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  1. JohnBates

    Let's record a YouTube response.

    LOL! JEEZ! Talk about taking the fun out of it for me! I get it! I get it! OK! I'll leave the songs to Neverdie! :eyecrazy: And, I do appreciate the suggestions, the complaints (underneath every complaint is a commitment and I am honored you care about EU, folks, really!) and such. I am not...
  2. JohnBates

    Let's record a YouTube response.

    I want to sing, ok? :yay: Entropia Star... I'm through with foolin' around in the physical realm it's like the 9th freakin' circle of Dante's Hell This life could be so much better than it's turned out to be... Janner's voice: tell me what you want... I want a digital mansion that never...
  3. JohnBates

    Vehicle report at Massively...

    Check it out! I think we may see moer new users from this pretty quickly! :)
  4. JohnBates

    Crystal Palace Auction Winner!

    Congratulations Buzz! I look forward to seeing what you bring to Calypso: yet again, diversity! I love it! Congratulations to everyone who was in the bidding and congratulations to Buzz for gettin it! Woo hoo! More fun to come! And, I agree with those who've said they think highly of you. I...
  5. JohnBates

    Glorious Dawn, have you heard it?

    I thought this was fairly appropriate, given that we live on a planet beyond Earth. This really touched me, I hope you enjoy it, too. I have to believe you've all felt the longing that this song speaks to, that yearning as you vizualize galaxy beyond galaxy... First I recommend you go to this...
  6. JohnBates

    Breaking news - eu hits headlines once more....

    Bagman, ya make me proud! It's clear this writer actually paid attention, played, and also talked to some fantastic people in-game, and got some really good insights, perspective and understanding from it. I feel like this is one of the first long articles where the writer truly 'gets it' about...
  7. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    Sledgy, it's not for months! The voting is now! The conference and all the coverage and new players won't be until March of 2010! So, you're right, no marketing this minute, but this is always in motion and we are planning now for tomorrow... JKB
  8. JohnBates

    JOHN BATES - Needs Our Help With SXSW

    Thank you everyone! Keep speading the word! I posted a reply to the bashings over on my thread regarding this - which points to MS9s extremely well done thread here! If you've been following that I hope you approve of my response. And, thank you, everyone who has and will vote! I appreciate...
  9. JohnBates

    JOHN BATES - Needs Our Help With SXSW

    Clarification... Anyone can vote, whether they're attending or not. The speeches and panels go up online and so they're available to anyone/everyone. As I understand it, this is how it works. If our community pulls together and casts a lot of votes that is absolutely how it is supposed to...
  10. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    OK, ok, I get it... My responses to the major issues I heard. Hello everyone and thanks for posting in this thread and being involved whether you love me/MA/FPC or hate me/MA/FPC. Here's what I have to say right now... First off, I understand in retrospect that it is unique moment to be asking...
  11. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    See my post... SXSW is next year, voting is now, though. So, I have to deal with the timing... JKB
  12. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    new panel suggestion. Uh, I guess I could. I certainly know what it feels like now!
  13. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    I think that for some virtual economies total hyperinflation, or maybe the more correct way to put it is devaluation is coming since they have no real grounding in the concept of scarcity and value. I think that some things going up in value/cost is fine, but if the whole underpinning comes out...
  14. JohnBates

    Hey Loquita! I do have an avatar, but I keep my identity hush hush so I can just play!

    Hey Loquita! I do have an avatar, but I keep my identity hush hush so I can just play!
  15. JohnBates

    A Request for the Power of This Community!

    Hi all! I know that many of you replied to the thread about topics I posted a while ago. Now, I am asking you to give the two topics we came up with a Thumbs Up at SXSW Interactive. Deathifier has one, too! MindStar9 has done a GREAT job setting this up, so please visit her thread and go...
  16. JohnBates

    Jon Bates on Intimacy and EU

    TAN (total acronym n00b) Not Safe for Work? :) Diggin' ya'll. JKB
  17. JohnBates

    FPC should watch this.

    This is an amazing speech. I think that there is a fine line between too little choice and too much. That said, I think that the larger point here is well taken! It's like the forums. If FPC listened to everything people think they want they wouldn't like it. I promise! :D I know MA and FPC...
  18. JohnBates

    John Bates in Santa Monica Daily Press

    Always on task... So ya'll know, what happened is that I bought tickets to this very cool event, which was broadcast live on NPR and also is a podcast if you want to hear it. It wasn't paid for by Entropia, but since I am always on task I made sure to use the opportunity to create some press...
  19. JohnBates

    I need your help for SXSW 2010!

    I would love your thoughts on this. AND, once we submit some topics I would love your help voting on them and getting us on the program! Read the post below and then give me your feedback on what you think would be the most interesting topics we could propose! If I use your topic I will get you...
  20. JohnBates

    Will videogames become better than life?

    Video Games vs. life? I think this video is very thought provoking, as David says. Obviously it is art and not reality television, but that's good! It has the passion and sophomoric qualities of a young creator, but that's what made the Doors so good, too! And, it makes a very real point about...
  21. JohnBates

    Discovery: Unique Lady Kraster Helmet F

    Wow. It's heavy, too. JKB
  22. JohnBates

    Planet Calypso - Sneak Peek Activities Movie

    Very cool. This is awesome. As an environmentalist I am very happy to see that mining does not hurt the flowers, too! :) JKB
  23. JohnBates

    FYI: Modified Planet Calypso Preview Video

    You're hilarious, McCormick. And, your avatar is HOT! ;) JKB
  24. JohnBates

    John Bates - Dressing Style

    I would welcome your suggestions, actually And how about using a more recent photo. The black leather jacket did its job, but we've moved on... And, now that Entropia Outfitters is making their jackets in leather, I will probably have to...
  25. JohnBates

    Seeking ambassadors in Austin, TX.

    Entropia Universe Ambassadors for the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX :yay: Mindark's US Rep. John Bates invites Entropia participants to join us for a few days as Entropia ambassadors at the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, TX March 13-15, 2009. Load in from 10:00-1:00pm...