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    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem , Adjusted

  2. f2x

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem , Adjusted

    Looking to buy an adjusted Hedoc Mayhem. PM me here.
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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Bunker concepts and early render

    Oh please , no tunnels ! Reminds me of Cape Corinth's base entrance. I hate running around buildings , imo , its better when everything is near by , unless the dome is for crafters. xD Dont make another Port Atlantis (CryEngine edition) please , less distances -> Better And i think it looks too...
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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    I believe no matter what the end UI will look like , there will always be those who like it and those who hate it. Thats why , imho , the UI should be modable as much as possible. Even better if we will be able to code our own styles and store somewhere in the documents/eu folder. All we need is...
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    Help: Universe wide issues

    I remember similar thing happened a couple years ago at around same time in migration. Lost 5 loots that time, had to contact support , and after couple weeks MA compensated me with universal ammo.
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    Help: Universe wide issues

    Dang it , just when i decided to log in , it wont let me :(
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    You are over complicating. There is enough time waste in Entropia as it is. I would not like to go through no underground rollercoaster just to get to where i want to be. My point was that a lot of areas in Entropia are meaningless and vehicles take away a large portion of adventure , at least...
  8. Megingjord MK.I

    Megingjord MK.I

    Entropian Tank
  9. f2x

    Price Check Megingjord Mk. 1 - main battle tank

    Over 5 of those years or more this tank sat in my pocket ^^ Its nearly unique these days , so , imo its worth over 10k. Its armor + no chance to survive weapon + stupid long distance. No pk weapon can offer that in 1 package.
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    FYI: Victory Society Recruiting

    By pirates you are referring only to space looters , or pk's in general ?
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    Question: Migration in the universe

    Actually , migration is a universe wide event , depends on how You look at it. Alot of people migrate to Calypso for summer :D
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    I do agree with the rest that pre-CryEngine Port Atlantis was perfect as it was. Everything a new player could need was just a few steps away. Lets be honest , nobody likes the modern PA , nobody goes to the modern swamp camp and i am pretty sure people could live just fine without the Icarus...
  13. spacecraft.jpg


    Pre-Cryengine mining
  14. Orb.jpg


    Red Fog
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    Pre-Cryengine Hadesheim
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    Poll: what is the average EU player gpu

    As ready for UE5 as one can be. Built my new system just 3 months ago. i9-12900k+3080Ti on a custom loop. Z690 Maximus Extreme mobo. 32GB DDR5 4800 RAM (temporary plug) 2TB PCIe SSD (Samsung 980PRO) PCIe5 ready (for next gen SSD and GFX) Win11 (DX12) Yet even with this setup , looking back at...
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    Question: Spam in PM

    And there i thought i was the only one who got that PM :computer: Did anyone took the bait ? Just curious whats on the other side of that link :lam:
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    Suggestion: Menagerie system in EU

    Unreal Engine 5* , dont give me a heart attack :laugh:
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    News: Entropia Universe Unreal Engine 5 Migration FAQ

    Well this is probably the best thing to happen to EU since 2010 (before CE2). I always thought EU would be better off on UE than on CryMeARiverEngine. The most advanced game engine finaly coming to Entropia , so many possibilities. :clap:
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    Let's Help MindArk Improve PvP - Idea Thread

    The best and the most simple solution to the current state of lootable pvp i could come up with is : Make suicide bombers or anyone who damages them selves in any way possible receive a 1 minute re spawn penalty wile being lootable to anyone who comes by , just as You would loot a dead mob...
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    Buying: Mid Tier EWE LC-625 Gleamer (UL)

    another :bump:
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    Buying: Mid Tier EWE LC-625 Gleamer (UL)