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    Suggestion: Maps Dynamics

    Hello, For modernize the maps of planete : ADD event entry on the map can clik an event and follow them Exemple : a player start a wave add a warning message on map can click on them for more information and a virtual path. Can work for >> Migration event, Event ! important hard to see all...
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    Selling: Emerald Lake Shop 310 pts

    Hello, I'm selling my shop own since long time now At >> Emerald Lake mall, 310 items points Localisation first floor #11 entrance elevator Price : 30K ped Contact me by message #J4ck3ss in-game or PCF Note : A shopkeeper holds 20 items and takes up 6 item slots of an estate for 4K-5K...
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    Buying: Bulk >> ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition (L)

    Hello, i looking for buy a bulk of this tiny sword : ArMatrix SB-10, FEN Edition (L) 160%.
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    Sheets Trade

    Hello, I have posted this little new Sheets for trader or save your sale. Open for more advanced option if you have suggestion or helping. i'm little noob in sheets :-)
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    Buying: Shagadi Disintegration Sword Tier 5-7

    Hello, i want buy a Shagadi Sword for eat my butter :-) tier 5-7 plz
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    Eradicator 0x0F382C8C91E58C8B24DF

    Hello, what do you think ?? I see a tier 8,9 TT+13k but dont know if it are sold or something
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    Selling: Raven Set M (missing Helemet)

    Hello, I sell my Raven armor great look and very eco for hunt little middle mobs and with adj resto... Dont have the pic of tier up, tier 1 are 40 ped Price >> TT+1,2K
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    Supremacy full set F

    Hello, I need know the price of Supremacy full set F tier 0,9 only foot 1,9
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    Buying: Supremacy F foot, Centurion Coat F, TP chip unl V+

    Hello, I search this follow item >> Supremacy Foot F Centurion Coat F TP chip unl V - VI - VII Message me on PCF or in-game "gaetan j4ck3ss"
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    Buying: Small Mushroom

    I search some small mushroom i buy it 50 ped each.
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    Tesla sword

    Hello, For information i need price on this nice sword if you have any information enjoy
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    Buying: Raven helmet M and Harness

    i search that Raven helmet M and Harness M, pay TT+250 each :eyecrazy: Contact me in-game gaetan j4ck3ss or on pcf.
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    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    I search 40 Small Chadriak Mushroom. 52 ped per mushroom.
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    Selling: J4ck3ss Trade >> Weapon, Armor, Fap, Shop...

    Hello, I decide to create a single post for all articles that i sell : Note, i sale items from friends too (The owner of the item will be disclosed if the person is interested in buying). Message me on PCF or in-game "gaetan j4ck3ss" Name Tiers TT Value Markup (ped or % for L)...
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    Selling: Hedoc Mayhem - Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    Hedoc Mayhem Tier 5 TT+700 Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem Tier 3,9 TT+3K
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis Harness (F) - Ranked Scorpion

    Set Adjusted Nemesis Harness (F) TT+2K Ranked Scorpion Tier 6,6 TT+7,5K
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    Buying: L-Quent Side Board (C) - Retail Partition High (C)

    Hello, I search it >> 2X L-Quent Side Board (C) 2X Retail Partition High (C) or BP if you have I pay furniture TT+10 each
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    Selling: Divine Intervention Chip I & Adjusted Restoration Chip

    Want to sell my items from mission Galatica : Divine Intervention Chip I TT+1,5k (SOLD) Adjusted Restoration Chip TT+5,1k Pm me on PCF or in-game
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    Selling: ADJ Resto, King Kong, LC-100, L1000

    Hello ! Adjusted Restoration Chip 5K EWE LC-100 Frontier Tier 7,5 Removed return to owner see >> King Kong Snubnose Tier 5,4 TT+2,5K price update Tier...
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    Selling: EWE LC-100 Frontier Tier 7,5

    Hello, I search for sell a little EWE LC-100 Frontier Tier 7,5 Tier rates : 7 = 97 8 = 124 9 = 138 10 = 168 TT+6,4K With A104 and 7 tier enhancer dmg picture Available at my shop Twin Peak floor 3 #1 Or pm me
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    entropia location it need just little update
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    Buying: Grenade Launcher NGL-1

    Hello, I want buy a Grenade Launcher NGL-1. Plz pm me i offer TT+200 ped. >> gaetan J4ck3ss cochet
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    Buying: Small Chadriak Mushroom

    Hey, I buy Small Chadriak Mushroom 50 Ped each. You save 2,98 FEE for 52 ped in auction. Pm me in-game >> gaetan J4ck3ss cochet
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    Selling: Smuggler Gloves (F) Unique pieces of Set The gloves complete your clothes Smuggler Link of entropedia >> ( Note this item are tradable :D ) Gloves max TT: 36 Ped Weight: 0,3 KG Impact: 35 HP...
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    My Support Cases

    Delet this post. Thanks