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  1. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    Hey everybody Hey everyone I was wondering if I could get all your feedback on improvements/adjustments to the program in the coming few weeks, I hope that the trial period has been worth it! :) I already have some submissions on modifications and I have tried putting aside time to program...
  2. Dazza

    Gore and other stuff for cryengine.

    Have a look at this thread :) Could be good to get these in, but some valid points in the post about it too. Dazz.
  3. Dazza

    Cheers for the +rep mate, always good to accept anothers point of view without the needless...

    Cheers for the +rep mate, always good to accept anothers point of view without the needless bickering :) btw, good quotes in your notes section :)
  4. Dazza

    Self Help Group for people unable to log in

    Bahahahahahhaha @ Yor! "They look like Darth Vader f****d Hello Kitty" lmfao Thats awesome Kosmoz, lololololololololololol :laugh::laugh: +rep for a funny a$$ movie Everyone should watch it! EDIT: You'll need alot more hemp before you're through... Lol, classic
  5. Dazza

    Weird team loot....

    Had this same thing happen to me on a team hunt with a mate of mine.. Were hunting argo, and I had a young down to about, 30% of its health, and my team mate shot it while I was still shooting (so all in all, I got about 80% of its hp) and we globalled... Needless to say, 116PED global, I got...
  6. Dazza

    Question: Sweat in auction

    Nah not at all mate :) I was just wondering, since people have asked for it in auctions before, why as it is described as being an EnMatter, it isn't allowed to be put into auctions :) And hopefully, if what I think is right about CE2 (that not a lot of new people will be able to play as often...
  7. Dazza

    Question: Sweat in auction

    Great point, and well said. Puts what I shoulda thought of before in my head, maybe I'll learn at one point :P But again, great reasoning for it :) Dazz.
  8. Dazza

    Question: Sweat in auction

    Hear me out! This isn't just another "we should put sweat in auctions" thread. I actually took the time to read the item description of Vibrant Sweat as an item, and it says: "Vibrant sweat is a container of native Calypso creature life energy force. This EnMatter is one of the parts in making...
  9. Dazza

    Sad EU Story: Based on true events..

    Great moral, great story :D Some obviously value material things more than the friendship :( I know thats what made me clear about, 90% of my FL one day, because I realised just how many people weren't actually "friends" - they just wanted something. Best to know who your friends are, and who...
  10. Dazza

    Whats the first thing you'll do in VU10 CE2?

    Hope that it comes by the end of the year! :yay: Can't wait for it, and all the talk is hyping it up like its coming out tomorrow :D What will I do - hmm, login - go to TT and see whats new/whats been replaced/whats disappeared - whatever has disappeared, sell it for tt+14,000 because it is the...
  11. Dazza

    It would be nice...

    I vote yes to all, especially this. Imagine that damn chirpy that always runs away, and then you blast it with this, see a little flaming chicken running away, then turn into tonights dinner :D All great idea's for expanding the playability of EU :yay:
  12. Dazza

    WHY2K Event! - 2000 Ped prize, for miners and hunters.

    What date does this event run from/to? Currently am stuck studying away for a good 3-4 months, and have planned to stay away from EU for that time and then some, but this is tempting :D Thanks for the reply in advance :) Dazz.
  13. Dazza

    End of traders in EU - your opinion

    There are those traders that are in it for the business, and they trade to participate, then trade again once balance reaches a minimum. Then there are those who trade trade trade and then withdraw without putting back into the system. (yes, i believe in the LP :)) Im 50/50 on this one - more...
  14. Dazza

    Info: Eufrats Guide to maximising your return

    Great guide, really worth reading every word to the core if you want to (note, I said want to) know how to maximise your % of return and minimise pay/hour I know once I get back into EU, I'll be keeping this guide in mind to make sure im hunting right :) Thanks for the guide mate :) Dazz.
  15. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    No probs mate, gradual input will be better for me tbh :) Means I can progressively sort through the bug fixes/improvements one user at a time, so means a bit calmer programming for me, rather than a mash of 15 users at once :) Hope the moving goes/has gone well mate :) Dazz.
  16. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    Hey all :) It is fast approaching the 1 week trial point, and I would like to ask for some feedback/bug fixes that you have found in the experimentation with the program :) I have decided that I will resend the new, fixed versions of the programs after I have fixed all the bugs you may find...
  17. Dazza

    Bah... this is disgusting.

    I know exactly what you mean mate: I was hunting in PvP4 when I scored my first attacker global, 55ped. I started charging my TP chip, and right before the end, my EMT decides to equip itself. I thought, oh well, no biggie, started charging again - but this time a GD pops up - near the end of...
  18. Dazza

    Day and night?

    Will I be the first to say about this topic... PvP will be freakin awesome. Lol Not seeing that GD coming in from a distance (New item has been looted: Night vision scopes - selling tt+14k :D) and then bam, this huge fire fight in the dark. Would be great imo :D Just my opinion :D Dazz.
  19. Dazza

    HoF: 3 @ CND in 10 minutes!

    Gratz mate! :wtg: Hopefully many more to come, and that ATH is just nearing closer! Keep on hoffin! Dazz.
  20. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    Its all explained in the readme really, but if I wanted to get a direct "feed" of data, this would have to interact with the universe, and it would therefore be banned my MA. The only way to get market values of items is to use carebears tools, and to get the actual values of your skills is...
  21. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    I am currently in the "pending" stage of a website (free hosting up to 100mb, thats all I really need) to put on 5 different files: - ProfitLoss Calculator (2007).rar - ProfitLoss Calculator (1997-2003).rar - ProfitLoss Calculator README.txt - ProfitLoss Calculator.xlsm this is the Office 2007...
  22. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    Logged on to EF to bump up the post - got a bug fix (probably a major one, if people track dates). So, Bug Fix #1: The coding entered for the date shows up as =TODAY(), which updates to the current days date, for each data entry - I will be changing it to =DATE(), which will input the date it...
  23. Dazza

    my first tower

    Gratz mate! Wish you more! :yay: :yay: Dazz.
  24. Dazza

    Profit/Loss Stat Keeper

    Bump for any interested to use this once complete :) Dazz.
  25. Ghost Member On Ef?

    Ghost Member On Ef?

    Found this odd, was looking at who was reading my thread, saw this :/