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  1. allarom

    Selling: Christmas ring 2018 +22k +20.9k
  2. allarom

    Selling: Zorra's HK T1

  3. allarom

    Selling: Sigyn parts M

    [Sigyn Harness (M)] [Sigyn Arm Guards (M)] [Sigyn Thigh Guards (M)] [Sigyn Helmet (M)] [Sigyn Foot Guards (M)] +2.5k piece +2k piece if you buy them all
  4. allarom

    Calypso vs. Cyrene content release battle of 2022 so far

    Cyrene: Calypso: It's getting ridiculous already tbh...
  5. allarom

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem SB-90, Adjusted I can grab this from the vendor if anyone is interested Taking offers
  6. allarom

    Selling: Chelydra set M without foots Perfect armor for longtooths! +4k +3,5k +3,25k +3k +2,9k
  7. allarom

    Selling: Tezlapod Pet lvl 20 SOLD

  8. allarom

    Selling: S: Christmas Ring 2018, Mayhem Trauma Amplifier 5

    Ring +23k Amp +29k Open for offers, not items
  9. allarom

    Selling: WTS Mayhem Trauma Amplifier 5

    Price 45000 PED Also, open to offers. Items can cover 25% max
  10. allarom

    Buying: Halloween Ring 2019 BOUGHT

    contact me here on in-game if you have one for sale: allar allarom mark
  11. allarom

    Buying: Weakened Power Crystal BOUGHT

    Need only 1, just name your price. I will throw in 2x lessers for free. No point to hold onto it since as soon as I refine my Greater crystal, the rest goes back to the loot contact me here on in-game: allar allarom mark Got it, thanks!
  12. allarom

    Selling: ARMORS: Sigyn M, Chelydra M, Liakon M, Misc. parts (Vain, Shadow, RX)

    Sigyn M (no gloves), all parts T5: +19k +17k SOLD Chelydra M (no foots): +4.5k +4.2k REMOVED FROM MARKET Linkon M, mainly T3: +5k SOLD Vain arms M T2: +3k SOLD Shadow foots M T1: +5k AUCTIONED RX OpTac x2 Gloves M T1: +2k SOLD (+1.5k) No monkey business please- not for resellers, not price...
  13. allarom

    Selling: EWE EP-38 Night Special, Augmented T6.75 (Highest in game) SOLD Base dmg: 75.5 Efficiency: 76.8% Price +45k Combo deal: (Not possible anymore) Gun + i105 Efficiency 78.1% 1398xT7 components (enough to make it T7) Price +50k Or you can go for weak argo claw for this price or LB50 imp for +80k...
  14. allarom


    Cannot see anything being registred in EL atm
  15. allarom

    Buying: WTB Easter Ring 2018

    Looking for the ring mentioned in the title. If you have one or know somebody who has one, let me know, please. Maybe you are not aware yet that you are willing to sell.... Finder's fee 500p (only if it leads to the trade)
  16. allarom

    Selling: Omegaton M83 Predator T5 - SOLD

    Price +39k (261k below MU) Price fixed, not negotiable
  17. allarom

    Question: What is going on with the multis?

    I have noticed that after last week's maintenance the multis are now exceeding x2000. Never seen this after loot 2.0 - is this intentional? A bug? How can they be justified in loot 2.0 mechanics? Something fishy going on, mark my words!
  18. allarom

    Selling: ArMatrix weapon blueprints- LR, LP, BC, BP, LB, SB

    Blueprint / Clicks ArMatrix BC-50 (L) Blueprint (L) 33 ArMatrix BC-60 (L) Blueprint (L) 27 ArMatrix BC-70 (L) Blueprint (L) 20 ArMatrix BC-75 (L) Blueprint (L) 20 ArMatrix BC-80 (L) Blueprint (L) 13 ArMatrix BP-60 (L) Blueprint (L) 7 ArMatrix BP-65 (L) Blueprint (L) 34...
  19. allarom

    Buying: A&P Series Mayhem BP-110, Improved

    If you have enough tokens or the gun, please let me know- I am confident that we can work out a reasonable deal
  20. allarom

    Buying: Tanhok Amber

    Contact me here on ingame "Allar allarom Mark"
  21. allarom

    Buying: Mayhem gloves M (unlimited)

    contact me here on in game "Allar allarom Mark"
  22. allarom

    Somebody pressed the wrong button?

  23. allarom

    Selling: Rip M6600, Modified T10

    Base dmg: 101.5 Maxed 89.3 Laser pistuleer Efficiency 61,2% Owning this gun since June 2020 has yielded better ROI than those high-efficiency opalos: Winner of cat8 summer mayhem 2020 Skipped competitive Halloween Mayhem because of reasons Winner of cat9 merry mayhem 2020 The most likely winner...
  24. allarom

    Info: Do not color your texts manually into very light nor very dark colors

    It is impossible to read some texts due to forum styling differences. If I use a light theme, I have to highlight all the manually colored white/light texts to be able to read. The same goes for dark themes if the color matches the background. Very annoying "feature" ...
  25. allarom

    Info: Support case "solved" under a year!

    They have woken up! I finally got a response from them (after 10 months of waiting!)