 look almost identical lol) Click to enlarge
  9. Jager von Amber

    Finally I know what all the cool kids are talking about...

    Whew!!! Finally!!!!!! :yay: :yay: Switched late from Laser to BLP, so slowed my progress. Had to chip rifle today, 'cause I couldn't wait any longer. Went out to kill something after hitting level 40 (laser sniper), but was using BLP (lol), so had to go get different ammo and got it on 4th...
  10. Jager von Amber

    Thanks Cybe

    Just wanted to post a quick thanks to Cybe of Shaolin for his fapping "services" while I was mobbed by several Kreltin and Aurli on CP. Cybe came over unasked, but definitely appreciated, while I had what turned out to be 3 Aurli (2 Weak & 1 Watcher) and 3 Kreltin (1 Young & 2 Old) aggro'd on...
  11. Jager von Amber

    100th Solo Global

    OK, so not very exiting as for the actual global, but a minor milestone nonetheless. Click to enlarge
  12. Jager von Amber

    Scary: Online Gamer dies

    Here's the link to the story about the Chinese gamer who died after a 7 day marathon session:
  13. Jager von Amber

    S: Ninja Hood Jacket Stripes (M,C)

    I am sellilng this Ninja Jacket: Click to enlarge :cool: :cool: Auction will last for until 2/4/07 at 23:00 MA time. Minimum bid is TT+150, BO at TT+300. Happy bidding. :ninja: :ninja:
  14. Jager von Amber

    PC: Short Bailey Curtain (L)

    93 attempts. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Jager von Amber

    S: Fusil Charade

    I need to move up to a weapon with more dmg/sec and so I must now sell my beloved Fusil Charade. Great weapon with great eco and great range. (It's Great^3) I'll accept no less that TT+500 and will set BO at TT+700. I'll be out of town for a week (so I won't be in-game to finalize trade...
  16. Jager von Amber

    B: Starkhov AS-117

    Please PM me with offers! :sniper: I will be out of town for the next week (and therefore not in-game), but will have internet access. So I can check the PMs and we'll complete the deal when I return.
  17. Jager von Amber

    Uber Umbra and other globals

    Global #1 - 65 Ped Maffoid Outcast Click to enlarge Picked random TP & random direction and started running. 2nd time I've done this & 2nd global. :D Global #2 - 276 Ped Warrior Gen 01 Click to enlarge As above (hey this is really working - 3 for 3). HOF #1 - 1168 Ped Umbranoid female...
  18. Jager von Amber

    This week's globals...

    Here is a collection of this week's globals: #1 - CND - 73 PED Click to enlarge #2 - CND - 106 PED Click to enlarge #3 - CND - 421 PED Click to enlarge #4 - North of Phoenix - 59 PED Click to enlarge
  19. Jager von Amber

    PC: Coloring Items Red

    Price check aisle 1! Wanted to see how much it would cost to re-color the following items RED: Ninja hood jacket stripes Mallic boots Leaf beret Thanks.
  20. Jager von Amber

    CND Merp global with Items

    Had been having an up and down weekend at CND. But now mining has dried up for me (3 hits in last 110 bombs), so this was nice to get: Click to enlarge
  21. Jager von Amber

    1st HOF and it is uber!!!

    Hadn't looting very well last couple of weeks (even with 1st mining global earlier in the day). Decided to go back to Ambulis as they were the last mob that really paid. SOOOO Glad I did! :cheer: :clap: :dance: Click to enlarge Have moved to #4 on list as of now. :)
  22. Jager von Amber

    1st Mining Global

    Not bad for a first global in mining (only started mining within last 2 weeks): Click to enlarge
  23. Jager von Amber


    Hiyah! I got MA....wwaaahhh Finally!!! Almost 3 weeks after unlocking MDA! Click to enlarge
  24. Jager von Amber

    Video issues after VU

    As you can see below, since the VU I've had some video issues. No problems prior to VU and I've tried working with the "Options" on the CL. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Tech info: nVidia GeForce 7600 GS ForceWare ver 91.47 Any ideas on how to cure it? Thanks.
  25. Jager von Amber

    135 Ped Ambuli global

    3rd Ambuli global this week. However, prior to this was a fairly crappy hunt -- although with it I did profit. Click to enlarge