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    Suggestion: submarines

    I have never had one but I always heard that the Lancer vehicle can underwater travel and fly too. There are three of them and I think it might only be the first one that can do it:
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    News: Introducing Entropia Unreal Tokens

    I think it's safe to assume that the Unreal Tokens will likely be 0.00001 TT value, as with similar tokens and other stuff. This will be a new way of introducing shares, in my opinion there is no fixed price for the shares. Once we have the shares, the price will be set by us, the market.
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    News: Introducing Entropia Unreal Tokens

    There is smaller fee on the Entropia Exchange where these will be. The shares are not coming out until after Unreal Engine is implimented. "After the launch of Entropia Universe Unreal, the tokens can be converted to Entropia Unreal Shares on the Entropia Exchange." Minimum fee on Entropia...
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    Info: Opening 400 Mining Strongboxes, results and discussion.

    I have gotten Dunkel Particles once which was 9.90 TT
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    News: I've created an Instagram focusing on the development in Unreal Engine 5

    I know nothing about coding but this new engine just keeps getting better. The mechanics and graphics but also performance gets better. I'm very excited to see how Entropia will turn out. The new Unreal Engine update explained in this video:
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    Help: Can't set 4k resolution in game

    We can also change DPI scaling in windows control panel. This makes things larger, I have mine set at 185% and works good in Entropia
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    Question: What happened with the 'Eggs'

    They will hatch in unreal engine 5 "once Entropia Universe Unreal is launched, each of the five eggs will hatch into a unique virtual companion for the NFT holder."
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    Selling: [Toy Snowballgun]

    Bump still for sale
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    Selling: [Toy Snowballgun]

    Bump still for sale
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    Selling: [Toy Snowballgun]

    Selling [Toy Snowballgun] 150 ped or trade for 100 [Halloween Strongbox]
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    The Skill Boost Thread (the temporary one)

    Back in December 2017 there was a skill boost event, they increased how often we would get skill boosts, we would get boosts on top of boosts. That was fun! I found the link for that:
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    The Skill Boost Thread (the temporary one)

    There is an icon in the lower right corner of the screen that represents any buff's we have/get. You can put your mouse cursor over this icon to see how much is possible to get. Of course you already knew this, I just realized :)
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    Question: Next event ring

    Cyrene recently got an interesting buff, after completing a mission we get a 2% increased damage for a limited time. Imagine that buff constantly on a ring!
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    They could had repeated the event from last year, but instead they have decided to include Mayhem tokens in the event too. I see that as a good thing ;)
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    I like that they included Mayhem tokens to this type of Crystal Palace event. We had an event last year on Crystal Palace too but, that was for the auction orders of Crystal Palace loot only. The event will be a good time to do the quest of unlocking access to Crystal Palace Cave. We start the...
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    Okay thanks
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    Did they announce somewhere that there will not be a summer mayhem this year? I can't find any post mentioning there wont.
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    Help: Arkadia is dead. The developers just left?

    If anyone are not aware of this yet, they recently had a long discussion on discord about Arkadia. Arkadia Developer Discussions
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    Help: Unlootable Great White Sharks

    This is likely because of server border. Watch out for a straight line on the ground indicating that its a server border. If we kill a mob and it lands too close to server border, we will not be able to loot it. I have had this happen on Leviathan S, SE of Boreas. The same thing happens with...
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    Selling: Pegasus Helmet (F) // SOLD

    Bump for visibility and price change
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    Selling: Pegasus Helmet (F) // SOLD

    I'm selling this very rare one of a kind Helmet SOLD