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  1. J D

    Replace "PET" with COMPANION and .........

    Can't wait another 7 years I agree whole-heartedly and would much rather be horse-whispering a creature into a life time bond as my trusted companion in Entropia, than whipping it into submission. BUT... I can't wait another 6 to 7 years for MA to make a few small changes to the Taming system.
  2. J D

    FYI: Cointhian Ruby Kanin - huge nerf!

    Confirmed Stable Acceleration NOT working Bought the Acceleration stable buff from Nate Valley and RAN some extensive tests with stop watch. Adjusted Harrier +8% [WORKING] Stable Buff +12% [NOT WORKING] Stacking not working (obviously) :( Can you test if the Pet PASSIVE and Adjusted...
  3. J D

    Info: Nate Valley Stable Buffs

    Acceleration Buff not working :( Bought your +12% Acceleration Buff today and ran some extensive test running the same course SEVERAL TIMES with a second person on stop watch. Then I calculated averages to correct some human error and lag. No pet, no buffs, no harrier armor = Control...
  4. J D

    Entropia Directory CLD Report 25/11/2013

    I overlaid the 2013 Google Trends for "Entropia Universe" on to Amar's 2013 ROI chart. ;) Which kinda states the obvious.... That the CLD ROI is somewhat related to newcomer interest into the game. Which in turn is primarily driven by Virtual Sales Hype, News Reports, New Game Mechanics and...
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  7. J D

    Entropia Universe 12.8 Release Notes

    New Crafting System plus HOFs 2 HOFs and 1 Global displayed in chat and with badges in the crafting system's stat window.
  8. J D

    Scanners nerfed...WTF!

    Damn!!! No AFK avatars sticking scanners up my Bee-Hind and noise polluting my auction time, :(
  9. J D

    How To Score 82,857 PED

    Just saw the that locked post that puts this HOF down :( NOTE: DeadEye is one of those players who just loves to whack BIG TROX with the same Gun and Armor he bought many years ago... He has deposited thousands for Ammo in return for his idea of fun!!!
  10. J D

    How To Score 82,857 PED

    That 82k HOF... You can find the whole interview on the Entropia Directory Facebook Page... [INTRO] - My old, old society mate 'Chronic DeadEye Jay' scored himself an 82k PED Atrox Stalker (missed winning the Mothership by 2 hours) but after 9+ solid years of depositing, high level...
  11. J D

    space contest is over

    ;) --->
  12. J D

    MS9 & Spike - "Aerial Ballet"

    Just to answer your question... Yes! You will Blaus the VTOL ;)
  13. J D

    VTOL vs Mindforce Teleporting

    of course it will have an affect.. its a whole new way to get around.. a new option. It's not all about which is more efficient on your time and PEDs.
  14. J D

    Missiles and Car bombs

    The non-pvp VTOL I think the reason the VTOL is not able to be equipped with any PvP Weapons is a GOOD one and possibly the same reason we now hoe falling damage! Other wise you could send down an unbalanced rain of firepower on to avatars, cars and Hovers. Even an avatar dropped from a VTOL...
  15. J D

    Are you an Old Player but not super active?

    Great to see some old names... The old Entropia was as great as these people are. Personally... I take short and extended breaks but I'll always be here.
  16. J D

    Space ... the final frontier

    If this happens MA could make or break a planet partner according to where it places that planet within the Universe. Every new planet to Entropia will come with new cultural items, new skins, new features... The problem is we become the link between planets and all planets share features and...
  17. J D

    Avatar based loot and how to test it.

    Whatever the loot system was yesterday... Today it is not!
  18. J D

    VTOL exactly 9.12 PED cheaper than a Car

    Exactly! That data is what it is.... It just seems a bit weird that it takes many vehicle parts to make a car; battery, supercharger, gearbox, servo, suspension and so on and so on... But to make a flying vehicle 10 times its size. Ya just need a chair frame, a servo, explosive powder and...
  19. J D

    Don't TT cars with fuel still in it !!!!!!

    A paid less for my car than the amount of oil in it and its TT combined ;)
  20. J D

    VTOL exactly 9.12 PED cheaper than a Car

    Ok here is the exact cost to craft all the Mk1 Vehicles.... These figures have been double checked and use the current Mark Up data from the item stats ingame. --- The Full TT (aka Res) of each vehicle has not been included --- The cost of the BP has not been factored in --- The amount of...
  21. J D

    How to trade seats while flying the VTOL

    Ohh real nice... I just got outa game and had discovered how to pick up a falling passenger, never thought to do seat changes.. real sweet! Its also pretty safe over water, as a VTOL can float to pick up a passenger.
  22. J D

    The Sleipnir Mk1 (C,L) Blueprint (L)

    Agreed there are only a few people who are willing and can afford to buy these things... Justifying that value against the fame, kudos, bragging rights and publicity they get for having one and sharing the experience. Some of the very first VTOLs sold at BUYOUT for up to 1800 PED Easily...
  23. J D


    I'm with you on that one!!! Spawn your Glider Jump on (under) Run and launch off a cliff Look for thermals (volcanoes) for more height Use A LOT of skill to Land or you die! Trouble is in the balancing as it can't use Oil??? But maybe decay on collisions and bad landing would be enough...
  24. J D

    Question: Will you use voice chat?

    If it was even FREE for people that deposit.. The whole thing might work!
  25. Advance Way To Use The EU Twitter Connect

    Advance Way To Use The EU Twitter Connect