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    what is TWEN?

    *WTFEN Corrected that for you... :laugh:
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    Veteran Noob Elite, rather. Joined: Oct 20, 2005. :)
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    F A I L ! :yay: :yay: :yay:
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    Info: Mindark IPO 2023-01-27

    MindArk PE AB approved for listing on Spotlight Stock Market Wed, Jan 11, 2023 17:10 CET MindArk PE AB (publ) (the "Company" or "MindArk") is a Swedish digital entertainment company that has developed and operated the game Entropia Universe since 2003 - according to the Company the world's...
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    Hunting Log - 69 with Longtime (Efficiency)

    L00t return on tamed Chirins is according to PEDs spent. Will be lower in comparison to a normal kill, will be higher when tames are refused and you have a second, third, fourth go at it (incurring additional cost). No l00pholes there. :dunno:
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    Question: Diff maturity diff loots?

    This one should be rather obvious. For certain drops you will need to have enough l00t events which generate the necessary PED amounts to make it possible. You can get these from higher maturities more easily because of the killing cost involved, it is more likely. ESIs cannot be under 10 PED...
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    Your best item loot ever?

    From a Bibo Old... :yay:
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    News: Merry Mayhem 2022

    Ha! Graden got guns! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Missing old time l00t windows with tons of colourful stuff in them... EDIT: Did I mention all four weaps full-TT...? :yay:
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    Question: Why aren't more people Mining?

    Not giving away any secrets... just watch a few of the many mining vids around. There are quite a number of ppl who Sleip-mine. :dunno: No need to run at all. Btw, I actually have seen Auktuma running. And really fast, at that. :laugh:
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    Entropia Microverse and the Invisible Icons

    You might try resetting your display resolution to 1366×768... :dunno:
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    Hit rates lowered?

    [Globals]: John uncguy43 Williams found a deposit (Blausariam Stone) with a value of 3026 PED! A record has been added to the Hall of Fame! Blausariam Stone 3 026 PED Wed, 17 Aug 2022 01:49:40 :dunno:
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    Info: Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    Well... according to what was passed down to us from antiquity the Odyssey took ten years and ended in a bloodbath. :dunno:
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    🎹 Ευάγγελος Οδυσσέας Παπαθανασίου 1943-2022
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    🎹 Klaus Schulze 1947-2022
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    Help: Arkadia is dead. The developers just left?

    Well... I wonder what is required from the planet partners when moving to UE5. I would guess they be responsible for their share of development. So, what will happen if a planet partner can′t or won′t come up with the necessary money and man-power? Would those planets just go poof...? What...