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  1. forgo

    1 million creatures killed

    Got the 1 million creatures killed achievement yesterday on RT. :handgun: Wraps up all the million achievements there, 1 million blp rounds, 1 million laser rounds, 1 million items crafted. I need a life....... :banghead:
  2. forgo

    No loot for over 15 minutes

    Server seems to have broken, Was killing Eomon and for a full 15 minutes was getting zero loot back, many complaints in chats as well. 500 ped in without loot and pills running, and I am now off until it comes back......Hopefully. Be warned
  3. forgo

    chat line avatar search issues

    So, I never even know we could, but apparently you can search for avatars right in the chat. Type /w (insert random search string here) and then press the tab key It will show a list of all avatars found using that search string. The problem: I could not find myself. It appears that there...
  4. forgo

    Isle Of Lost Avatars - Rocktropia - New Owner!

    Hello, I am the new owner of Isle Of Lost Avatars on Rocktropia as of 6/11/20! Home of the Kool Kat mob, with excellent rewards, including repeatable stage 5 for 82 ped Evade, Bioregen (get some for those Resto Chips!), or Melee Combat! New website has all the details. The majority of...
  5. forgo

    There needs to be a serious rule...

    No more than 3 mankinis in service area. 4 or more is just out of hand. Mankini free zones 2020!
  6. forgo

    Thaks for the unban from trade channels. Bullseye 8 at negative prices for the next couple weeks!

    Thanks for the resolution on my banned channel issue. On my way out, I will be selling bullseye 8 at negative tt for the next few weeks in retaliation against the people responsible, and as a service for the people that deserve a break in these times. I have been successful here, and the...
  7. forgo

    Banned from #trade, and #calytrade

    The cartels have spoken and now its MA's problem. I have been banned from the supposedly public #trade, and #calytrade channels. No clear idea as to why, except that clearly I upset some meaningless, petty people. Either in DannyO's thread, or by normal selling operations in game. ( people...
  8. forgo

    compact button design question

    So today again I hit that stupid compact button on accident in storage, no popup at all. Rage complain to soc about how I hate that button, and a soc member says they get a popup. Soc mate mentioned they had popup and have a checkbox to say don't show me this again, but I see no options to...
  9. forgo

    Server are currently in maintenance mode.....where is the thread for it?

    Woke up in the middle of the night and decided to check auction, but I see the servers are in maintenance. I know mayhem starts on the 8th, but its 2 am on the 7th, and I couldn't find another thread on the issue. Normally we would get some kind of notice for maintenance from bertha bot? Bit...
  10. forgo

    Error with the auction event order.

    Is this what they call a mathoid elite? Seems MA does not want to pay actual full mu, now I must lose the fee in order to relist at a lower %. Not expecting much...but um... the decimals should at least be rounded to reflect what is shown.
  11. forgo

    Achievement: 600k skills.

    Finally hit the 600k mark. 60 + 'leet to be precise. ;) average on combat is finally 75 as well.
  12. forgo

    Buying: Buying Supremacy/shadow/mod shadow/dark knight Thigh M

    as title states looking for high level UL thigh M part preferably shadow/supremacy. Contact me if you have any info or leads please, if it leads to a sale ill reward it.
  13. forgo

    Achievement: Great Grand Master Pyro (120)

    Finally hit 120 in pyro for the great grand master title. Not sure if 1st or not, but pretty happy. 595.415k total skills 74 combat average 36 craft average 40 mining tab average 47 mindforce average and 22 other average in profs.
  14. forgo

    connection issues

    I cannot connect to this forum, the main site or the game only. Every other internet service works fine and other sites in Sweden work fine also. I can only connect to the forum when not on network. Possible IP ban? I am looking into legal options on behalf of the playerbase for the theft of...
  15. forgo

    mayhem code 4 and 6 errors on all kills

    About 10 minutes into my last run I started getting unexpected error popups on every kill. Those are just the 2 diff codes I noticed and kept after 10 minutes. There were many popups to click thru. At the same time, points stopped accumulating. Yet the timer still was going. So heads...
  16. forgo

    The server you are trying to access is unavailable, try to log in later.

    Tried to log in this morning and got message: The server you are trying to access is unavailable, try to log in later. then client closes. Did this twice, now the client loader launch button is grey on launcher. And cannot launch anything. Says all systems online. There issues today or...
  17. forgo

    Bank withdrawls BROKEN!

    SO I have been spending the last few days going back and forth with sean at MA who is now telling me to get a new bank to perform a transfer. I have withdrawn 100's of ks of peds to this bank without issue until recent regulation changes! He seems to think this is something new to is...
  18. forgo

    Withdrawl concern

    Just a heads up as I am a bit concerned for the first time on my withdrawal that is due, and currently unable to be processed. My bank (in the US) has informed me that I now need to use a correspondent bank to facilitate international transfers. It is supposed to work like this, You give them...
  19. forgo

    Codex concerns

    It seems most people are generally happy with the new system. I have some concerns though and am not so hopeful. I have a really hard time understanding where MA is coming from on this, I am certain the new management really has no comprehensive knowledge or play time in this game, and the...
  20. forgo

    Share center has no ledger

    Just reporting a bug, the share center seems to have no ledger. double click opens buy more deeds window, info gives dialog. Can't see history of payout, shares bought or sold or when.
  21. forgo

    The Zombie Arms - Rocktropia

    Hello, I recently purchased the Zombie Arms 500 point shop on Rocktropia. This is one of my favorite planets and I have a ton of loot from there over the years. But its not just loot. 500 points is a lot, which means there are a ton of options. Hunting Perseus, firewall, grunt UL , random...
  22. forgo

    Selling: Selling epic hunting gear

    Been having some health issues lately and going to focus on time with kids ect. So, my gear is for sale. Below is the list, along with the last in-game markup which you can verify. I will be accepting reasonable offers on these items, some offers I will take without further consideration...
  23. forgo

    annoying bugs of late

    Just wanted to pop in and state a couple of really annoying bugs, that I stated in support cases, but like all the rest seemed to not get a response. Chat- Channels still leave on logout. Sucks to chat in this game. I have 2 main chat windows, one for main and one for soc open. The one...
  24. forgo

    Mass ingame mail list lameness

    Mass in-game mails for events everyone knows about are lame. We get spammed on this forum, we get spammed in our chats, and now I have to clear the spam in my mailbox. Please, do not start this tactic, it is a waste of time, I am more tempted to not do whatever it is I am being spammed with...
  25. forgo

    UI update for higher resolution

    Not sure where this would go, but at times my hands do not work correctly, like today/. Much of the UI is very hard to accurately hit When placing items in auction on high resolution screens the arreow buttons are insanely small and very hartd to click accuratley. Would love to have a scaling...