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  1. Hijacker27

    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    Hopefully this is resolved before halloween mayhem...
  2. Hijacker27

    Question: Warlocks

    They've always been around
  3. Hijacker27

    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    It just says weakness to firearm/close/mindforce damage types, nothing special.
  4. Hijacker27

    RDI Secret Lab - some info

    If you guys read the text for the boss for damage reduction it is damage TYPE protection. For example if he's vulnerable to firearms it will let through burn/pen, for close imp/cut/stab, and mindforce for the rest (at least thats how it seemed to work for me with my rainbow sword which has...
  5. Hijacker27

    Release is Taking Longer than Expected [Updated]

    I'm at work for another 4 hours.... so take your time :)
  6. Hijacker27

    Question: Whatever happened to Beacon Missions?

    Tt returns on them have been broken ever since loot 2.0 (2-3 years now?) And Mindark does not give a fuck (yes I have submitted support cases)
  7. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Negative :(
  8. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Yeah all over for now, need more goki samples
  9. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Hussk an hour and a halfish
  10. Hijacker27

    Question: Does EP3 BP drop recycle BPs?

    Yes it does, any bp can drop any bp of the same type within 4 levels of it
  11. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Hussk today 19 MA time?
  12. Hijacker27

    FYI: LAG

    Thank you Mindark!! Game is finally stable since March!
  13. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Yup, got another sample to do another hussk! 2 hours 45 minutes from now (17 MA time)
  14. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    20 mins to go
  15. Hijacker27

    Hussk week!

    Hey everyone! Got the materials to spawn 3 Hussks ready! First one will be TODAY 4 hours from this post time. Next will be Thusday time yet determined Last will be Saturday night roughly 5 hours ahead of this posting time. Free to show up, make sure you have the vaccine mission done for...
  16. Hijacker27

    Land Area and creating mob DNA's to add to them

    Usually there are one or two very rare parts required to make a DNA, that are so rare that only one or two may EVER drop. These parts have gone in the past upwards of 100K PED. For your attempt at atrox DNA, you are missing Atrox Eye
  17. Hijacker27

    Entropia Merchandise

    Definitely, would love some sort of real life 'prize' for killing an epic amount of a mob. Life sized blow up doll maybe? I'm sure the ladies would LOVE it
  18. Hijacker27

    Price Check Shadow set (M) UL

    Sold my shadow set 34k tiers 2/3 half a year ago or so, which is the same set that was sold on forum a month or two ago. That set also had 34k as listed price and seemed to have sold.
  19. Hijacker27

    Bug or Feature?

    It's a feature!
  20. Hijacker27


    Yes, and regen is 1000 hp/second so every minute spent shooting is another 200 ped. So at 15 minites to kill you're looking at a total of 9500 PED. At 1h15 mins (which it what we did as a small group once) you're looking at 21500 PED to kill. Also on topic, have a hussk lined up for Saturday...
  21. Hijacker27

    Planet Calypso Content Release 2020.0.4

    Pyrite adjustments meaning?
  22. Hijacker27

    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    These are the VU notes for... last VU
  23. Hijacker27

    Interplanetary Boss waves round 5 - VU Edition!

    I can probably spawn a hussk at the end with the usual 20% item loot cut. I should be off work by the time you're all back to caly (hopefully)
  24. Hijacker27

    Selling: Wormslayer (M), Elec FEN+amp, xmas 17+19, imp hedoc

    Mate you're a minute too late