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    HoF: Proteron Dominant 908p

    Or he might of used a Metabolic Inhibition Chip Or he might of revived killed it (7 shots on chat seems fair enough) Or he might of been lucky and not taken a hit for a period of time that we cannot see on chat and healed Or he might of used a high tiered high dps long range gun. Or he...
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    FYI: Kim moving to PCF

    Hi Kim!! :yay::yay:
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    EUWBC 2011: Draw, Results and Schedule

    I'd like to personally thank Oleg for all the time he has put into it, and thanks to Mark for the clean fight from him :) very hard as we are close friends in the game :) Thanks again! :yay:
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    Selling: Quad unL and Marber Tango

    also the unl version is a tiny bit faster than the limited version. by about 4km/h
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    Achievement: Steel Birds Sought & Destroyed!

    Gratz Rufen, my friend!
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    EBN: Communication lost with Fort Ithaca.

    Going straight in, as not advised :)
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    "The Thing" Destination on ROCKTropia

    I need some help with the thing. I arrived at arctic and chose scientist, and went to the doctor macaroni place. I went and did the armoury missions then got myself a jacket. I spokentothe mechanic and he told me to find the satelitr and activate it. I found it but when I try to activate it it...
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    Favorite Mob: Cornundacauda Largest Loot: 303 PED Total Loot: 2,202 PED Current rank (30 days): 1758 of 3158 Mining Stats Favorite Mineral: Lysterium Stone Largest Find: 245 PED Total Finds: 245 PED Current rank (30 days): Na of 2030 Crafting Stats Favorite Item: Na. Largest Craft: 0 PED Total...
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    Most expensive items sold in EU!

    Skalman now owns Male Carramone, I saw him at the Queen spawn last night with it on. Silverfox made the sale here on pcf afaik
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    Event: EU World Boxing Championships 2011

    Lightweight finally! James Anzak Arden- Expeditors :D
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    Harrassment at Mulmun Spawn

    I've sent support cases about him as well for mobtraining. MA ban that guy!
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    New EU investment fund: Hydra Fund starting up today

    before I do invest in this I will want to see if anyone else does first.. I hope I will be able to trust you enough to do this though.
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    Challenge to community: Entropia Universe vote

    voted and repped! (You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Spin Rep Pitt again.)
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    Johans B-day PewPew Carnage yey!

    got my ticket already :) they are going fast :D
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    New updates scheduled 26th september 2011

    omg omg omg :DD awesome!! Will I receive a gift having graduated in VU10, and will my mentor receive one?
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    Use of other company logo/intro vids

    It definately is, check, type Rockstars into google and the logo is there.
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    Use of other company logo/intro vids

    I recently searched about this matter, but decided to refrain from posting until later. Now I don't have to. Maybe they will get banned forever and ever (I hope) :D
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    Question: Has tiering of UL items slowed a LOT?

    You guys think you have a problem! My Vivo T1 won't go from tier 1.1 to tier 1.2 through 5 repairs! Its insane!! :laugh::laugh: j/k ofc, but it is getting very tiring. Do something MA!
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    Anzak's Healing Service

    wow, looking back on this thread I realise hos far I have come :D I will be updating this later on, and the service will be back!
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    Spongey 1st HOF

    Nice Uber! Gratz on the first HoF, Spongey :)
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    Price: "Check Please" :)

    check the uber section, he posted it :)
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    Price: "Check Please" :)

    Soc member paid TT+4k for one. Another Mod LR32 was looted yesterday afaik, by Lucas Damage Kovalsky on his 8.5k Longtooth. A friend spoke to him about his hof and he mentioned looting one. No idea if this is true though.
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    Achievement: 10k Feffod done :)

    if you check the screen it says 'Your Stamina has improved' :) Gratz for 10k!
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    HoF: 6.9k Longtooth with Golden Gun

    what a fab gun and HoF!! Gratz Ace!
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    Corrupt a Wish

    You kill a mod merc looting mob- you see a pistol in the loot- its only an EWE 10 - Self Defence. I wish MA would treat everyone fairly!