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  1. Ace Flyster

    Price Check: Arkadia shop - Quarry

    Yeah, i'm not holding out much hope lol. Thanks for the info Rgds Ace
  2. Ace Flyster

    Price Check: Arkadia shop - Quarry

    Hi all, Was wondering what the current price is for one of these? Any thoughts? Rgds Ace
  3. Ace Flyster

    We need a report an account function on the forums

    Yep, got the same thing. No way of reporting them Rgds Ace
  4. Ace Flyster

    Selling: SOLD

    Someone did a test a long time ago, and it was around 30k clicks for a full QR bp. Not sure if that is still the case. Rgds Ace
  5. Ace Flyster

    Do you influence your finding or system has it fixed for you ?

    I'm with Kingofaces. Also, back in the good old days, ores weren't variable. I.e. with lyst and oil fillers MA have since introduced. You could pick an area and you would know how many claims of a particular type of ore you would get. Not in all areas, but in a lot, this is no longer the...
  6. Ace Flyster

    Face to face with the President of Virtual Reality -

    Please let this thread die. ND called himself the 'VR President', which wasn't/still isnt recognised by any company/organistation outside MA. I might as well claim myself to be the 'King of the Universe', and it would have as much meaning as the 'VR President'. Please, please close this...
  7. Ace Flyster

    VR Experience

    Hey All Has anyone tried EU recently with a VR Headset. I potentially buying one and wanted to know peoples experience. When using VR in EU i will be happy still using the mouse and keyboard. Just wondered if there is any update to VR? Rgds Ace
  8. Ace Flyster

    Entropia and the NFT craze...

    Why not keep PED tied to USD, but also accept btc/USD. That would be a win / win. Rgds Ace
  9. Ace Flyster

    Garcen Grease / Lubricant

    There is no proof of this, ever. I know people who have hoarded 10's of k's of ores before and there has never been a cap on miners. It is purely MA that have switched it off/ or made it super rare, they do this with different ores all the time to increase their markup. Rgds Ace
  10. Ace Flyster

    Sticky notes in containers

    Love it !!!! Rgds Ace
  11. Ace Flyster

    Joint Imperium Armor Announcement from MindArk and Planet Cyrene

    [Moderated: Removed reply to deleted post] The bit i am confused about is this line: ' The required items of the CURRENT mission (quantities might change) will be included in new missions ' Does that mean entirely new/different missions for different armor/or something else? Or new mission...
  12. Ace Flyster

    Any way to see my own sales history

    This is probably a stupid question, but i am forever closing the sales notification, only wanting to go back to it to check something. Is there any way to see them after removing them from the notifications? Rgds Ace
  13. Ace Flyster

    Info: Toulan crafting yields bounty exploit - confirm?

    I kind of read that as, 'if you are doing other professions they have an effect on your loot' but i am probably wrong. Rgds Ace
  14. Ace Flyster

    Sticky notes in containers

    MA i wish i could put sticky notes in containers (a slimmed down version, so just a text box with very little border). I have boxes within boxes within boxes, and having some text next to a box/container would greatly help me navigate through the maze of boxes. Please, please, please Rgds Ace
  15. Ace Flyster

    Explosive Projectile Blueprints No Longer Drop?

    They stopped dropping a LONG time ago. End of 2017, i think? Rgds Ace
  16. Ace Flyster

    Achievement: Natural level 100 on 66 USD

    Huge achievement, nicely done, skinny! Rgds Ace
  17. Ace Flyster

    Cyrene ? ? ?

    Stolen armour was stopped and never re-implemented. Probably the same going to happen here. Rgds Ace
  18. Ace Flyster

    Question: Auction vs Shop vs Apartment

    There is also the time limit to consider. If you put an item on auction, you have max 7 days. If it doesnt sell then you lose that auction fee and have to repost with another auction fee. Shops/Pads have no end date, and you can relist without incurring costs. For stuff that is hard to sell...
  19. Ace Flyster

    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    We are not asking for them to get rid of dark/light cycles. Just give us the option to turn the damn cycle off. Rgds Ace
  20. Ace Flyster

    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    Not in windowed mode. Unless you go full screen, adjust the gamma etc, then go back to windowed. But the when sun comes along you are blinded by eve3rything, and have to go through the same process in reverse. A complete waste of time. Give us the option for daylight only. Only MA would deny...
  21. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Unlimited TerraMaster BPs

  22. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Propellant Booster Blueprint

  23. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Unlimited Terra Amp Blueprints

    all got, please close thread Rgds Ace
  24. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Unlimited TerraMaster BPs

    As title says, looking for the following: TerraMaster 5 BP TerraMaster 6 BP TerraMaster 7 BP TerraMaster 8 BP Please PM me Rgds Ace
  25. Ace Flyster

    Buying: Propellant Booster Blueprint