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    Selling: Christmas Rings and Kinetic Fen Amp

    Christmas Ring 2017 25k (on hold for now) Christmas Ring 2019 27k NeoPsion Kinetic Ampplifier 7, FEN Edition 18k (sold) accepting only peds or CLDs, no item trades thanks
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    Selling: Limited PVP M armor parts and Limited Modified Fen Fap

    Limited Modified FEN FAP, 131.5tt 900% 1183.5 Hermes back strap 110.68tt tier 5.0 200% 221.36 Hermes helm 89.59tt tier 4.0 150% 134.39 Hermes foot 75.88tt tier 6.0 200% 151.76 Eon arm 107.33tt tier 5.0 180% 193.19 Shadow thigh 96.39tt tier 6.0 300% 289.17 Sentinel shin 190.96tt tier 7.0 300%...
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    Selling: EWE LC-625 Gleamer tier 6.9 & Mayhem M Harness tier .9

    excellent laser rifle sib starts at 93 and maxed at 98, with a mayhem gamma amp and all 6 damage enhancers loaded you're looking at 67.0% efficiency with a damage spread of 129.5-259. at max range of 104.5 m you can kill young osseo/prots/hogs/rex/marci/neo/ before they reach you without having...
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    Buying: Mayhem M pieces

    looking for all pieces minus the harness.
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    Buying: Emik L4

    offering 7k ped and a adj mad iv tier 2.9, L4 can be tier 0 dont need tiers deciple just need one to grind to next upgrade.
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    Selling: Christmas Ring 2017

    SB 27k BO 30k no trades only peds thanks
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    renting out MOD Restoration Chip

    renting out mod restoration chip until migration, 55k collateral is needed daily fee is 100 ped weekly is 500 feel free to add me ingame or pm me here :yay:
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    Selling: Easter Ring 2017

    selling easter ring 2017 current offer is 45.5k buy out is 55k auction ends at 2017-5-18 1am calypso time (ingame time)
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    webshop and withdraws

    love the webshop been telling friends ingame that a great way for MA to make some cash is to offer luxury options that wont effect the ingame economy (as drastically). now my only complaint is that the withdraws still taking 2 months+ to go through, MA if u speed up the withdraw process i am...
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    FYI: fixing all of Entropia

    it has come to my attention that if i play captain obvious and make a report on some "bug" lootius will smile upon me (by the way this in itself is a bug, so this is like double bug reporting), it has come to my attention if you equip a rk-5, a gun, a blade, a club, a tool, basically anything...
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    Selling: UL M angel pieces

    selling 4 pieces of ul m angel armor angel sga harness tier 3.3 angel thighs tier 2.3 angel arms tier 2.4 angel gloves tier 3.0 15k total for all 4 pieces add me ingame or pm me here thanks for looking:D
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    Buying: UL Angel M shin, foot, helm

    as title states please pm me asking price if you have the available parts for sale thank you
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    Selling: Castorian Combat Mace MK. VI & Melee Trauma Amplifier IV

    buy them separate or buy em together also have available club skills for sale to assist in the maxing of this very nice club. i think this one has best TIR in game, could be wrong. club is tt+13k+ tier costs (tir costs are 220.68, 441.4, 661.89) melee amp iv is tt+1900 can add me ingame...
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    Selling: CDF Laser Power Amp 4 (L) x 2 at 550ped each

    i got two CDF Laser Power Amp 4 (L) at 550 ped each they do 78 dmg with a durability ranking of Very good, feel free to add me ingame for quick purchase or pm me here thanks for looking.
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    Selling: 6x mutated aurli bone piece at 650 each

    have 6 of these bone pieces for sale feel free to add me ingame or contact me here thanks for looking
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    Buying: looking for an UL lvl 2 amp

    as title states please pm me ur price, can add me ingame to discuss price thanks
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    ped transfer from auction sells

    out of curiosity would it be possible for us to have the option of our auction sold funds to stay on the won page and we manually transfer the funds on to our ped card at our discretion? had few incident where i get message of item sold but ped card not updated and was told that the item had...
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    Help: auction sort issues

    not sure if it's just me but i am unable to sort any of the columns on auction, it only and always has "Time left" in descending order.
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    auto loot option?

    was wondering if possible to implement an auto loot option when hunting solo, kind of like in pvp. a real pain when u trying to do 5 stages of troopers and legionnaire and having to click on each dead bot for loot, also when u get those skill boost would rather keep shooting then chasing down...
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    Selling: Kilic Mac (L) & Katsuichi Brilliance Retro (L)

    selling Kilic Mac (L) for 101% 153.27tt available (not full tt) and Katsuichi Brilliance Retro (L) for 101% 322.81tt available, great for skilling melee please add me ingame for purchase thanks.
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    Selling: Gremlin M tier .1 to .8 tt+150

    nothing special just ur everyday gremlin M set all parts are under .9 in tier, set is full tt so around 485tt. sb = bo = tt+150. can add me ingame or pm here for purchase thanks for looking.
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    Selling: Fi/Ri/Co Evil tt+2900

    selling Evil amp current tt 63.32+2900 add me ingame for fast transaction thanks:D sorry for post listed ingame auction
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    Selling: Vigilante M set tier 1.x w/6a

    taking a break from hunting the following vigi set with 6a plates are up for sale. info are tier and the latest mu for each part, the plates are also current mu and lowest listed in auction as of this listing. Harness 1.4 +14.23 Thigh 1.1 +13.99 Shin 1.3 +16.75 Helmet 1.0 +44.23 Arms 1.1...
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    Selling: Kiana Heart DNA part

    selling a kiana heart, no mu on auction so not sure it's value, one of 5 items needed to created the DNA. SB 500ped BO 2000ped (total shot in the dark, no clue how to value these dna parts, but i only looted 1 blank 4 cartridge and 1 heart after the completion of stage 3 or 1675 kiana killed)...
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    getting double charged

    made a deposit for 150usd using my visa debit card on 2/16 shows pending 150usd then 2 days later when it got processed shows 150 usd x 2. not sure if this is my bank or mindark having issues, already wrote a support ticket with both. However, my question is, should it be mindark's fault and...