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  1. AckerZ

    Attractors, repellers and other such dynamic system nonsense..

    Can you write a summary for normal folk?
  2. AckerZ

    Info: 20th Anniversary Event Map

    They recently updated the model on the last vu so it's possible they are the suprise later in the event.
  3. AckerZ

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 13!

  4. AckerZ

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 13!

    my body is ready
  5. AckerZ

    What is currently broken; what is fixed?

    Pet sounds, coats and capes messing up on armors, ark shops causing you to get stuck forcing a 60second teleport. Dear god let me turn off pet sounds.
  6. AckerZ

    Holiday Planet gifts Always use nihelper for anything next island.
  7. AckerZ

    Holiday Planet gifts

    Cyrene giving Christmas bags?
  8. AckerZ

    Behold the Omegaton CraftMeister Mk. I - The future of Crafting!

    yep im on board, Mindark sign him up!
  9. AckerZ

    Buying: WTB - Trauma Amp 6

  10. AckerZ

    Buying: WTB - Trauma Amp 6

  11. AckerZ

    Buying: WTB - Trauma Amp 6

    Open to offers but as close to +1000 as possible in game avatar: "Anonymous AckerZ Anonymous"
  12. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

  13. AckerZ

    Question: How long will the..

    Its until the next seasons box + ring comes out.
  14. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

  15. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

    Foot bought, only harness needed now
  16. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

    also interested in Adjusted versions
  17. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

    bum p
  18. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

    Daily bump. Wtt + Peds Hunter mentor harness and feet.
  19. AckerZ

    Hunting and Mining Live Lists

    Yeah I couldn't access rare loot search function yesterday either.
  20. AckerZ

    Can we have a Pet Sound Volume Controller

    @Ludvig|MindArk @My|MindArk End our suffering. Pls.
  21. AckerZ

    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    They have 65 staff now, there should be fairly regular ue5 posts I really don't understand why the IG for ue5 has been dead for ages, makes the game look so dead. Also while I'm having a whinge wasn't there meant to be desk models? Boorum desk model wen?
  22. AckerZ

    Buying: Vigilante Harness (M)

  23. AckerZ

    Question: What happened with the 'Eggs'

    Who are the others?
  24. AckerZ

    Question: What happened with the 'Eggs'

    What happened after the eggs were auction on Enjin has there been any follow up on what the winners are doing/planning?