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    After VU my scanner stop work...partially

    MindArk and the Planet Partners strive to ensure a smooth and problem-free Version Update. Nevertheless, even after extensive testing some issues may arise after release. Such issues are often addressed via mini-patches directly after a release and in subsequent patches. If you feel that the...
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    One word movie game

    Clue: Rabbits.
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    Petition: Disable summon and stackables check

    Privateers landing normally? If so, a privateer will be HUGE its already about 30x a quad, and a quad is huge compared to an average avi. And motherships would be blocking out whole skies.. But to the OP. /signed
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    I looted a regen nanochip III with 10PED TT left. I havnt payed attention to it though, it just sits in my inventory.
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    Make Space more like pvp4

    They could wait in these areas while a priv or mothership is mobballing for captain exp, (Getting 20 mobs to hit you to gain pilot exp and therefore captain profession.) Wait till the damage is pretty low and then KAKAKAKAK PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW. BOOOOOOOOOOOOM. Hey you just looted all the...
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    Harassment in Space PvP???

    I like it when pirates try to jump me and my crew during warp sequence, it gives us something to shoot at. Even more fun when they come back with 5 and a decent space battle starts. Also, just a POSSIBLE suggestion. When people log out in a ms/priv instance (Interior) Make their avi stay...
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    To EFA

    EFA, im an EFA captain now for pathfinder XV. When do i get a sexy signature D: Theyre just so sexy.
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    ETA for Entropia Universe Version Update 12.8

    Locking has happened to anyone who abused the money or skill bug, BUT anyone who has chipped out recently seems to have also been locked to try catch the bug.
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    Text Based EU!!! Join in!!!

    You have unlocked a new skill: Time Condensation! Description of skill: You are so uber at waiting, you can condense time to feel faster than it truly is! Usage of skill: Mindforce implant, causes time to go 10x Faster than usual!
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    Text Based EU!!! Join in!!!

    Skylord sends a support case accusing a chracter of hacking to loot in non PVP Mindark laughs, Claims they never make any problems with their VUs and can stop all hackers. Skylord is sad. Mindark breaks EU Skylord makes a new support case: Karma Biatches.
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    Text Based EU!!! Join in!!!

    Skylord finally repairs his broken ship and docks at caly SS. He flies down to the planet and lands at port atlantis He experiences heavy lag due to high graphics, but manages to warp to neas place. Walks around neas place bragging about owning a quadwing and captain'g a privateer, accidently...
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    Any ETA?

    Oops i forgot about +1 daylight hours.
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    Any ETA?

    So SHOULD be about now then.
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    Servers are Down

    No of course hes not serious..
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    JSM is so uber that

    JSM is so uber that they make a profit from space hunting.
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    Servers are Down

    Kim has told us that when she left work approximatly 45 minutes ago they had almost fixed all of the issues, she estimates a few more hours.
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    Text Based EU!!! Join in!!!

    Warp drive sequence initiated to calypso space station Warping warping warping Warp mine hit, 12000 Damage. Also pirate mothership. Fuck dawg this shit be ballin. Ship blows up. Skylord Cries.
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    Servers are Down

    You could fap a million guys rl.
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    Any ETA?

    Thank the maker! Actually what am i saying. It was the makers fault in the first place! (Warning, the above comment was false or just for entertainment purposes.)
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    Servers are Down

    Mindark tried to make space realistic. They failed.
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    Help: Newbie Crafting Help

    Thanks for your help, couple more questions: What should i set it on, Quality or Quantity? Also, what should i craft if i do gain high VSE skill (From auto rep)
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    Help: Newbie Crafting Help

    Hey guys, im looking for help to how to start out crafting, As a starship captain, i dont really have time to grind down mobs or spend hours on hours mining, I need something to do in the spare time while i am AFK, which dosent require movement. (Auto crafting ftw.) But what i am asking is: How...
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    Buying: Warp drive I

    Looking to buy one as cheap as possible. Send offers.
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    Arbos Space Academy

    Please contact me IG or through forum mail for infomation about pilot training Captain skylord Flint Pathfinder XV
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    Arbos Space Academy

    Captain Adam "Skylord" Flint here. If anyone is interested in booking a warp flight or becoming a crew member during europe times, Add me in game or send me a mail here. Hope to see you on board!