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    Selling: Geotrek LP485 APIS(L) BP

    as the title says Selling the above bp. TT+180
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    50 ped a run mining blog

    With lyst prices hitting 113%+ I thought i'd give mining another go. It's been over a year since I did any proper mining and to be honest I spend very little time in game anymore. However, because of the price of lyst I am curious as to what sort of return I can manage. To this end I am going to...
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    Question: Have miners ever had it better than this?

    After seeing the Lyst price hitting 115% I decided to do a spot of mining (the first mining i've done in over a year). The worst run I did resulted in 70% tt return which was only a 5% loss after markup (this was also done on a LA that had 4% tax rate). I did a further 3 runs which if I take...
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    Question: Where are all the new mining resources?

    I was scanning through auctions yesterday and noticed there's a hell of a lot more enmatter and metal resources than when I last did any mining. So my question is where are all these new resources? I have been told Rocktropia. Is this true?
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    Buying: Geotrek LP485 Apis (L) Blueprint

    Reply to this message or drop me a pm if you have one for sale.
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    Electronic components

    Ever since i've been playing i've had the goal of getting all my component bp's to qr 100. I am still a long way away from this goal (currently have about 30 bps at qr 100). Anyways the reason for this thread is that I have decided to concentrate on elctronics blueprints for now and I am...
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    Planetside mining log Part II

    Equipment mf-102 tt extractor Run # 1 Returns Magerian Mist------------27.25 ped Acid Root----------------5.76 ped Crude Oil ----------------1.86 ped Melchi Water-------------5.88 ped Solis Beans---------------1.56 ped Garcen Grease------------19.20 ped Total TT return-----61.51 ped...
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    Selling: tt equipment that is tier 0.9

    As the title says i'm looking to sell tt items that are at tier 0.9. Ideal for skilling up in tiering with. Drop me a message if you're interested in buying.
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    Buying: oa-101 amps

    I am looking for oa-101 crafters that tt their crafted amps up on club neverdie. If there's any of you out there give me a shout!
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    Planetside mining log

    Equipment Of-105 tt extractor Run # 1 Returns Ignisium------------28.00 ped Copper-------------22.88 ped Lysterium-----------9.55 ped Belkar--------------18.64 ped Erdorium------------6.80 ped Total TT return-----85.87 ped Return after markup-99.31 ped Costs Finder decay-------2.05...
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    Adapt to Survive

    I have been a very inactive participant of entropia for some time now. Like many others I have been disillusioned with what I have seen as diminishing returns along with a bug filled game (for as long as I remember now 70% of the time when I log in I get connection lost nad have to relog). I...
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    Selling: Solar 12V Gel Batteries

    As the title suggests i'm looking to sell Solar 12V Gel Batteries. Looking for a regular buyer of these. Let me know if you're itnerested. Price negotiable.
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    are mindark/fpc on twitter?
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    Question: What is the best Graphics card to get to run entropia?

    Although my machine is "only" 3 years old and the gfx card it has is able to run entropia on low settings with no problems it does struggle with any higher settings. Therefore I am considering upgrading the gfx card. What would be the best card to get? I want one that has a good gpu and goog...
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    In search of my first tower

    I am starting to get the mining itch again so I thought i'd give cnd another shot and chronicle my runs here. I am going to use a very limited budget of 150ped. I will keep going until this is gone or I hit my tower. Relevant Skills Geology 2928 Mineral Sense...
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    Selling: Full shogun M

    Hi there, I have a full tt set of shogun (M) armour that I may be persuaded to part from. Any offers from anyone?
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    win 100ped with!

    Hi all, I've decided to reintroduce the monthly competition on my site. For rules and how to enter visit
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    Question: Crafting Spreadsheet

    When I craft I tend to do it blindly without much market analysis. However i've decided this isn't the best approach (for obvious reasons). I have decided to put a spreadsheet together that will include every blueprint. What ingredients that blueprint takes and in what quanitities. Then...
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    Question: Tracking market values like peauction used too.

    I'm just curious as whether anyone knows a way of tracking the market value of resources like peuaction used to do? I'd like to be able to have a spreadhseet that continual updates the market values of resources automatically without me having to manually input them all the time! Anyone know...
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    Info: Simple I Plastic Ruds logging

    Having followed the following thread I've decided to run my own little logging thread to compare my results to his. Be interesting to see how they go. As i've mentioned in the above thread am currently roughly...
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    FYI: Respsonse to support case re-inaccessable claim.

    Thought you guys might be interested in my support case response about a claim I couldn't reach because the hill was to steep for me to get to it. History for support case 168566 2009-08-30 07:39 You wrote: Unable to reach a find in release 10.0.6. Yesterday I hit a XIII Lyst (63...
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    Question: What are the sweaters doing now?

    I was wondering what all the hard core sweaters are up to now that sweating isn't available at the moment. Be interested to find out what you guys do now.
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    Buying: oa-102 light (l) and ma-102 light (l)

    I'm considering the possibilty of buying these 2 bps. Does anyone have either for sale?
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    Question: Where have all the traders gone?

    As the title says i'm wondering what's happened to all the cnd traders? Is it just they(other players) are unable to login or has the storage had that much of an effect? I have resources I need to turn into peds but no one up here buying them! More often than not the lower end resources i'm...
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    client loader banner advertising

    I have noticed recently that MA have started displaying banner ads in their client loader similar if not the exact same ones that are displayed here on ef. How does one go about getting a ad placed there?