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  1. UnaAlconbury

    Selling: Weight reduction containers (Haruspex Anti-Grav Chests)

    Got some of these for sale! Cram more crap into those space warps Haruspex Anti-Grav Chest
  2. Haruspex Anti-Grav Chest

    Haruspex Anti-Grav Chest

  3. UnaAlconbury

    FFA Mayhem Top 10 Standings

    If we would have had a heart or hug emoji, I would click
  4. UnaAlconbury

    Selling: Tier 6 Components - big batch

    1535 available atm (767.5 TT) SOLD
  5. UnaAlconbury

    Question: Loot "Rationing" based on avatar skill level

    So you are telling me there's a chance.... YYEAAHH
  6. UnaAlconbury

    FFA Mayhem Top 10 Standings

    Shaping up to be a really good call, after all!
  7. UnaAlconbury

    Selling: Eudorian WASP devil - autoloot

    This is really interesting. Would you say you global more often when the wasp is spawned? Una.
  8. UnaAlconbury

    Loot Wave Confirmed!?

    It's an EL bug. Below 1 hour the "Time Span" columns shows correct value, but when it's 1-2 hours from last uber, it displays as 1h01min. When it's 2-3 hours it displays 2h02min 3-4 hours displays 3h03min 4-5 hours displays 4h04min and so on
  9. UnaAlconbury

    Modified Mayhem Token

    There’s confirmation it does not.
  10. UnaAlconbury

    Price Check FFA stars

    That is entirely dependant on your looter level, efficiency and dpp. Even though it's hard to get a real feel for an average droprate when 1k and 5k pointers add so much to the variance, best way is (like always) to do some test runs yourself.
  11. UnaAlconbury

    Price Check FFA stars

    There were people saying 5 too. As I mentioned, this debate was always going to be extremely polarized due to personal interests on the matter. People competing would obviously try talking down the price, and the other way around. You listened to the wrong posts if you feel like 5 is way higher...
  12. UnaAlconbury

    Price Check FFA stars

    This debate is bound to be extremely polarized lol
  13. UnaAlconbury

    News: Merry Mayhem 2022

    Boxes started dropping. FFA stars still not dropping.
  14. UnaAlconbury

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    Well, not saying I regret I didn't push similar to what Yazuki is doing, which is extreme. But a depo here and there instead of going entirely non-depo. Actually funny you mention, I did use Assassin R150 for quite a while, bought at around 25k, sold at 18k. I think the first few looted were...
  15. UnaAlconbury

    Keep ares perfected or switch to Easter 2022

    He means his discussion at the end of his post should be taken with a grain of salt, as this involves assumptions on base and max tt return and the table he assembled "for shits and giggles". The testing presented before that is the actual important part even if most people just skip reading...
  16. UnaAlconbury

    Keep ares perfected or switch to Easter 2022

    [Moderated: Removed reply to deleted post] Yet Zho's testing (link) quite clearly has every loot instance impacted by both looter and efficiency factors, both seemingly ranging between 0 and ~7% impact. Which basically is exactly what Mindark has been saying all along. Efficiency being a...
  17. UnaAlconbury

    Selling: Improved GYRO FAP

    You have gained a new rank in Analysis!
  18. UnaAlconbury

    Yazuki's hunting log (journey from brand new player to uber)

    In general, I would agree with this, it's basically how I have been playing for 15 years now. However, sometimes it does make sense to focus on skilling and/or upgrades to be even better positioned for when great opportunities arise down the line. Mayhems, TWEN etc. Should Yazuki focus entirely...
  19. UnaAlconbury

    Price Check Mayhem Perfected Electric Nanochip 15

    Every point of TIR adds 0.5% chance of a tier increase. In other words tiering up a TIR 100 is 50% faster than tiering up a TIR 1 weapon and a TIR 200 is twice as fast as a TIR 1. So yeah, not really an issue for the average 200k+ weapon holder and the amount of daily turnover involved.
  20. UnaAlconbury

    Question: Where is this bad guy from the picture?

    Perhaps he is not buying small batches
  21. UnaAlconbury

    Question: High multis

    With how the general level of understanding and quality of posts look around here, I'm sure there will be quite some votes interpreting this as "loots above 2000 PED"
  22. UnaAlconbury

    Question: What to avoid?

    As perfectly illustrated by wizz above, avoid taking to forum for ingame advice without having developed an ability to sort