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  1. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Large appartement 13G "AI" in Sakura City

    Selling a large apartment, PM me your price. Atami
  2. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Adjusted 5B plates - set of 7

    Hi, I'm selling my Adjusted 5B plates, all 7 at once SOLD PM me if interested, no trades ; ped only Reg, Atami
  3. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Privateer - Make space convenient or do business and earn PEDS by transporting people

    Because I don't have the time to play or even fly, I'll be selling this privateer (with base SI). No need to have such a nice beauty not being used. SOLD In ped or deeds only Contact in PM in case there are questions of offers. Reg, Atami
  4. AtamiKiangola

    Buying: Energy source or energy source BP

    As title mentions, please PM me if you can help me out Atami GOT IT
  5. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: All my remaining blueprints (list of all inside)

    Hi all, I hate these long lists as much as selling these :-) But if anyone is interested in bidding for some or all of these BP's, drop me a PM. Prefer to sell sets or all instead of a zillion trades ... unless ofc it is a zillion times a zillion ped :-) Atami The list : Advanced Cooling...
  6. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Modified EWE EP-40 Mercenary T6.7 (aka MM)

    Hi, I'm selling my beloved MM, which has Tier 6.7 SOLD I'll sell below BO if I'm feeling ok with the offer. I'm accepting PEDS, CLD but no items. Selling this weapon hurts ... once sold there is no way back for me. But I have to do it ... simply because it is time. Regards, Atami
  7. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Reilly Boots (C) Blueprint

    Hi, Would you like to skill on this BP, make me an offer ( QR is 80.7 ). For those not familiar with this old skilling bp : Ingredients : 8 x generic leather 9 x soft leather SB : +100 Current bid : +560 (PM) pending trade Year auction indicates : +885 (11) Decade indicates : +1912 (268)...
  8. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Proteron DNA parts (all parts with the right quantity (except for 1 missing part) + some spare parts

    Hi, As a former owner of a proteron LA, I have gathered over time all ingredients (but 1) to create another DNA. I'm selling all these parts + some spare parts. Offers or questions in PM. SOLD Reg, Atami
  9. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Improved FAP Tier 2.6

    Hi, Taking offers on my imp fap in PM. Regards, Atami
  10. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: (Unique) opportunity - Taking offers on Full Sentinal Female - UL !!

    Hi, I'm taking offers on my beloved armor, which I have for many many years. The strength of this armor lies in the extremely high penetration and impact with decent cut, stab en shrapnel. Below you see a picture WITHOUT PLATES, so just image the penetration number when you ad 5B, Adj 5B, Imp...
  11. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Modified Restoration Chip

    Hi, Taking offers on modified restoriation chip. As it is possible to do the mission, the price can be a bit lower than the mission cost. Feel free to offer in PM. Atami 22/7 : STATUS RESERVED
  12. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip III Ten Edition Tier 6.3

    Hi, I'm selling my Arsonistic chip as title mentions. SOLD Send me your offer in PM. Interested in PED and/or CLD. Offers in PM Atami
  13. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: RX Optac X1 (2 parts) , RX Optac X2 ( 5 parts ) - Full 7/7 robot protection for grabs ( F, UL )

    Hi, I'm selling my beloved RX set. It is a combination of x1 and x2. RX OpTac x1 Helmet (F,UL) T1.8 RX OpTac x1 Shin Guards (F,UL) T2.0 RX OpTac x2 Gloves (F,UL) T0.5 RX OpTac x2 Harness (F,UL) T0.9 RX OpTac x2 Arm Guards (F,UL) T0.8 --- SOLD RX OpTac x2 Foot Guards (F,UL) T0.8 --- SOLD RX...
  14. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Vain (F,L) - 6/7 parts + 1 part -- avoid collecting , get it cheap

    Hi, I'm continuing to clear my inventory and now selling some F,L armor I have collected over the years. I notice this beauty (which I owned in UL before) but it is gathering dust due to my Sentinel and other armors. So I'd like to offer this to the community. Feel free to offer (PM please)...
  15. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Full Viking (F) UL

    Taking offers on this ancient cold-protection armor PM if interested Atami SOLD
  16. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Shopkeepers 2x

    Hi, I have 2 shopkeepers for sale, it were the ones stationed for years at OLA54 in the cold weather. They were treated well in this cold area, so if you want one just PM me :) Atami SOLD
  17. AtamiKiangola

    FYI: OLA54 - Atami's Proteron Paradise has new owners

    Hi, We are proud to let you know that OLA54, also known as Atami's Proteron Paradise has new owners. Myself and HuntingN8 owned the land for almost 5 years and it was fun ! Last years we didn't have much time to do events or advertise, so we decided it is better to transfer to to new people...
  18. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Full Adjusted Nemesis (Female)

    SOLD As the title is saying, I'm selling this armor set. PM me with your offer and we'll make the deal. Adjusted Nemesis (7 parts) (female) (UL) SB : tt+ feel free to offer BO : tt+1800 Atami
  19. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: Full Mayhem Armor (female)

    Taking offers on a full Mayhem Armor (female). Send offers in PM. Interested in ped or trade including rings ( ares type or special high reload rings ) in trade. (already own an imp ares) Atami.
  20. AtamiKiangola

    Buying: Mint Feedback Panel or RX Optax X2 Thigh Guards (F)

    If you have one for sale, please PM me. I'm interested in it. Atami
  21. AtamiKiangola

    Buying: Vacuum Flux Generator

    As title says, I buy "Vacuum Flux Generator". Contact me in PM or in-game Atami
  22. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: CLD ( unclaimed ) - Calypso Land Deed (unclaimed) : some, many or many many

    ALL SOLD Hi, As I'm in need of some peddies and don't want to deposit at this point in time, I'm selling some of my CLD. Some are on auction, and are going fast. But I'd like to use this channel too to sell those not on auction. Looking for daily auction price approx minus auction fee...
  23. AtamiKiangola

    Buying: Arsonistic Chip

    No need for high tier versions, just a regular one for a regular price. PM me if you have one for sale. Atami
  24. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: All my blueprints (L)

    Feel free to make an offer, this is what I'm getting rid of : 6 Ambulimax Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.54 PED 45 Armament Device I (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.22 PED 46 Armament Device I (L) Blueprint (L) 1 0.42 PED 223 Berycled Leather Texture Blueprint (L) 1 0.30 PED 224 Berycled Leather...
  25. AtamiKiangola

    Selling: or for rent : weapons ( MM SGA ) , Armor (Mayhem F, Sentinel F, Mod 5B set, ...) , spaceship ( 6K SI )

    Hi, Lately I am extremely busy IRL. I’m recovering from knee surgery, have a very busy job and enjoying even cooking lessons. After 11 years playing, I also feel that I don’t really want to kill 5000 or 10000 times the same mob (all other missions are done). I’m sure the urge to play will be...