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  1. RickEngland

    Selling: Eudorian WASP devil - autoloot

    Bump... Still got this L1 wasp devil sitting in storage. Cool pet with autoloot.
  2. RickEngland

    FFA Mayhem Top 10 Standings

    Think I uploaded 831 points, whatever i got for the amount of hours I did. Just for laughs. Rick
  3. RickEngland

    Info: What's Your Return?

    I guess the majority are buying weapons 'directly' from MA theses days, such as via tokens. I expect MA will offer even more options and gear, especially if players are only interested in measuring % huntng returns. Not saying it's a bad thing. Just saying capital invested to seek % returns...
  4. RickEngland

    What we lost in Cryengine Update (Unreal 5 will most likely be similar)

    Yeah it is a worry, MA bring in the new engine early, without losing part of the game or any professions. I'm hoping software has improved considerably these days, so that MA can import it all over. Not worth stressing over what we can't control. They either break it, or they don't. Wait and...
  5. RickEngland

    Hunting Log - 69 with Longtime (Efficiency)

    Why don't you engage with the debate Messi. Rather than simply add your usual "red" stamp to any comment I write? Probably be useful if you did. What was your Turnover during 2022? Did you recover it all MU?
  6. RickEngland

    Hunting Log - 69 with Longtime (Efficiency)

    I hear you. So why bother if MA doesn't provide a more efficient whip. I've often wondered why chirins or devils don't have codex rewards. Why though... do they consider it already skill efficient... what's going on in MA's heads? To be fair the adj bolga is better than many weapons on the...
  7. RickEngland

    Hunting Log - 69 with Longtime (Efficiency)

    Quite interesting stats, thanks for posting. Congratulations you found the 116k in MU during the year. So you're turning on average, roughly 10441 ped a day, quite a feat. I think Evry mentioned in his post he passed 10 million turnover this year, so if the same % he needed to find 300k ped MU...
  8. RickEngland

    Selling: Closed

    1,120,000 x 0.055 = 61,600 ped I guess (61.6k).
  9. RickEngland

    Deeds and Shares - a Noob's perspective

    It's never quite clear what "revenue share" actually means. This is different to a percentage tax on some other deeds. Although the share of revenue is 50% of the planet partner revenue for all activities on AG. Maybe revenue is decay, how does MA measure revenue? Same with CLD's which are...
  10. RickEngland

    What constitutes a hunting run?

    Most soc members I played with considered a run to be how much ammo it took to trigger enough globals (or one big global) to breakeven. 2006 = 200 ped run 2010 = 400 ped run 2015 = 800 ped run 2020 = 1200 ped run Or another measure around say 2015 was one full amp burn, when say A105 or A106...
  11. RickEngland

    Price Check Doa Rockjacker

    I actually used one of those hunting on cp about 10 years ago. Try before you buy. My price = TT+500 😁 Rick.
  12. RickEngland

    Deeds and Shares - a Noob's perspective

    I guess the shares represent 25% of total revenue. If its 50% of the pp share and the pp share is 50% of the total revenue. It's like starting with 400k x 4 shares. I think that's how it works. Happy to be corrected. Rick.
  13. RickEngland

    Help: Recommend UL weapon setup

    There's likely to be a lot of options on the table for unl gear when twen event reveals new weapon stats. So there's no rush buying gear that could devalue between now and then. Depends how much you play to justify buying an unlimited weapon. If it's just a few k ped, then not a big problem...
  14. RickEngland

    Help: Recommend UL weapon setup

    I say at least try out hunting some atrox and ambuls with an L gun first. Get a feel for it before investing in ul gear. I did use an ul amp though. I ran years with L, had some great fun. Even shooting spiders with L. Good thing about L is you can try loads of weapons before desiring an ul...
  15. RickEngland

    Your best item loot ever?

    I looted some decent ESI's over the years, maybe a 400 ped one was my biggest can't remember. I earned a mentor edition armour plating that sold for good peds. Tamed quite a few top end pets at dragons amd devils area. Never looted any super awesome UL weapons though. I came to the personal...
  16. RickEngland

    Selling: Reaper's Blade Unique Tier 10 and Mayhem Trauma Amplifier 3 (Not currently for sale)

    What did you pay for it in ped+items Jhereg, and why? Let's understand your original valuation at the time of purchase, to the assess what's changed since. Looking forward to an interesting read.
  17. RickEngland

    FYI: Smilgs hunting log - 2016 and beyond

    I do deed botting, you get paid without logging in. 🤣🤣
  18. RickEngland

    Question: Why choose a Real-Cash Economy game over another one without RCE?

    I hear ya. I think I paid 1300 ped for my whip back in day. That will do for me. Although I'm not prepared to take on serious hunting, without a 2.0 weapon, as I doubt it will be cost effective. That's without considering high value rings or other stuff to make it viable. The other choice I...
  19. RickEngland

    Question: Why choose a Real-Cash Economy game over another one without RCE?

    I like to play idle miner tycoon on my phone. Over the last 5 years, I've probably paid £200, mainly on additional characters for boosts. I'll never get it back, but see it as entertainment at reasonable cost (over 5 yrs). I like RCE too, if the costs are reasonable. I feel EU has moved into...
  20. RickEngland

    Selling: [Argonaut Claws, Strong, FEN Edition] T3.99 - SOLD TY

    Takes me 10 minutes to walk to the pub, and 40 minutes to walk home. The difference is staggering.
  21. RickEngland

    Info: My Hunting Log.

    Heehee. I found nythmtown (forgot spelling), was pretty good for loot when playing xmas mayhems, if itchaca was as dry as a nuns undercarriage. 🤣 Doesn't hurt switching servers, even if some people dont believe in that tin foil hat stuff. I love it though, it's all part of the; "EU works in...
  22. RickEngland

    Info: My Hunting Log.

    Maybe try a different Xmas mayhem entrance. In years gone by, i got the impression some locations were more favourable than others. All tin foil hat stuff though right. 🤣
  23. RickEngland

    Selling: [Argonaut Claws, Strong, FEN Edition] T3.99 - SOLD TY

    Some managers say working from home is hiding, I say good employees are hard to find.
  24. RickEngland

    Interesting Weapons

    OK I'll vote for a whip bolga style (for devils), high eff and whatever damage matches it, because other than bolga adjusted there's no other unl options in that range.
  25. RickEngland

    Selling: [Argonaut Claws, Strong, FEN Edition] T3.99 - SOLD TY

    I was chatting to a microbiologist in the bar tonight. He was a lot bigger than I expected.