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  1. DaisyColdFinger

    Crazy price volatility ruins it for all - I've had enough

    Seasonal stocks work the same way but that does not mean you should not still have a diverse portfolio based on predictive performance, not on hopeful suspicions.
  2. DaisyColdFinger

    Question: Why aren't more people Mining?

    Boring - i would love to see an eve type discovery crossover combining scanning and hacking processes to make it more personal and interesting , ie discovery outcome control.
  3. Joined TKoE

    Joined TKoE

  4. DaisyColdFinger

    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Yup this could be the big Arkadia update/release +mm :)
  5. DaisyColdFinger

    Info: Brads Beauty Serivice

    Bump for Brad
  6. DaisyColdFinger

    FYI: No Profit Through Hunting

    I personally play for fun and the challenge of finding what works, ie profit for fun which is what i thought most folks were about. In my mind when you start investing real money in uber gear rather than real world stocks, shares it's no longer about fun and ofc that depends on what you...
  7. DaisyColdFinger

    Professions Activity Progress Bar for Societies

    Having recently started over again, going through graduation and seeing the graduation progress bar got me thinking. What if MA could implement a way for each openly recruiting society to have in it's soc profile a graph or bar chart indicating the cumulative % each of it's members have made...
  8. DaisyColdFinger

    Help: Noob guide?

    My current process might help you gf as well. Basically i ; Go to Entropiawiki > Missions > Planet Your On Look up and do all the free stuff, Weaps , faps, maze hammer, plates, vehicles, skills etc Skill into your "free" gauntlet fap and Bukin with the free L faps, weaps Register with a Mentor...
  9. DaisyColdFinger

    Help: Noob guide?

    Amazing how far small amount of ped's can go when your a noob. Recently re re started ( 3/4ish days back ) Monria born, loaded every npc mission i could find everywhere, got all free gear only missions done, Bukin Adjusted + fap and nothing else, rediscovered cyrene, 4/5ish days in 70 % done on...
  10. DaisyColdFinger

    bunkin rifle for newbie

    Btw the Bukin upgrade to Adjusted does not require you to grind tier's on it or even use the Bukin itself ;)
  11. DaisyColdFinger

    bunkin rifle for newbie

    Bukin's Spare Rifle + Amp> Omegaton A101 Decay> 0.789 Ammo>131 EFF> 67.3 DPP> 2.980 Range> 57.20M Attacks> 44 DPS> 4.59 Ranked in the top four noob guns to have so pretty decent ! Z12 Barbarella + Amp > Omegaton A101 Decay> 0.672 Ammo >215 EFF> ? DPP>...
  12. DaisyColdFinger

    bunkin rifle for newbie

    Your gonna hunt anyway, so might as well do the adjusted upgrade bare min. On the low end i think it's one of the more decent weaps and you will use it for a long time. It's slow so might upgrade past adjusted for range enhancers ..... maybe.
  13. DaisyColdFinger

    Why Macroing is bad and should receive a mass banwave

    Outside of events, i don't care so long as they don't NOTICEABLY interfere with my hunting/loot table etc.
  14. DaisyColdFinger

    Any good MU monster for noob?

    Being new ( to red dot hunting ) and actually graduating this time, i have to say Cyrene has been most impressive for MU, mission choice & ease including stackability at all levels including how well organised ( flow ) everything really is ( looks messy but it's not ). After Cyrene for easy MU i...
  15. DaisyColdFinger

    News: Halloween Mayhem 2022

    Only took me 14 ( edit : 15 ) years to finally have a go at an actual hunting event lolz
  16. DaisyColdFinger

    Loot and EU Play

    pinch of salt +
  17. DaisyColdFinger

    Loot and EU Play

    To be frank i think Mika is hunting for MU but high end rare item MU instead of low level grind MU That said, i am yet to global on Caly but that could just be some mechanic to do with share based on active planetary players which si why i mini global more often/easily on other planets.
  18. DaisyColdFinger

    Loot and EU Play

    You can hunt as as efficiently as you like but if your chasing mu or rare drop mobs you cant afford you will always go broke at some point. No one other than bot's likes to grind for mats which is why many break rank and go for a rare drop gamble they know they really cant afford but they do it...
  19. DaisyColdFinger

    Soc suggestions pls

    Much appreciated but i am looking for smaller tight knit outfits around 50ish members, not too keen on large soc's. Now added to ideals.
  20. DaisyColdFinger

    Soc suggestions pls

    11/09/22 : Got one Ideals are ; a slightly more mature soc - ideally vets ( big ask ) a non role play mainly hunting soc as few or no beggars, whiners. Prevailing soc and leadership attitude must be positive ! No large soc's Highly active. Any and all thoughtful suggestions are welcome by pm.
  21. DaisyColdFinger

    Driving skills

    Would love to see a just for fun "x2/4 Rock Hopper" vehicle event testing drivers in various categories on the most extreme and steepest routes up and along in game hills and mountains.
  22. DaisyColdFinger

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    Wish i had the time - watching with interest.
  23. DaisyColdFinger

    FYI: MultiAccount Hunting Bots

    Whilst grinding tt gear on the puny circuit i ran into them and others at several mostly puny insta spawn spots - btw you can't pull those berries out of the building as they infinite spawn right inside + no revive on that island.
  24. DaisyColdFinger

    Info: Unreal Engine 5 Devblog

    Yea change can be scary but whether they got it or not your whole Knife to a gun fight logic in the face of hundreds of near similar constantly evolving competitors wont cut it and MA knows that.
  25. DaisyColdFinger

    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    Ha yea sry bud :D As you said, it seems so obvious that i never checked after equip lol, Have a good night Sub