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  1. chongpha

    Selling: Accu/Deva/Hyper/Nutri 10mg's - 5 PEDs Each

    While supplies last. PM here on PCF or in-game.
  2. chongpha

    Selling: Fire Sale - Offers to expire on June 30th

    Items sold. Thread Closed.
  3. chongpha

    Selling: Uber Hunting Gears

    Selling my hunting gear to focus more on mining. Some say mining is dull and boring, but I have found it to be quite relaxing and profitable. ArMatrix LP-70, FEN Edition Tier 8.x - SOLD Mayhem Male Armor Set (UL) All pieces Tier 2.x - SOLD Guardian Plating of the Sand King - SOLD Hedoc...
  4. chongpha

    Question: A&P Series Mayhem BP-20, Perfected Not In Mayhem Token Trader

    Couldn't post in Dev's Corner forum so I decided to post this here. I was able to find this weapon using auction house but it is not in the Mayhem Token Trader. Is this another bug or have all the A&P Series Mayhem BP-20, Perfected been purchased already?
  5. chongpha

    Selling: Christmas Ring 2016

    Get your very own Christmas Ring 2016 - the only ring dedicated for miners. PM me here on PCF or in-game. S/B: Offer B/O: 24k Effect Strength Decrease Crit Dmg 25% Faster Reload 15% Increased Regen 200% Acceleration 25% Evade 25% Dodge 25% Jamming 25% Skill Gain...
  6. chongpha

    Buying: Quad-Wing Equus or Firebird Limited Edition

    Looking to get one of these baby to travel the universe. Please PM me here on PCF or in-game with price and if it also comes with UL Warp/UL Space Thruster.
  7. chongpha

    Selling: Free Kill Strike Skills

    Increase your hunting profession with free Kill Strike skills. Please bring your own ESI. Collateral available upon request. Approximately 10% of ESI will be lost during extraction of skills. PM me in-game today! Kill Strike 100 tt+ available.
  8. chongpha

    Buying: Christmas Ring 2016

    PM me your price here on PCF or in-game.
  9. chongpha

    Ranged Laser (Dmg) Bug

    Found a bug that takes me 6 Ranged Laser (Dmg) levels down, from level 85 to level 79, while chipping out Laser Weaponry Technology. Also back up 6 levels from 79 to 85 after a hunting session. Bug has been reported to MA and waiting on response. Has anyone else notice something similar...
  10. chongpha

    Win Amethera Outback Land #21 Event

    Any avatar/team to each get 100 Formicacida globals on AOL #21 will win 1 ticket for the AOL #21 giveaway draw. 100 tickets will be available. Avatar/team can win more than one ticket for each 100 Formicacida globals recorded. Tickets can be traded, sold, or given away. Please PM me in-game if...
  11. chongpha

    Selling: Free Hunting Skills

    Increase your hunting profession with free skills. Please bring your own ESI. Collateral available upon request. Approximately 10% of ESI will be lost during extraction of skills. PM me in-game today! Skills Available (in ESI) Aim N/A Anatomy N/A Combat Reflexes N/A...
  12. chongpha

    Free Construction: Laser Weaponry Technology Skills

    Increase your laser profession with free Construction: Laser Weaponry Technology skills. Please provide your own ESI. Collateral available upon request. 10% of ESI will be lost during extraction of skills. PM me in-game to get some skills while they last.
  13. chongpha

    Selling: UL Mayhem Armor (M) Set

    All parts tier 0.x B/O: tt+55k PM here on PCF or in-game UL Mayhem Armor (M) Photo courtesy of Darkaruki's thread Stab: 43.8 HP Cut: 43.8 HP Impact: 43.8 HP Penetration: 13.1 HP Shrapnel: 13.1 HP Burn: 13.1 HP Cold: 13.1 HP Acid: 13.1 HP Electric: 13.1 HP...
  14. chongpha

    AOL #21: Post Formicacida Strong and Ravager Globals Here for Win AOL #21 Event

    ************************************** Event will be on hold until LA global message is in effect. This may take a few months depending on how quickly MA is able to update the LA. I do apologize for the delay. ************************************** Please post your Formicacida Strong and...
  15. chongpha

    Win Amethera Outback Land #21 – Formicacida Land Area

    Event moved to new thread here.
  16. chongpha

    Buying: Thunderbird (UL) Male Set

    WTB Thunderbird (UL) Male Set. PM price in-game or here on PCF. Thanks!
  17. chongpha

    Selling: OLA 21 Formicacida Uprising

    No longer for sale.
  18. chongpha

    Formicacida 4’s Hunting Event

    Event currently suspended due to LA name not displaying with globals. Event will resume once this has been corrected. Get a global with one 4 and win 25 PEDs. Get a global with two 4’s and win 1000 PEDs. ********************************* Bonus F4’s Win UL Items Event Get a global with...
  19. chongpha

    Buying: Mayhem Harness (M) and Mayhem Gloves (M)

    WTB Mayhem Harness (M) and Mayhem Gloves (M). PM me here or in-game if you are able to and interested in selling.
  20. chongpha

    Formicacida Uprising HOFvember Hunting Event

    HOF Multiplier Get 1 HOF and win 200 PEDs Get 2 HOF and win another 300 PEDs Get 3 HOF and win another 400 PEDs Get 4 HOF and win another 600 PEDs Get 5 HOF and win another 1000 PEDs Post your HOF on PCF Hall Of Fame and win 25 PEDs each post Event ends Nov 30 2018 at 23:59 MA Time No sign-up...
  21. chongpha

    Formicacida Uprising OLA 21

    Featuring the fearsome ant-like mob: Formicacida Weak Maturity: Weak HP: 1200 Damage: 116 Damage types Stab: 33 % Cut: 33 % Acid: 33 % Two DNA set to maximum density and minimum maturity for easy killing and skilling. Get your commonly dropped animal spleen oil here with these low HP mobs...
  22. chongpha

    Selling: ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition

    Only 1 of 5 available and a top Mayhem Cat 7 weapon. Great grinding weapon as well, see stats from entropiawiki below. Damage: 86.1 HP Attacks: 65/min Damage/second: 93.3 HP Maximal TT: 145.00 PED Total Uses: 10721 Damage/PEC: 3.417 HP Efficiency: 92.2 % ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition Tier 5.1...
  23. chongpha

    Free Rental - ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition

    Offering free rental with collateral. PM me here or in-game if you are interested. ArMatrix LP-70 FEN Edition Tier 8.3 Status: Available for rental. Collateral: Required Rental can be cancelled by either party at any time. Once notice of cancellation has been sent to the other party, both...
  24. chongpha

    Songkra Valley October Side Event - HOF Hat Trick

    ********************************************** ALL PRIZES HAVE BEEN WON. GRATZ TO THE WINNERS. EVENT IS NOW OVER. ********************************************** First 5 hunters to score a HOF Hat Trick (3 HOFs) each win 250 PEDs. Hunters can win more than once. Songkra Valley Lucky 7’s...
  25. chongpha

    Songkra Valley Lucky 7’s Hunting Event

    ********************************************* Songkra Valley has been sold and the Lucky 7's Event is now over. Thank you to all that have participated and hunted on SV. All globals up to Oct 22, 2018 will be counted and winnings can be collected from me at any time. Please PM me in-game to...