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  1. J D

    How To Score 82,857 PED

    That 82k HOF... You can find the whole interview on the Entropia Directory Facebook Page... [INTRO] - My old, old society mate 'Chronic DeadEye Jay' scored himself an 82k PED Atrox Stalker (missed winning the Mothership by 2 hours) but after 9+ solid years of depositing, high level...
  2. J D

    VTOL exactly 9.12 PED cheaper than a Car

    Ok here is the exact cost to craft all the Mk1 Vehicles.... These figures have been double checked and use the current Mark Up data from the item stats ingame. --- The Full TT (aka Res) of each vehicle has not been included --- The cost of the BP has not been factored in --- The amount of...
  3. J D

    Info: A Twitter Account that Tracks Every Avatar In Your Society

    How to create an all in one RSS Feed and Twitter account for your Society that will automatically track the progress of your members. GLOBALS - HOFs - COMPLETED QUESTS - SKILL UNLOCKS - PvP STREAKS - EVENT WINS An All In Society Progress Tracking Feed WHY: A Good tool for verifying your...
  4. J D

    New Explosions (vehicles)

    Come on wreck those 1500 PED vehicles and post an action shot... And I walked away from it with my shades still on! ;)
  5. J D

    List of Every Major Event

    I would like YOU to help create and vote on a Top Ten List of the Major Events that occur on and around Planet Calypso and its forum. Nominated and seconded so far we have... WoF Miss Calypso A few sketchy rules: More than a year old It has stood the test of time. Must be popular An idea...
  6. J D

    Thought powered computers/implants are here

    Pretty amazing story on 60 mins about human trials using implants to control computers by thought only... Pretty inspiring if you have ever had a brush with disability, motor problems or just getting think its about tie we evolve from using some...
  7. J D

    New Oxford University

    When it first launched, New Oxford inspired online journalists to write stuff like... Remember that... at the time it was an exciting idea, we even still have an in-game video steamed to us that reinforced that this was about to happen. As you may have read here on EF, I have been using one...
  8. J D

    Lies, Secrets, Sex, Drugs & Money

    Yeah, it's been a while so I thought I would shake off the "Man of Mystery" title and reveal some dirty, sexy, rich secrets with you! LIES A very active player » while I have been playing EU for years and there was a time when I was playing EU on a daily basis and lurking around EF from my work...
  9. J D

    JD's » Making Money Online Class

    This is no-BS and its not some scammy, spammy regurgitated crud... Who is JD? » Get some background here "Creating Profitable Content Equity Online" These classes will (over time) give you an automatic income (real CASH, not PED) and don't get me wrong... You will have to put some initial...
  10. J D

    Land Grab 2004 - The Eon Shadow Wars

    Reserved for the finished article! ... see below :)
  11. J D

    Using 24 weapons a minute!

    Yep its called Land Grab ;) So what happens when you unleash a; Unique Roman Ram Purifier Prototype Geotrek H49 Poros (L) Vumpoor Gak 80 (L) Skildek SER 500 (L) Isis LR59 Omegaton ASG-2 Swine Deluxe Isis BL1300 (L) Detpil Python (L) Svempa XT (L) DOA Foeripper Isis LR53 Mekka DOA L4100 Marber...
  12. J D

    China's Virtual World - BILLIONS... Not 150 million

    Vic Keegan of has spoken with Robet Lai (Chief scientist of the Beijing Cyber Recreation District Project) at last weeks Virtual World forum in London. It seems Lai has brushed off the previously estimates of a world capable of 150m avatars, saying that there are 9 similar...
  13. J D

    Entropia Universe Events - Google Calendar

    For years now has been updating a complete calendar of Entropia Universe Events. A few months ago we switched over to a Google Calendar so that others can embed it into their websites. Click to enlarge If anyone would like editing access just let me know... Its now...
  14. J D

    Scammed again.... "%$&#@&"

    BEWARE!!! Here's the scam. Two extremely HOT, female avatars may approach and offer to Fap you while you hunt in PvP! When you get out to the middle of Nowhere they start kissing each other... :scratch2: Distracted... you look on until they invite you to join the party :wtg: Then, when one...
  15. J D

    EFD Fundraiser for ED Editors

    JULY FUNDRAISER I have banked all my personal EFD so that I can track Donations! All EFD in my account at the end of June will go in with the PED Payroll and be divided amongst the editors that keep all of our directories at current and up-to-date. - Guides - Mining...
  16. J D

    All EVENTS for this weekend: 25 May 2007

    Brought to you by the ED Events listing.
  17. J D

    Jobs, Contracts, Quests and Monthly Retainers!

    Jobs @ ED - April 2007 We have Jobs, Contracts, Quests and Monthly Retainers! Visit the WebSite Office To learn more...... Here are some of the Payed activities currently running, with new ones being added every week! The Forum Report - Add...
  18. J D

    Mob DNA Forgeries

    Results of a contest to create some mock-DNA pics for our Mob Chart @ Help me Shortlist a Winner..........
  19. J D

    Jobs @ ED - March 2007

    FOR PEDS DIRECT Noah's Ark - 1 PED per image. 25 Payroll points per Pair. FOR PAYROLL POINTS ONLY VU_9.0 - Start setting up the layout based on the VU 8.9 page. Payroll Points calculated per edit session! Feffage - Create and contribute to an article about the current Feffoid Hunting Fad...
  20. J D

    ED hands out ~1500 PED

    The total value for the February Payroll, Quests and Retainers at ED are in... Just under 1500 PED. Some happy editors :yay: Payroll is open to anyone that edits pages on ED, and continues month to month. Let me know if you have any questions!
  21. J D

    Entropia Directory - We need your Donation!

    Firstly thanks to the many people that support and use our website every day! Our sponsorship income goes directly into the monthly payroll and is used to pay editors for their contributions. DONATIONS, however get allocated to our running costs and its that time of year for us!!!!! I also...
  22. J D

    Are you playing this game or is this the future?

    Click to enlarge 1st thought was ohhh, that game looks cool... where do i download that! but seriously, is this a hint at the future! The girl at bottom left is flying! The Jet Pack looks like a must have. Night vision googles Advanced robotics Hot Chicks ;)
  23. J D

    Jobs @ ED - Feb 2007

    Get PAID - Apartment to be WON Every Official Shop is now listed on with a free listing. We want to pay you to PIMP A SHOP LISTING during February. TASK: - Pimp a shop listing on ...conditions apply, see below. - Post your completed tasks...
  24. J D

    1st visit to Amethera Bots, Cute global!

    Went out to Amethera with some of the ED team to explore the bots there! Click to enlarge Solfas Crater > TP to SW > corner of Nostrops OLA#37 > Drones & Warriors lvl 4 and upwards! Ps. they dont seem to like running up the Snowy hillside! :)
  25. J D

    3 Hogglo Globals and 1k+ PED

    A bunch of Aussies got together and looted Deathifiers back pocket, then moved on to some Hogglos to see Australia Day OUT for 2007. Here are the Winners!!!! :yay: STILL 100 easy PED to win here on EF..... >HERE< Chook Raffle - Mixii 100 PED Guess the next Global/Hof MOB #1 - Red (Atrox) -...