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  1. Mimi

    Achievement: Martial Arts

    :cheer: !*°...Finally...°*! :cheer: unlocked Martial Arts and got 500 Molisk at same time :rolleyes: I was really looking forward to unlock the Martial Arts, i´m glad I finally made it :lift:
  2. Mimi

    HoF: Magerian lucky first!

    This is hilarious :yay: finally after more than 4 years ingame i made it :eyecrazy: My first tiny Mining HOF 204 PED Magerian :rolleyes: Sooo nice!!
  3. Mimi

    Achievement: Calypso Elfshoes

    :xtongue: MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :xtongue: :yay: :woot: :yay: :xeek: ...and my name in 2nd place :xredface: Have fun with ur Elfshoes Too bad they dont have Bells...
  4. Mimi

    Achievement: The Sandwich!

    Well...i´m not sure if this is really an achievement but it really made me smile when i watched my screen, so i decited to share it for a laugh ;) it was only 2 very tiny claims but looks so cool that claim sandwich :cool:
  5. Mimi

    HoF: Lovely Simple I´s :)

    My first crafting HOF :yay: Click to enlarge
  6. Mimi

    SGA Vugi gloves M

    Yeah!! I looted those nice Vigi gloves, pretty cool from a Drone .D ...gonna go for F ones now...M doesnt suit me well :yay: Click to enlarge
  7. Mimi

    Selling: 152 ped ESI

    Hello, Selling a 152,34 Ped TT ESI - 980% (or make me a good offer ;) )
  8. Mimi

    Selling Foxy High Stiletto Boots (F,C) ATRAX

    Hi there...selling: Foxy High Stiletto Boots (F,C) TT= 63.71 no color;texture : Atrax 100% PM me or make an offer here...
  9. Mimi

    Never seen before...

    :yay:hehe...this girl made the men go wild... :ahh::yay:
  10. Mimi

    Whos EU´s First Lady...

    Woman are so important in this virtual universe ( ;) ) that i decited:whos the most influential woman in this game (should be a RL female-no transgenders- :D So what is our First lady...what would you say? (And why?)
  11. Mimi

    Join the Neas Party @ Saturday 17 MA time

    Hey ppl! Some of u know it...some of u might not...its been about 6 Month ago that I built up this nice Sweat Community at Neas Place. so this is why we´ll make a little party at Neas Saturday 14th July 17h MA time... its also my RL I´d like to invite all of u that join the...
  12. Mimi

    Whats your favourite Wep

    Yeah, as the title sais...i just asked myself...whats the best weapon ingame.... i prefer the I´d say for me my favourite is Loughlin scratcher two ...but its (L) thats not so nice...but it makes a nice damage...better than the TT one ;) So whats your Fav? And why...maybe i...
  13. Mimi

    Selling: Female Armors

    Selling: Predator L (F) + Gnome (F) PM me or make your bid here - I won´t sell at a unreasonable price...
  14. Mimi

    Happy Birthday LAREKA

    :shower: Happy Birthday tooooooo you... :monkey: Hi Lareka, I´d like to say thank u for the funny moments with u in EU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :woohoo: I hope u enjoy that special day, and we´ll meet at your Birthdayparty... I´m so excited! :flip::flip::flip::dancing: We´ll hopefully have long...
  15. Mimi

    Tailoring: Whats it about with leathers

    I asked myself why i couldnt use all kinds of leathers...i think i can just use snablesnot till now , but i have low skills, i think some day I can use different leathers...but is there any list or something where i can check that?
  16. Mimi

    Aurora Shin guards (L) Female

    Searching for Aurora Shin guards (L) Female...
  17. Mimi

    Female Clothes/Boots,etc

    I´m selling a bulk of female clothes... (all prices including TT value) Trix Stiletto Heels (white) /price: 50 Ped Star Satin Cherry Vow Top / price: 70 Ped Foxy High Stiletto Boots ( Atrax) / price: 200 Ped Street pattern shirt umber/pink/yellow /price: 60 Ped Thrill Seeker Hunter Set...
  18. Mimi

    Loughlin Scratcher TWO

    I´m looking for some cheap loughlin scratcher two...maybe 3 or 4 pieces...:rolleyes: :D :D :wtg: PM me:wtg: