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  1. KrapUla

    Uber: Nice lil tower

    Very nice :tower: m8 gratz :cool:
  2. KrapUla

    Uber: 11813 PED Solis Beans | First 5 digit loot also first tower! | woooootttttt!!!!!

  3. KrapUla

    Uber: My Second Tower! (6243 Typonilc Steam, Unamped, Eudoria)

    Nice :tower: m8 gratz :cool:
  4. KrapUla

    Uber: 5334 niksarium!:)

    Nice hit m8 gratz :cool:
  5. KrapUla

    Uber: 21640 Peds Kreltin With X5 Unlimited

    you lucky bastard :lolup:
  6. KrapUla

    Uber: 1649 Levi Young

    Nice kill Azz gratz mate :cool:
  7. KrapUla

    Some feffoids

    Very nice pair of uber's m8 gratz :wtg:
  8. KrapUla

    Achievement: I'm :cool:

    thx my friend :cool:
  9. KrapUla

    Achievement: I'm :cool:

    Thx guy 4 the support :cool:
  10. KrapUla

    Achievement: I'm :cool:

    Finally I got it :cool:ness
  11. print screen 2011-02-14 0-14-3

    print screen 2011-02-14 0-14-3

  12. KrapUla

    FYI: Crafting is a CASINO

    Mate, just a correction, Entropia Universe is a CASINO... :scratch2:
  13. KrapUla

    Support news from JWT

    FINALLY i can say YES :cool: Beacouns are next in line
  14. KrapUla

    HoF: Kanerium

    ... wtf .... gz
  15. KrapUla

    HoF: Personal ATH

    UBER kill m8 :D gratz on the ML-35 :cool:
  16. KrapUla

    Discovery: Pop Dragon Armor Plate (L)

    Very nice discoverie gratz m8 ;)
  17. KrapUla

    HoF: Simple I Conductors +800

    Nice click m8 gratz :laugh:
  18. KrapUla

    Uber: 23 K Dynera

    :cool: WOW m8 UBER gratz :wtg:
  19. KrapUla

    Uber: Massive Again ? Sorry Mary Jane

    A sorte afinal chegou!!! Vwery nice hit m8 GRATZ :wtg:
  20. KrapUla

    Uber: 8333PED Kreltin With 1250PED ESI

    WOW UBER ESI guy's gratz :lolup:
  21. KrapUla

    Uber: 5k Ambu + 2k extra

    UBER kill m8 UBER gratz on the 2k :yay:
  22. KrapUla

    Uber: Finally some kinda large!

    I was on-line atm, nice with m8 gratz :cool:
  23. KrapUla

    Drone 8853

    That's a very nice drone you got there mate gratz :silly2:
  24. KrapUla

    HoF: A nice daikiba young - 982 ped

    :cool: m8 BOA and gratz :yay: