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  1. il

    hey y'all

    i hope everyone is staying safe and is well :)
  2. il

    HoF: 1st rare HoF

    after tons of low end globals i got this: perfectly fits my chip collection :)
  3. il

    Question: Who is the Nova Fragment King?

    I want to know how much Novas have you gathered? Nova Fragment 14988 0.14 PED (Planet Arkadia) Nova Fragment 26 0.00 PED (Asteroid) Nova Fragment 22020 0.22 PED (Calypso) Nova Fragment 1864 0.01 PED (Next Island) Nova Fragment 442 0.00 PED (Rocktropia) Nova...
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    Question: so where are the patches MA?

    still didnt see anything..
  5. il

    Achievement: first under 10 ped global ?

    having fun on cyrene the coincidence with the conversation with joat speaks for itself :P
  6. il

    odenfield ventriclel system

    hey, i looted a 4 odenfield ventricle sytems tonight i know its an old hangar part and doesnt fit in auction. any idea on the price? is it still used in the hangars? btw the name comes from rollo oldenfield the founder of Dark Knights :)
  7. il

    FYI: stuck in space again!

    as the title reads... anyone else?
  8. il

    Buying: Shagadi Disintegration

    i need this UL sword for further skilling link here: Shagadi_Disintegration_Sword or MAKO_Lightning_Smuggler i will not buy for a silly price as my main focus is skilling MF currently other options i have is archon with high eco for around +1k and ranked blade for tt+800 higher dps then...
  9. il

    Selling: full Rascal M + other stuff

    hey, selling my old rascal fully repaired and complete M i assume its still about tt(60.65)+50 -SOLD- get a free bone-in meat with it! other arnor parts: ARC Elite ARM Guards M,L 30ped tt -SOLD- ARC Guardian Helmet F -SOLD- ARC Guardian Shins F -SOLD- ARC Guardian Foot Guards M -SOLD-...
  10. il

    Achievement: got my sense on Ancient Greece :)

    having a nice visit on NI/AG with these: unfortunately not all got picked by tracker :scratch2: anyways most important i finally unlocked combat sense via LB: cheers to morg from DF for lending me his hop armor and phil sword :) wounding is next but probably gonna do it via...
  11. il

    TTL or modified mining log

    :tower::tower::tower: TRIPLE TOWER LOG # of Runs(à 100 PED): 160 TT RETURN: 14280 Total MU sold: 1528 Balance: -192 TT RoI: 88,70% HoF's: 1 Globals: 3 Tower: no OOTO: 0 Treasures: 2 Info: I thought i share once again my sheet i focus on basic return .. no decay and extra...
  12. il

    You park like a TURP! (Show us your parking skills)

    inspired by this litte english website [ ] show us your awesome parking skillllzzzzz!!!1111!!! here is my first entry:
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    Question: oil leakage?

    i think buzz clicked wrong in his favorite old spot.. find it fast :P
  14. il

    whats your favorite planet to visit in Jan 2013

    heyas have been logging in for more then 5 minutes and catching up with all the changes.. tons more missions and achievements, you can tier now without loosing your stuff, hidden loot window.. yay so while i hopped through twin and heard flights were now around 5 ped only to a planet where...
  15. il

    omg i was able to login to tha forum

    man i was alrerady pissed that my account would be gone.. thanks to tze i found out someone bought the old EF datapack.. so now i was able to log on to this with my old data.. after creating a new account on the old EF domain im confused myself.. well... hello again il
  16. il

    FYI: leaving SMA + looking for 'Jon Max Carter'

    as a quick note for now.. im gonna leave SMA in near future due to actually not use pm windows all of the time. more important is though that i need any life sign of 'Jon Max Carter' mainly known as Max.. he is still a member of SMA i already sent a support case if they can verify any...
  17. il

    Help: in search for flying insects

    hi! im looking for flying insects: pupugi,igni and diripi the only clean spawn of diripi i know is west of zychion i asked several ppl on my friendlist and no one knows where pupugi are most igni i know are mixed with allo and esto so not suitable for me please update entropedia if you can...
  18. il

    the entropian

    The Entropian, issue 001 tt is 10ped im kinda connrected to it closely what would you guys charge? (yes i searched around here and on other sites but couldnt pin down a price)
  19. il

    Selling: storage cleaning(furniture+stuffs)

    2 A-3 Punisher Mk.I 1 2.36 PED 6 Advanced Cloth Extractor 203 2.03 PED 7 Advanced Leather Extractor 400 4.00 PED 8 Advanced Mineral Extractor 22 0.22 PED 9 Advanced Stone Extractor 60 0.60 PED 10 Advanced Wood Extractor 133 1.33 PED 13 Alien Mutant Skull 1 1.37 PED 14...
  20. il

    grrrr.... kerberos replaced by osseo's

    thank you for taking out another easy to skill mob out of the game anyone remeber there were cornunducaudas young?
  21. il

    SBA (small blade adventure)

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • runs: balance(spent[bought ammo/weapon/armor/fap decay])armor ---------------------------------------------- #1 -104,87(662,91) VU 10.0 -17,58(70,81)Gob...
  22. il

    Selling: T-Rap's + different leathers

    hi i have currently 4 T-Rap L Blp amps to sell mainly used for cb5 or something small like that total tt 41.72 110% will do i guess -SOLD- and a whole bunch of different leathers from animals all over the place TT of refined leathers for sell is 102 PED ..all that stuff is really low...
  23. il

    FYI: GPU heat reduction by turning off MOTION BLUR

    i had the problem with my GPU that no matter what settings i put EU on my GPU would reach funky temperatures of measured 83-84°C so fiddeling around and ran fallout comparing the stats and i get 76°C there now due to testing this and that i figured out that emotion blur is the thing that...
  24. il

    silent/quiet first globals vu10

    throwing in some pics :) -ofc uploaded one old screen lol- Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  25. il

    Buying: B> fap-90

    i really want one ;) i asked on FL and browsed auction here my post ^_°