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  1. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Omegaton FAP Adjusted, Mod 2350 & Hedoc Mayhem Adjusted 5.8

    Omegaton FAP, Adjusted 0.7 87, 126, 158, 138, 76, 178, 155, 169, 105, 171 SB +2500 Start bid was received 5/22 BO +3000 EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified 0.9 88, 114, 63, 56, 96, 111, 113, 107, 93, 108 SB +4000 BO +4300 (SOLD FOR BO) Hedoc Mayhem, Adjusted 5.8 97, 155, 95, 141, 130 BO +2000...
  2. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Full Liakon (M)

    Liakon Shin Guards Tier 4.3 Liakon Arm Guards Tier 4.1 Liakon Harness Tier 4.2 Liakon Thigh Guards Tier 4.7 Liakon Foot Guards Tier 4.9 Liakon Helment Tier 3.8 Liakon Gloves Tier 3.2 SB 3.5k (Ends 48 hours after SB is met) BO 4.5k
  3. Gamer Espozito

    Uber: 2060 Mutated Beladoth Songkra Valley

    Posting this for Captain Jack's event thread.
  4. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack 0.0, Decent Tiers.

    Looking to sell an Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack with some pretty good tier rates, Let me know if anyone is interested. Tier 1 - 87 Tier 2 - 126 Tier 3 - 158 Tier 4 - 138 Tier 5 - 76 Tier 6 - 178 Tier 7 - 155 Tier 8 - 169 Tier 9 - 105 Tier 10 - 171
  5. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: Genesis ArcSpark

    Looking to buy a Genesis ArcSpark. I don't care about tiers, just send over what you have for sale. Thanks, Espozito
  6. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm Tier 7.9

    Looking to sell: DOA Slugstorm Tier 7.9 -Remaining Tiers 114, 115, 49
  7. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: DOA Slugstorm 7.9, Full Angel (M), Aug Ares, ArcSpark, Adjusted Hedoc

    I don't have much time to play anymore. Looking to sell some gear. I'm looking pure PEDs only. Genesis ArcSpark Tier 4.6 -Remaining Tiers 97, 99, 57, 93, 110, 115, 89 SB: +4k BO: +5k Full Angel (M) Angel Arm Guards (M) Tier 3.9 Angel Foot Guards (M) Tier 2.9 Angel Gloves (M) Tier 2.9 Angel...
  8. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Genesis ArcSpark Tier 4.X

    As title says, Looking to sell Genesis ArcSpark Tier 4.6 currently. Great Blade for long grinds! Remaining Tiers: 97 99 57 93 110 115 89 +4.5k Firm. Items interested in: Adjusted Restoration Chip. Thanks, Justin Espozito.
  9. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35 Highest tier 5.9

    As the title says - Looking to sell the Adjusted Meckel & Loch ML-35 tier 5.9 I'm assuming this is the highest tier with having the tier HOFs on the last 3, 4 and 5 tiers. Remaining Tiers 122 91 62 62 128 I see a few people interested in-game and on forum for this gun. Lets talk about the...
  10. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Herman ASI TEN Edition Tier 6.9

    Sold!! Sold!!
  11. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: Looking to buy Genesis ArcSpark

    As title says, looking to buy Genesis ArcSpark. Please, if you have one for sale give me the current tier + last tier rates and your asking price. Thanks!
  12. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Looking to rent a Genesis ArcSpark

    Anybody have a Genesis ArcSpark they are willing to rent out for collateral + fee? Please let me know! Thanks!
  13. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: Buying either Angel, Mayhem or Dune Rider (M)

    Looking to buy a full set of either Angel, Mayhem or Dune Rider (M) Please let me know if you a set for sale. Thanks.
  14. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: ASI TEN 6.9 Auction SB = only 20k

    I'm looking to upgrade and i need pure PEDs. This gun has got me from level 47 to 93 pretty easy i feel like, but it's getting much slower so i need a little more bang! Only TEN in game! Herman ASI TEN Edition base Dmg/PEC = 2.915 Herman ASI TEN Edition W/Dante Dmg/PEC = 2.961 SB = 20,000...
  15. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: DOA Slugstorm UL

    If you have a DOA Slugstorm (UL) for sale send me your asking price. Paying in PEDs Don't really care about tiers. Cheapest asking price wins me over. Thanks. Justin Gamer Espozito.
  16. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Full Merry Mayhem (M) Set

    Would like to sell Full Merry Mayhem (M) Merry Mayhem 08 Harness (M) Tier - 3.9 Merry Mayhem 09 Helmet (M) Tier - 2.9 Merry Mayhem 10 Arm Guards (M) Tier - 2.9 Merry Mayhem 11 Thigh Guards (M) Tier 2.5 Merry Mayhem 12 Shin Guards (M) Tier - 2.8 Merry Mayhem 13 Foot Guards (M) Tier - 2.9 Merry...
  17. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: Bulk Damage Enhancers

    I'm looking to buy 100-200 Damage Enhancers for 1-6 Please let me know if you're selling. Thanks.
  18. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: All My Gear: ASI TEN 6.9, Merry Mayhem (M), ML-35, Adjusted Hedoc

    jdshjkdsdsf dsf dsfdsfdsfdsfdsfdsfds
  19. Gamer Espozito

    Achievement: Justin Gamer Espozito goes Commando!

    A little late posting, BUT i finally achieved another goal, Commando! :wtg:
  20. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Isis Project Zero-Three T5.2

    Selling Isis Project Zero-Three T5.2 TT+4000
  21. Gamer Espozito

    Buying: Angel (M) or Mayhem (M)

    I'm currently looking to buy either one. Please PM me your asking price. If possible, send current tiers and remaining tiers. Thanks, Espozito.
  22. Gamer Espozito

    Little help with Updating new VU

    I really can't figure out what my PC or Internet Provider is doing. When trying to install new update I'm getting a really low speed and it's not doing anything.. After doing this for like 2-3 minutes it then jumps to a crazy high speed which i know i can never download at.. After about...
  23. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Taking Offers, Herman ASI TEN Edition!

    Hey ! I'm looking to upgrade my weapon so I'm taking offers on this b-e-a-utiful gun! The Herman ASI TEN Edition. it's Tier 6.9. So it's ready to be Tier 7! This gun has got me from level 47 to 85 pretty easy i feel like. It is getting much slower so i need a little more bang! I'm in no...
  24. Gamer Espozito

    Selling: Merry Mayhem Gloves (M) for 2.8k

    Selling Merry Mayhem Gloves (M) for 2.8k Online for next hour or so. Espozito.