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  1. Fire Firemaiden

    Selling: Unlimited Thunderbird and EnBlade 8

    Selling 2 pieces of T/bird (Harness and Arms) Female Unlimited also a Castorian EnBlade 8 post your offer and I'll get back to ya ASAP :) :girl:
  2. Fire Firemaiden

    Unlimited Thunderbird

    Hey folks, Got 2 bieces of unlimited Thunderbird armour for sale (Harness and Arms) also an unlimited Castorian enblade 8 please post your offers and I'll get back to ya asap :D
  3. Fire Firemaiden

    Lemmys' Castle

    Where's Lemmys' Castle....or his Arena....Is it gonna be introduced in time for Xmas?? Is it going to be forgotten about?? I got really excited when MA first announced this and eagerly awaited the new Cry2 McDoofer...well, IT'S HERE!!! Just a tiny wee quote from someone at FPC/MA would be...
  4. Fire Firemaiden

    Just a little Lano HoF

    was out looking for some Nexus and accidently found this wee HoF :yay:
  5. Fire Firemaiden

    Selling: Unlimited CB13

    Selling this gun 250ped under MU at TT+3750 current TT is 3900ish ped Might take items depends what is offered :) ty in advance
  6. Fire Firemaiden

    A couple of v nice Loots

    A wee while ago I introduced a friend to our Universe "So I could nick his UKash gun LOL" and I was surprised at how quickly he took to it :) He's been skilling up on Laser doofers for a good while and I said he should be due an Uber soon!!! I wasn't expecting him to hit 2 in less than 2 blady...
  7. Fire Firemaiden

    Team Scotland

    Dust off yer Claymores, it's that time of year again when we get to show the world our fighting spirit, our sheer determination against whatever is thrown in our path.... Please Sign up in this thread with your Full ingame name :D Fire Firemaiden Starter Signing up.... < This kinda...
  8. Fire Firemaiden

    Oculus Silent uber

    Was out playing with my (L) T/bird for the first time (Still regret selling the unlimited set!) and got this nice wee drop :) I'm a happy Bunny :yay::yay:
  9. Fire Firemaiden

    Now looking for Nurses uniform :D

    Wasn't expecting this at all :) still dead chuffed to unlock it :yay:
  10. Fire Firemaiden

    Are Mindark Ripping us off???

    I regularly deposit through Ukash vouchers and we are told that we will get 10 game dollars for every 1 dollar, this i have been monitoring more closely since the pound took a bit of a nosedive on the world markets, but I am constantly getting shortchanged....I dunno where MA get their Figures...
  11. Fire Firemaiden

    11k Berry HoF

    Been a while since i've posted in this section, and the way loots have been recently i thought it'd be a longer wait than it has been! I logged on to hunt with a RL friend and was casually hunting trees at Solfais when i got a PM from Honey about the Miss Entropia contest, and with some spare...
  12. Fire Firemaiden

    Nice Scipulor with Full TT Gun

    Gun is full TT HL11 :yay: Also had 204ped HL8(L) and 110ped Hermes shins (M) all in all a great wee hunt...TY to Raptor and Zamarin for a good night out :wtg:
  13. Fire Firemaiden

    Hl12 (l)

    Got this nice little HL12 at the Itu's.... :wtg:
  14. Fire Firemaiden

    Boom CCC Laser Amp

    I was at work when i logged into EF to find out what goodies lay in game for me when i got home.....Hhhmmmm a new robot type thingy :yay: gotta buy peds and go investigate :) almost ran up the stairs with excitement at shooting a new robot mob and after gathering a few TDO together we set out...
  15. Fire Firemaiden

    TDO Girls do it better :)

    Came across this nice Maffoid while out hunting with Lily :yay: Esi was a little over 18peds :)
  16. Fire Firemaiden

    TDO Ambu hunt

    Got this nice wee Ambu at the end of another fun hunt :yay: (told ya it had fat ankles:silly2:)
  17. Fire Firemaiden

    Tezlapod 599ped

  18. Fire Firemaiden

    Trooper Time :)

    I was out on Bot patrol East of Emerald spanking a few of the locals and got lucky :) then got jumped by 3 Trooper 6's and picked the middle one to die first :p it had a very nice pair of Booties for me (and a solomate Tasmo) as soon as i'd globaled i got hit by 2 crits back to back so no...
  19. Fire Firemaiden

    warrior 4

    took day off work to look for some coins!!! noooo hold on....erm...ahhh....i've got a sore tummy :D No coinage tho :(
  20. Fire Firemaiden

    Coolness at last

    Been a long time coming :yay:
  21. Fire Firemaiden

    My Big fat smelly Maffoid :)

    Started my evening wondering if i could solo those nasty wee doggy things (Phasms) which i found i could but with far too much fappy action!! so i head East to plink away at the Maffoids....not great loot for the main part (shed load of CB5's) and was on my way back to the tp'er when i dropped...
  22. Fire Firemaiden

    Massive XX Gold @ LA4

    Started my day at the Warriors on Amethera south of Solfais Crater and was doing really bad when i had to return and go get some peds from last nights beacon run :) whilst there i bump into a soc friend that wanted to borrow my Sala for PVP4, i thought ok dokey i'll get Boar on and go blast a...
  23. Fire Firemaiden

    At last CGA :)

    Finally CGA pops up on my screen.....not sure what triggered it tbh both ore and en-M are at 12.5ish :) :wtg:
  24. Fire Firemaiden

    TT items in Auction

    This little problem seems like it could be fixed quite easily by the powers that be....mainly people selling TT stuff in auction to try and con some poor unsuspecting noob into parting with their hard earned sweat monies!!
  25. Fire Firemaiden


    Since 711 has been upgrading i have been getting a sh*t load of popups trying to sell me this 'n' that.....i scanned my PC with everything i could get my hands on and stopped short of using bleach!!! and it's EF specific....i don't get popups when browsing other forums or when using IE....sooo...