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  1. MindBuster

    EU Corporations in Cryengine?

    You wont get banned for expressing your beliefs on how things MAY BE, just as MindArk wont ban me for saying "may very well be". There's a big difference between direct conspiracy theories and believing something. So please post about it :thumbup:
  2. MindBuster

    EU Corporations in Cryengine?

    Huh ? Where ? Who ? What ? :scratch2:
  3. MindBuster

    Brainstorming: Future Ideas, Furthering Entropia into Future

    Sorry, but we have a whole subforum called "Wishlist" created exactly for that purpose, people should post their ideas in that forum, with each their individual thread to easier keep track of all ideas, and to prevent having several different discussions ongoing in a single thread. I'm gonna...
  4. MindBuster

    EU Corporations in Cryengine?

    You have to be an early player or read up on old days. The "Friends of MindArk" are what it says, friends of mindark, real life companions/friends of MindArk, their personal friends. In the old days when you withdrew from the game you didnt get the money from MindArk, I have here a letter...
  5. MindBuster

    EU Corporations in Cryengine?

    Those three companies, Omegaton, Chikara, and Genesis, may very well be owned by real life people, the old "Friends of MindArk". Even the mobs could be owned by real life people ;)
  6. MindBuster

    New subforum

    As for where to ask, you just post here in About EF or PM a mod/admin. Screenshots that are not globals/hofs goes in the Galleria.
  7. MindBuster

    A few questions...

    Not currently, some Earthlings helping out behind the scene was never rewarded for their work, only warriors were, but hopefully Calypso is working on getting it straightened out, there are Earthlings who would love to live on Calypso, having landareas that could bring a little income so they...
  8. MindBuster

    I'm frustrated.

    I havent read through all the replies in this thread, but to those who might believe this has anything to do with EF that is NOT the case. It's a matter stricktly between MA and Myself. I may have overreacted, but better I turned the vent a little bit than exploding. As the threadstarter I...
  9. MindBuster

    I'm frustrated.

    Ever since the sale of EF I've been close to bursting out in a major public rant that could get me banned from the game and banned from the very same forums that I created. It's not about loot, it's about honor, dignity, and respect. words that doesnt exist in the business world. I dont know...
  10. MindBuster

    Question: Cheating in Mayhem?

    It's not exploiting, it's teaming up to win, and MA will likely not change that, as the winner will be in moral debt to his helpers, taking a responsibility, become a landlord with his own minions, creating his own little "planet" (;)) with it's own little community, which he has to maintain...
  11. MindBuster

    Help: No beating around i want your efd

    Meh, I'm locking this, this is EF not PA, begging for EFD is not allowed, collecting EFD for special purposes that involves the whole community is usually allowed, but that doesnt seem to be the case here. :locked:
  12. MindBuster

    Show us ya face!

    Ahh, see you got the black face lag bug. :laugh:
  13. MindBuster

    What you eat on Xmas night and day, with pictures.

    Roast duck, sugar-glazed mini-potatoes, red cabbage, sauce ofcourse. No "flæskesteg" (pork roast) this year :( only danes eat it as far as I know, though I heard some Norwegians may eat it also, it's a roast made from pork, also with the traditional other stuff like with the duck, many eat both...
  14. MindBuster

    6 Years

    Tis is my 6th anniversary in project entropia :) (well, a couple of days ago :p ) Look out for my 7th anniversary thread, coming in one year :laugh:
  15. MindBuster

    @Shaolin - THAT WAS MINE !!!

  16. MindBuster

    Does MA really hate miners and crafters? I think not.

    I third this, already threads enough ongoing on the subject, so this get's the lock. :locked:
  17. MindBuster

    VWN: CE2 not before Q2 2009

    Absolutely, problem is that EU is build up from many different modelpacks, single models, alf svensson changing modelling techniques over the years so the first he made is not modelled the same way as the later, writting such a conversion tool that could handle it all would prolly take just as...
  18. MindBuster

    What's your Gold Card Number ?

    2x :) Hally got the #1 card (no secret, posted here and he got a new since)
  19. MindBuster

    VWN: CE2 not before Q2 2009

    Oh but I was being optimistic also, it's a huge mouthfull MA has taken and they only just started chewing on it, gonna take a long time to swallow. Look at all the things needing changed, just the items, entropedia counting 4700 items, will take a long time... 15 mins to convert the model to a...
  20. MindBuster

    New Director of Entropia Universe Support

    Accepting your new position must be a seal of braveness, you can go post your pic.
  21. MindBuster

    New Director of Entropia Universe Support

    ...and I see Support|MindArk changing her status to invisible to avoid being stalked :laugh:
  22. MindBuster

    New Director of Entropia Universe Support

    Congratulations :) Enjoy the "dont give me a copy/paste reply :mad: " emails :laugh:
  23. MindBuster

    VWN: CE2 not before Q2 2009

    With all the conversions needed of current systems, assets, hooks, remoddeling, AI, etc. etc. my estimate, being fairly knowledgeable in game making, modelling and programming, will be.... Q1/Q2 2010 :)
  24. MindBuster

    Question: Black face

    Yea I get it too occasionally, also using latest nV drivers.
  25. MindBuster

    First CryEngine2 Video of Entropia Universe

    Yet a repost, please use the above mentioned thread for discussion. :locked: