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    20 Years of Entropia Universe!

    Happy B-day Entropia then :)
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition

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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition

    Bump it up, still looking
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier 10, FEN Edition

    As title says, looking for one of these PM if you have one for sale and with what price you have in mind Cheers!
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    Your 2023 goals?

    1) No more than 30 days total of not logging into the game during 2023 :)
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    Selling: McMahon Vengeance T5,99 (Gun gone, trade done)

    Tiny bump, dont be shy, send your offer!
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    Selling: McMahon Vengeance T5,99 (Gun gone, trade done)

    As I have reached my goals in laser pistol hit and damage using this McMahon Vengeance, now looking to swap over myself to another hunting profession. Looking mainly to swap over to melee, so items such as the LB-40 or equally efficient medium level melee weapons are of interest. For sale is...
  8. McMahon Vengeance T5,99

    McMahon Vengeance T5,99

    Damage numbers of a T5,99 McMahon Vengeance
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    Buying: (Bought) Buying Restoration Chip, Adjusted

    In the market for one of these chips, toss me a PM ingame or here if you have one for sale at a good price (Close to +5k dreamers need NOT bother as mission galactica is repeatable anyways) // Exo
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    Selling: Accustim / Devastim 5,10,15mg

    Got a stack of pills and dont seem to use them, so thought id put them up for sale here: 5 mg 10mg 15mg Accustim 3 ped each (29 in stock) 6 ped each (32 in stock) 14 ped each (9 in stock) Devastim 3 ped each (40 in stock) 6 ped each (36 in stock) 14 ped each (25 in stock) If you buy...
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    Hunting and Mining Live Lists

    If, for whatever reason, the author needs assistance with code, infrastructure, anything, Im very willing to be of assistance, this outage is most concerning
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    Entropia Universe 17.17.0 Release Notes

    You do realize that its not the same people that work with graphics as with "broken stuff"? letting the graphical artists and team continue working whilst the developers do developing and bugfixing seems to me a better idea than to fire all graphical artists and 3d modellers and what have you...
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    Buying: A105 Improved (Found)

    Well, title says it all Paying +2400 ped Cheers! Edit: Amp purchased, thread locked
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    Buying: Weapon (ArMatrix, FEN, Vengeance, i2870 etc)

    Possibly also interested in melee-versions with good efficiency, such as Weak Argonaut Claws FEN or similar! Dont be shy, toss me a PM!
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    Buying: Weapon (ArMatrix, FEN, Vengeance, i2870 etc)

    Looking to buy a good weapon to use as primary, feel free to toss me a PM with what you have for sale. Examples: ArMatrix LP/LR/BP/LB MacMahon Vengeance Omegaton M2870 Improved As long as the weapon is about 70÷ or more efficient unamped, or if its a weapon/amp combo 80÷+ efficient Budget...
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    Selling: WTS/WTT my Igni L1100E T8 + PED for your Vengeance

    Hello forum dwellers, As title states, i am looking for an upgrade, so my Omegaton Igni L1100E is now for sale or trade, pretty nice TIR numbers (128/200 if my memory serves, will add a screenshot tomorrow) Looking for the cheapest Vengeance on the market to upgrade to, so hit me with a...
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    Question: Will there be a Summer Mayhem 2022?

    The mini mayhem tho, seriously, its crowded in the domes with 4 people there, how on earth is this even supposed to work with 500 ppl in each dome trying to get tokens? o.O i SERIOUSLY hope that they make the domes instanced during the event...
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    Buying: Auto-Loot pet

    Wishing to buy an autoloot pet, does not need to have it unlocked i can train it myself if need be :) As cheap as possible! PM or doodle down your offers below // Exo
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    Selling: M83 Predator T4.9

    Daily bumperoo, a couple interested parties, nothing set yet, keep em offers coming!
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    Selling: M83 Predator T4.9

    Taking offers on Omegaton M83 Predator T4.9 PM please
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    Buying: Adj Resto

    Paying in peds, TT+4k Hit me up here or in game // Exo
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    Selling: Around 1400 PED TT Arkoins

    PM Offers here or ingame
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    Buying: Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted - ADJ FAP

    PM me here or in game if you have one ADJ FAP for sale
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    Selling: Adjusted Jaguar full set (M)

    sold!, thread closed