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  1. Selosse

    Selling: 440 k skills, mostly hunting

    Hello! Stop being a noob, now you got your chance on becoming uber instantly! Been away almost 2 years from the game and doubt I come back so I will sell all of my skills. 440 k total, mostly hunting. Im lvl 126 laser sniper hit, lvl 125 blp sniper hit, lvl 124 ranged laser and 122 ranged blp...
  2. Selosse

    Selling: Full set of Kobold, knight x 2, shogun, adj pixie

    Selling full set of female armors, Kobold, Knight , Shogun, PM me with offers Best regards //Your best PK friend BKK
  3. Selosse

    Selling: Auction Eon SGA F and Negator

    Selling the following items with auction rules. Rules are simple. After SB been met auction runs for 1week. Minimal bid increasement is 100ped and will put a 5min sniping rule. Happy bidding. You can see the Startbids below. Accept peds only. And pls post bids in this thread Eon SGA F T2-3 18k...
  4. Selosse

    Selling: Mod Rip T10, King Kong TG-U80 T3 Eon SGA F, Imp 2870 T8, Negator T5...

    Hello, selling the following items: Mod Rip T10: Tier cost in TT is 30 000ped. Makes it the cheapest event winner gun ingame. 255DPS event mode. SB +46,5k BO: +49,5k Eon SGA F T2-3 18k TT put into tiers in this set Protection Stab: 28 HP Cut: 28 HP Impact: 27 HP Penetration: 57 HP...
  5. Selosse

    Selling: Improved Fap T2, Modified RIP T10

    One of the best faps ingame and super Mod RIP T10, a beast! 255DPS event style. Improved Fap T2 Sold Modified RIP T10 SB: +47k BO: +49K BKK
  6. Selosse

    Selling: [MMOWC Ring]

    Selling a [MMOWC Ring] SOLD Stats: Increase critical dmg: 16%. Decrease critical dmg: 16%, Faster reload 15%(max) Increase HP 32(max) Run speed 16%. Right hand Only accept offers in this thread. Keep it clean. BKK
  7. Selosse

    Selling: King Kong TG-U80 T2,9

    Selling King Kong TG-U80 T3,9 Range 89m. Tier cost for 1-3is 3800ped in TT. TG-U80+Mod evil+Easter Ring 2017 T0 DPS: 106 DPP: 3,05 TG-U80 T10 + Event mode gear DPS: 232 Compare with your gear at entropedia. SB: +45k BO: +47k //BKK
  8. Selosse

    Buying: Modified Evil amp

    Buying this amp. Pm me if you sell and your price. BKK
  9. Selosse

    Buying: Tier X comp, Pile of Diamonds, Antimagnetic Oil

    Hi! Im buying Tier X comp, Pile of Diamonds, Antimagnetic Oil. Pm me ingame if you got some for sale. Name: Kamonpach BKK Empress Best regards Jedi BKK
  10. Selosse

    Buying: Magnetic oil

    Buying magnetic oil. PM if you sell. BKK
  11. Selosse

    Buying: Mod fap

    Hello! Looking for a mod fap. Prefer low tier. BKK
  12. Selosse

    Selling: [Easter Ring 2017]

    Selling [Easter Ring 2017]. Prefer Christmas ring-16+peds in trade. Or else just peds for now. SB/BO: SOLD BKK
  13. Selosse

    Selling: 18%speed [Eudoracell Pet] Lvl34

    Want to sell [Eudoracell Pet] lvl34. All buffs unlocked. 18% running speed. SOLD BKK
  14. Selosse

    Selling: [Vampiric Cloak of Vitality (F)]

    Selling [Vampiric Cloak of Vitality (F)] 12hp buff. SOLD //Jedi BKK
  15. Selosse

    Buying: Modified Rip M6600

    Hello. I want to buy a Modified Rip M6600. Pm me with offers and what tier and tier rates. Best regards BKK
  16. Selosse

    Buying: Summer-16 or Easter-17 ring and Christmas-16 ring

    ........ Bkk
  17. Selosse

    Help: Instant crash after last VU.

    Hello PCF! Did update EU today and after that I get instant crash after I press the launch button. Anyone got a clue what could be wrong? Never happend before. Regards BKK
  18. Selosse

    Selling: Full Set [CDF Armor Plate Tellus I (L)]

    Selling 7x[CDF Armor Plate Tellus I (L)] Total TT: 204ped SB: 510ped (250%) BO: 570ped (280%) BKK
  19. Selosse

    Buying: Perf Tegr+Rage35+RangerScope2+RangerSights1+2

    If someone got this setup for sale, PM me! Jedi BKK
  20. Selosse

    Selling: Full set [Adjusted Vigilante] Female

    Selling full set Adjusted Vigilante. Set is at full TT. SOLD BKK
  21. Selosse

    Selling: [Eudoracell Pet] lvl 23, 18% speed...

    [Eudoracell Pet] lvl 23, 14% speedbuff unlocked. At lvl 32 18% speedbuff gets unlocked. SB/BO: SOLD BKK
  22. Selosse

    Selling: [Earth Shock Trooper (F,L)] set

    Selling full set [Earth Shock Trooper Harness (F,L)] Total TT: 180.97ped Helm: 27.62 ped Harness: 32.42 ped Arms: 27.17 ped Gloves: 14.01 ped Thighs: 30.42 ped Shins: 22.30 ped Foot: 27 ped SB: 4500ped (2487%) BO: 5000ped (2763%) Bkk
  23. Selosse

    Selling: Modified Hedoc Mayhem

  24. Selosse

    Selling: Modified RIP M6600 T 7,9

    Selling Mod RIP T 7,9. Tier cost is close to 18k. Mostly looking for a trade with Summer ring/ perf Ares or Mod Evil amp. Modified Rip M6600+Hyper+Ares and speedpill+pill @ T10 Damage/second: 223 Modified Rip M6600+Hyper+Ares and speed pill @ T0 Damage/second: 124 Damage/PEC: 3,05 SB/BO...
  25. Selosse

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm T10

    Selling DOA Slugstorm T10. Tier cost is +27000ped. Accept trades like imp 2870 Slugstorm+Mod evil+ares and pills@ T10 Damage/second = +220 Slugstorm+Mod evil+ares and speed pill @ T0 Damage/second = 120 Damage/PEC: = 3.03891 SB/BO: SOLD BKK