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    Buying: Finder F-106

    buying a low tiered f-106. (anything 0-2) prefer to have high tier progress values (not actual tier levels)
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    Uber: 2932 PED Ganganite Stone

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    Question: What does "Show action text in global chat" in Options > HUD do?

    What does "Show action text in global chat" in Options > HUD do? None of my buddies seem to know and we've bee playing for a long time. Maybe it's one of the new options. I'm real interested to know what it does if it can reduce chat clutter just a bit. I tried it for a minute but I can't...
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    Halloween Mayhem creatures hp and damage types/percentages? Anyone?

    Halloween Mayhem creatures hp and damage types/percentages? Anyone? Hope this is in the right place.
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    Small Global but Neat Screenshot

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    HoF: 780 PED Shinkiba Prowler

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    886 Ped Estophyl Young

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    Question: Wondering all about thrusters, warp drives, armaments, etc AND vehicle SPEED

    i know thrusters get you off the planet and warp drives make planetary travel faster. im curious what kind of decay they have. also i want to know about upgrading guns and armor. what is it called? is it worth it? or just take decay and/or die when you run into mobs/pkers in space? also. what...
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    3700 PED Narcanisum Stone

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    2496 PED Narcanisum Stone

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    1657 PED Zinc Stone

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    Uber: 18027 Ignisium Stone + ~125% :D

    Purrrrdy Screenie!! Click on it and behold the beauty!! My second tower (missed a few by a pinch tho), and my FIRST 5 DIGIT HOF! So excited!
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    Uber: 2913 Platinum Stone

    What a purdy Screenie, eh? :yay:
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    1326 Copper Stone

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    1036 PED Copper Stone

    It's been a while so I thought I'd post this one. :)
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    Where are the 2 new iron challenge brokers?

    Has anyone found these? There's one at East Scilla Mountains but that one's for gathering robot parts. So there's 1 for Ambu and 1 for the new mob. Is this the new Longu type? or some new mob, has anyone found? Anyways lookin' for these 2 brokers, and the name of the new mob so i can monitor...
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    CL reads red Xs next to everything on system requirements

    new drive, vid card, power supply, fresh os install. up to date drivers and win updates. running win7, asus geforce gtx 500 ti, some kind of wd 1tb hd 'black', 8 gigs of ram, inside my somewhat new hp pavilion elite. the game runs great, very high, 4x, vsync, is almost totally lag free. perhaps...
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    Buying: Want To Buy: Gremlin (F) & Want Price Check

    Want To Buy: Gremlin (F) & Want Price Check Hopefully sooner than later! ;)
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    Buying: Hunter (F)

    ill be checking back frequently and online a lot so hopefully i can find a set some time soon. willing to pay well, name a price or we can agree to one in trade.
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    2969 ped argo

    Click to enlarge
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    where'd tiny trox territory go?

    rei's tp is invisible. i found longu land to the west and cermuson land to the S/SE (of rei's). anyone know where ttt is?
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    Visual C++ 2005 runtime files are out of date

    i first installed the c++ 2005 runtime installer that EU mainpage recommended. then when trying to install eu it sais "visual c++ 2005 runtime files are out of date, click ok to install this technology now" so i click ok, and it installs again. BUT if i click cancel after the c++ installation...
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    3229 argo adult

    old hof, maybe one year old. for a while it was my best record so it's worth a post to me. its a pretty lookin' screenie for sure. that hof you see up above mine was someone elses, also an argo. the servers are down and i'm bored. i have dark hair in this one and i have goldish-orange hair atm...